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The Corel Paint Shop Pro Articles and Tutorials section below provides annotated listing of resources to many top quality, reliable graphics tutorials, tips, books, and more for the popular Paint Shop Pro, aka PSP, graphics software program. You'll find links to official Corel Paint Shop Pro product information, help, and tutorials via Corel, Paint Shop Pro tutorials,  Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Web sites or Web site sections devoted to Paint Shop Pro, other Paint Shop Pro links resources, and recommended books on Corel Paint Shop Pro. Software formerly by JASC Software.

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Corel Paint Shop Pro Product Information, Help, Tutorials (via Corel)

  •  Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 
    Official Web site. Download a trial version, purchase or upgrade via the Web site, find out more details about Paint Shop Pro, see samples, more [ Web site.]

  • Corel's listings for tutorials on Paint Shop Pro. Very helpful resource. [ Web site.]

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

  • Download the tree outline (.psp file) and follow along with this tutorial to see how to paint in the tree. Author supplies colors used, other helpful information, along with plenty of screenshots and good instructions. Uses Paint Shop Pro XI, but any version can be used, according to the author. [Article/tutorial dated 2007, by .]

  • Another of Wendy's unsurpassed, well done tutorials that are easy to follow, have great explanations, illustrations, and resources. The glass button is gorgeous and so easy to make following these instructions. See also the .

  • Thorough, detailed tutorial on how to create a variety of gears and gear shapes using Paint Shop Pro. Well done, easy to follow. [Tutorial by .]

  • Fabulous tutorial by Wendy Peck for [Tutorial by Wendy Peck, .]

  • Abstract Dimensions provides a good tutorial on how to make curved text with Paint Shop Pro 6. This is just one of many tutorials for PaintShop Pro, from versions 5 through 7. Keep in mind you can use these tutorials with newer versions, too, of course, but some of the interface info might have changed.
  • Tutorial sample with Pythagoras Font - created by SKDesigns for 
    Create titles, interesting typography with the techniques shown in this tutorial. How to artistically add personality to vector type. Uses Paint Shop Pro X, but the ideas and techniques can be used with any graphics program, including those with vector capabilities. Editor note: I used to create this 'Thanks!' example here. [Article/tutorial dated 2006, by .]
  • Making Plaids
    An easy way to make beautiful plaid background tiles. Uses PSP 7+. [Article/tutorial by KatHouseDesigns via .]

  • for the newsgroup . Many questions answered here. Good resource.

  • A “quick and easy way to make some nice background tiles.” Easy to follow tutorial with plenty of screenshots along the way. You can download the filters used in the tutorial, too. For Paint Shop Pro 7 and above. [Article/tutorial by .]

  • Learn how to make beautiful drapes, curtains using PSP. Lots of screenshots, good step-by-step instructions. You can even use the author's graphic pattern if desired. Uses PSP7 or above. [Article/tutorial by .]

  • by Linda Cole for WDVL. Well done, clear tutorial using PSP7.

Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes, Brushes, and More

Paint Shop Pro Brushes

  • Several sets of free brushes for Paint Shop Pro that work with several versions of PSP. [Paint Shop Pro brushes by Sue Chastain, .]

  • Quite a variety of free brushes here for Paint Shop Pro. Categories: Abstract, Flowers, Grunge, Icon brushes, Nature, Japanese, Magic and stars, Paintings, Swirls, Technical, Writings, Other brushes. The site also has textures, background patterns, Photoshop brushes, and much more. [Paint Shop Pro brushes by Melfina, .]

  • Good quality free brushes here. Brush categories: printer's ornaments, Chinese design motifs, more printer's ornaments, antique engravings, fancy corner brushes and a tutorial. [Paint Shop Pro brushes by Kathi Lawson, .]

Looking for Photoshop brushes? See .

Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes

  • You'll find a wide variety of free tubes direct from Corel. [Paint Shop Pro Tubes by .]

  • 10 pages and dozens of beautiful floral tubes for Paint Shop Pro. [Paint Shop Pro Tubes by Jane Braz.]

  • Good quality free brushes here. Tubes categories: tree tubes, flying gulls tubes, flying hawks tubes, sitting hawks tubes, lighthouse tubes, antique frames tubes, fall leaves tubes. [Paint Shop Pro tubes by Kathi Lawson, .]

  • Many free tubes, and also a membership available to unlimited access and downloads. Categories: anchors, benches & chairs, birds, alphabets, Christmas, coral & seaweed, fish, lighthouse, mermaids, rocks, sea creatures, shells, starfish, star signs, pirates & sailors, globes & compasses, sea urchins, African, nautical, pots & vases,, palms & plants, dogs & cats, earth & sky, picture frames, flowers, trees & tree stumps, musical, ducks, valentine, themes, mushrooms, Easter, cactus, tiny tots, butterflies, fireworks, clouds, rainbows, glitter, fences, fruit, and many more. [Paint Shop Pro Tubes by .]
  • or
    Angels, animals, autos, cars, architecture, bears, children, colored, country, floral, frames, fruit and vegetables, furniture, holiday, household, images, lace, lawn and garden, lighthouses, medieval, music, native American, nautical and beach, school, snow globes, vases, western, wolves, Victorian, Easter, fans, and more. Note July 2007: Not all of the sites' internal page links work, but you'll still find quite a few available. [Paint Shop Pro Tubes by Jane Braz.]

Web Sites or Web Site Sections Devoted to Paint Shop Pro

  • Very thorough site devoted to Paint Shop Pro tips and tutorials. In addition to the helpful tutorials, tips, for versions 4 through 7.

  • by Richie Dumlao. Impressively high quality graphics work. Using Animation Shop (sold separately now, but previously included with PSP prior to PSP X), learn how to make spinning text, a rotating disc, combining animations, mapping an image to a sphere, stargate, and more.

  • A multitude of tutorials for several versions of Paint Shop Pro, including the latest version. Easy to follow, plenty of screenshots by site owner and several others. Create graphics for numerous holidays, all the seasons of the year, tiled backgrounds, including creating plaids, trees, pumpkins, glass globe ornaments, gold and diamond ornaments, frosted window panes, much more. [Articles/tutorials by Mona Carver and others, .]

  • Author of several popular Paint Shop Pro books, Lori J. Davis has a Web site with lots of tutorials for several versions of Paint Shop Pro, and a few third-party tutorials.

  • by Laurie McCanna. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced tips.

  • Quite a few tutorials for Paint Shop Pro. Topics include interface design, text effects, photo manipulation, and Web graphics. [Tutorials by Richie Dumlao, .]

  • by T. Michael Clark. Tutorials include: 3D-Button, Shadow Text, Making Selections for Special Effects, The Magic of Masks, Transparent GIF's, See Through Text, EZ Beveled Text, EZ Embossed Text, Gold Buttons and Bars with Alien Skin, Cool Chrome, Colored Spheres, Textured Spheres, Gold Text, Yahoo! style buttons, Page Curl, 3D brushed metal buttons, Steel Plate and Screws (A Must See Tutorial), PSP5 - transparent gifs, layers, masks. Also includes information on his new electronic book on CD-ROM, "PSP Professional Tips & Techniques." Covers PSP 5, 6, 7. [Tutorials by T. Michael Clark, .]

  • Visit their Web site, join the group. Tutorials, tips, resources. Good group, good site.

  • Wendy Peck's tutorials at are easy to understand and cover many basic and advanced skills for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other graphics programs. Highly recommended. [by Wendy Peck, Graphics Expert for]

  • Lots of tutorials here, for new users and more advanced users for several versions of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

  • An entire site devoted to Paint Shop Pro. You'll find tutorials, PSP tubes, PSP shapes, help for several versions of PSP, links to resources, more. Learn how to create metals, pipes, screws, buttons, textures, orbs, curved pipes and various types of curved creations, much more. [Web site provided by .]

Other Paint Shop Pro Links Resources

  • An abundance of links related to Paint Shop Pro — classes, tutorials, books, brushes, tubes, presets, and much more. [Resources provided by .]

  • An abundance of links to tutorials, resources, and more on Paint Shop Pro. Incredible! [Resources provided by .]

Recommended Books on Corel Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro Software

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Books and Software
  •  Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 
  •  Paint Shop Pro X2 for Photographers by by Ken McMahon. Focal Press (12-10-2007) 

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