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Brownie is one of our senior felines at the Cats Angels Adoption Center. He has dark brown and black tabby fur and a super sweet face. Brownie can usually be found on the top bunk of the cat tower so he can be face to face with visitors and appreciates when they stop and give him a head rub. He has a very laid back and friendly disposition with people and other cats. Brownie, being a senior cat, would do best with adults only or with older children in the home. Stop by to say hello to Brownie and the resident cats at our Adoption Center. They have all been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and anxious to find their new home and family.

Please stop by, or call ahead to schedule an appointment with an Adoption Volunteer.
11 am - 4 pm

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Her wings are drooping
and her halo askew
We need our mascot
to look brand new

Having faithfully served us at many community events for 13+ years, our Halo is in need of a complete make-over. Promo Bear Costumes will make our Halo sparkle again! And she'll be a cool cat with her own cooling system! Please help make this possible by donating today to the Halo Fundraiser. 

10% donated to Cats Angels on 2nd Thursday of month.
Mention us to your server.

Morning Mews Coffee

This smooth coffee is freshly roasted and packaged in Florida. Breakfast Blend (& decaf), French Roast, and Roastmaster's Blend are available at our Thrift Store. Call (904) 321-2267 for shipping details.

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Provide care for cats and kittens through our until they find their FOREVER homes.

If you adopt just one, it will give us space to help another.

Princess Ann





Living Happily With Your Feline Friend…

Adult Cats Need Homes, Too.

Cats Angels has adult cats of every size and description who have been waiting patiently for their new life for a long time and we are determined to find safe and loving homes for them this year. If you can take responsibility for just one animal in need, what a difference it would make. We have many loving senior cats who would so appreciate a forever home of their own in which to live out their golden years.

Always think how you would feel if you were treated the same way you treat your pet — MAKE THAT A LOVED FEELING!

Be Patient With Your New Animal Companion. Please give an adopted pet time to adjust to you and its new home. He/she may be confused, depressed, anxious, frightened — just as you might with a major life change.

Moving? Be selective and only consider homes that allow pets. Pets are not disposable!

Moving a Distance Away? Don't abandon your pets! Ask your veterinarian, or Cats Angels, for advice on how to transport your animal companions to your new home.

Planning a Family? Before adopting a pet, make a committment not to abandon it when a baby comes! Children and pets belong together!

Allergies? Visit our adoption center to determine if you might have allergies before adopting a cat. Bring the family. Save an animal the stress and confusion of being adopted and then returned.

Did You Know...

A group of cats is called a clowder or a glaring.

Cats outnumber dogs as pets in America.

The love of cats is called ailurophilia.

Cats sleep for about 16-20 hours day. 
In Japan and Great Britain black cats are considered good luck charms!

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Cats Angels is not a shelter.
We serve only Nassau County, FL with low-cost spay/neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return services.
If you have a cat situation in Jacksonville, please contact your area shelters/rescue groups. 
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