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(69543) • Jacksonville, Florida 14h

Good morning everyone! I hope you're doing well this morning so far. God gave us a new day to share His love and I'm so grateful for that. :) We are officially in a different state today! The kids and I got to Georgia around...


gods love

new chapter


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(26615) • United States 13h

Do you get a lot of snow where you live ? It is a very rare event here in Mississippi. The biggest snow that I have ever experienced here was in 1997. I have lived places where we got lots of snow every year. ( Michigan,...

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(73207) • Walnut Creek, California 10h

I wake up, brew my coffee, and hope for a good day. First news: Something like 12 dead in a mass shooting at a cowboy-themed bar somewhere down near LA. We're playing rock music at a cowboy-themed bar this Friday and Saturday...






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(60536) • Anniston, Alabama 12h

Up and going early this morning. I had to prepare Tony for a test and I am glad he slept till the last minute because nothing to drink when you wake is not easy. Now I am playing the waiting game, I got no answer about how long...

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(35866) • United States 13h

Happy Thursday Everyone! Wow two days in a row I woke up to sunshine. I am up early and didn't even want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed this morning. In fact, I vacuumed my bedroom, dusted and cleaned my...

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(1249) • Sidoarjo, Indonesia 17h

hi mylot today I am very happy, because my clothes order has come, because I got a gift from my friend, I asked whether the contents of this gift, and after my friend came home I finally opened the gift, and it turned out that it...

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(103710) • United States 11h

The snow started out as hubby said, like a salt shaker. At this time it looks like tiny white feathers. The termperature is cool enough that it is beginning to stick rather well. I am okay with that. Hubby is going to go get gas...



november 2018

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(55132) • United Kingdom 5h

We're going away on a cruise got a deal we could not refuse we'll be having fun on sea and in sun far away from those winter blues. For twenty-nine days we will be in our floating home on the sea with no internet (it's too dear...


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(5186) • United States 9h

I was out running errands yesterday. I was at Kroger, a grocery store, and I saw a display of chocolate candy with a sign that said .00. I thought there was no way these Hershey candies can be .00. The little Hershey...





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(118603) • United States 9h

I agree that Frederick the Great deserves the honor of being called the "world's most handsome horse." He is absolutely magnificent, in my opinion. Frederick, who is named after the Russian monarch Frederick the Great,...


friesian horse

frederick the great

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Kharla Jolly (57148) • East Tawas, Michigan 11h

When a person's life gets too busy for close family members, it's definitely time to slow down. If I'm far too involved in other things that take me away from my children, it's time to redo my priority list. All too often I travel...





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(18065) • Japan 12h

A friend gave this Gemini mug to me and I dig it! Even though I’m not really into green, I love the thought that the friend made such an effort to find this adorable zodiac sign of a mug amongst the mugful of mugs in that mug...

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(60536) • Anniston, Alabama 2h

Tony got released today so I am just as glad as he is to be home and he now can sleep. He really did not want anyone to know he was in the hospital so I am sworn not to say till he is back home, And I do understand. He has/had a...

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(12306) • United States 7h

I absolutely adore avocados. I put them on toast with an egg or bacon, I put them in a salad, I eat them just plain with a little salt and pepper. But I haven't been buying them every week because they're just expensive. Almost a...



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(53937) • United States 12h

I had a long AM discussion, and once again, it clicked away and didn't post. so I will suffice it to say Good Morning, and pray for my sweet kitty. He showed signs of improvement earlier this week..but is now..not interested in...

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(15065) • Germany 20h

Hello my fellow mylotters! I am back again. I am back to the reality of my life for 2 weeks now but it is only now that I am back to Mylot. My travel to Visayas islands was great though my cousin in Cebu which I was expecting to...



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(75149) • United States 11h

Trump being two years in presidency ,have your life changed? Over the past two years, what kind of effect had on your life Every one was shocked about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. So I ask you are you better off, worse...




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(4350) • North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 14h

We went to Vereen Gardens in Little River, SC. It is situated right on the border of Little River and Calabash, NC, and sits at the Intracoastal Waterway. There are many trails to walk, and they have picnic areas, swings, fishing...

vereen gardens

little river sc

wishing tree

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(4441) 17h

Health is wealth as they say. But let’s admit it, we can’t be completely healthy throughout our lives. Young and old, most of us have minor and major health issues that sometimes stress us. Hospital is one of the places I dread...

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(70888) • Roseburg, Oregon 7h

We took him again today. His wife a really nice lady died earlier this year. Now he is having problems with his liver. I hope he will be ok. He did not even know us and when we were moving our stuff in he came right down the...


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