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Founded in 2015 and based in Minneapolis, Pushpin believes that people and computers intelligently combined can solve difficult mapping challenges better, faster, and cheaper than the alternatives. Pushpin works with tech-forward customers and partners to dramatically increase automation, accelerate workflows, and decrease costs. Pushpin applies patent-pending deep learning algorithms to aerial and satellite imagery to identify parcel changes, extract building footprints, estimate impervious areas, and more. Pushpin’s customers include Carson City, Nevada; Hillsborough County, Florida; Lee County, Florida; Maricopa County, Arizona; and Pope County, Minnesota.

Pushpin’s founder and president is Randy Milbert. Randy is an MIT graduate who previously served as founder and president at Primordial, which developed off-road route planning software for the military. In 2013, Randy sold Primordial to Polaris Industries (NYSE:PII).

Pushpin has world-class computer science and machine learning expertise with an emphasis on cutting-edge deep learning. Two of the company’s principals—Randy Milbert and Andreas Robinson—each have 15+ years of experience with advanced algorithm development and winning competitive research and development contracts from the United States Army, Air Force, and DARPA. Pushpin’s patent-pending approaches for parcel change detection and impervious surface extraction are more accurate, less expensive, and an order of magnitude faster than existing solutions.


The following are Pushpin’s principals. Pushpin also has a team of map specialists who assist with training set creation as well as support staff including business development consultants and graphic designers.


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