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Addendum to Baltimore Sounds

As fate would have it, the day the final copy was submitted to the printer, I discovered more records that were not included in the new and improved updated version. The same weekend I attended the monthly Arbutus music collectibles show and discovered yet another local 45 record. Others have surfaced since then. Alas the discoveries will certainly never end...

This page will present additions and (hopefully not too many) corrections.
Just as the spirit of the book, artists represented here are from the Baltimore regional area and may or may not have released records.
We welcome any additional information you would like to share about local artists.
Check back on occasion to catch up on additions - and feel free to copy or print the addendum to the book...

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10/2016 - Captain Quint, Elusion, 4th Chapter (see Fourth Chapter), Polkaholics, Henry Sampson, Saturn Circle, Silver Raven, Tommy Thomas

11/2016 - Diamondheads

12/2016 - Cream Soda, Biff Rose & Wall Matthews, Hank Schwartz, George Stevens

3/2017 - Elusion, Tailwynde

5/2017 - Blenders, Just Us, Nugget, Potentials, Rockabilly Rebels, Danny Sadler, John & Arthur Simms, Speakeasy, Top Choice


10/2017 - Destiny, Fate, Rudy Norman, Starstruck

11/2017 - Gail Marten

6/2018 - Jades, Leah Kunkel, Paul Stookey

See bio in BS-2
Tom Cook wrote to add information to the Admirals bio and his later experiences: "One of my best friends, Bruce Bremner lived across from "Jay" Stermer and when he got into the Admirals he asked me if I wanted to try out and I went the Lutherville Church basement and then to the Berry house in Lutherville house for rehearsals and on to playing teen centers around Towson for awhile (1958) until a kid from Pikesville 'out drummed' me which was a good move on their part because I was more of a Jazz man who had sat in with many of the 'old' Jazz guys, mostly Rivers Chambers groups at dances and once with the Pier Street Five which made half a page in the Balt Sun. Jay would always berate me with "MORE BASS Cook".
"I spent my summers in Cape May and joined up with great guys from South Philly, The Chip Bond Band, and played from Ocean City NJ, Wildwood and we had our own teen grotto in Cape May. After that went to UVA and got a chance to play with the traveling R&B bands (black) who played all over the South...what A KICK! and learned most of what I know... which now isn't much but I still play. My son Tommy in CA went on to become an excellent R&R drummer and still plays."
"One of my memories of the early Admirals was getting pennies thrown at us which bounced off my cymbals... a real thrill :( "

The Admirals performing a 1964 dance at Poly.
With help from my Facebook friends, pictured are Tom Berry (bass), Wilbur McLamb (vocals), Eddie Bladis (drums), Jay Stermer (organ)... This version of the group pictured on Page 3 of BS2 book

- 4/2013

After-Taste '70s
Rock group listed in BS-2 with sound similar to Jethro Tull. Single release shown below has Glen Burnie address. No other information found yet about the group.
(45) - Eastern 13/14 --- Fast Exposure Blues / The Old Place
added 2/2013

Alamo Band
See bio in BS-2

- added 2/2013

Allegro Entertainment Agency and Nitelife Productions 88-94 / 92-01
Allego Entertainment was a talent agency owned and operated by vocalist/keyboardist Donna Harris (Dusty Roads, Impulse, Spring Fever, Rumors). Donna had worked previously for Music Men Entertainment prior to starting her own agency.
Donna relates that "Allegro was a licensed and bonded entertainment agency started in 1988. I was sole proprietor with no employees, except for some help at one time from none other then Marylou Magee (Marylou & the Untouchables).
Being a small business, I was able to charge (an inexpensive) flat commission rate... The bands liked it, we all made out. I booked lots of weddings and hall parties, Millersville Inn, Brass Rail Pub, Purple Moose Saloon, Poncabird Pub, Feathers at the Red Rooster, Midway Cafe, to name a few. Among my personal favorite groups were Rumors (of course), Hanzoff, Archer, Signals, Laughing Colors, Layers, Detour. I closed the agency in 1994."
Concurrently in 1992 Donna started a DJ and karaoke service called Nitelife Productions. She relates "I was the DJ/KJ. I did this because I still wanted to sing, but stay in the 'neighborhood' so my friends and family could be in the audience frequently. I had to retire when my voice failed due to health issues." She sold the business in 2001.
Added 1/2013 courtesy of Donna Harris

See bio in BS-2

Appaloosa circa 1978. L to R: Chuck Ansell, Larry Neeson, Frank Frazier (seated), Mike Flaherty, Rob Finecey.
Added 9/2015

Archaic Smile
Electric and acoustic rock band. Members include guitarists/vocalists Jeff Coulson and Bob Grahe, bass guitarist Frank Florence, and drummer/percussionist Mitch Shaivitz. The group recorded at Green Hill Studios and released CD "Driven To Distraction" in 2000

- added 3/2014

Archer 88-13+
See group bio in BS-2

Archer ad circa 1990
- added 10/2013

Assuming Shapes
Group noted in BS-2. Described as having jazzy rock sound, but their 1991 album compares more to a modern Yes sound. Members Adam Strakna (lead vocals, bass, guitar, trumpet, percussion), David Huether (drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals), and Frank Friedman (guitar, vocals, keyboards). The album was recorded at Bratt Studios, mixed and engineered by Bill Pratt, and features studio work by Stanley Whitaker (guitar), Chuck Klapka (sax), Carl Filipiak (guitar), and Larry Williams (trombone).

- 4/2013

Baby Face 76-78
Teen R&B group formed in 1976. Traveled to New York and played extensively showcasing the songwriting talents of lead vocalist Ray Miles, and bass guitarist Tim Dingle. Miles attended Frederick Douglass High School then Julliard and Manhattan Schools of Music. Dingle was a Forest Park High School grad. The other members were Northwestern High School grads Darrell Brown (guitar), and Gregory Lloyd (keyboards), and Ralph Brown (drums) from Edmonson High School.
Their original songs included "That's Rock and Roll Music," "I Wish I Could Help Everybody," and "Try Little Girl."
- added 1/2013

Baitch, Al "Madman"
Saxophonist Al "Madman" Baitch performed with a virtual who's who of Baltimore musicians as well as major stars in a career that spanned over seven decades. See his bio in BS-2
- 9/2012

Al Baitch circa 1973

Ballyhoo! 1995-13+
Rock, pop, punk, reggae band from Aberdeen, MD formed in 1995. Members as of 2013 featured Howi Spangler (guitar, lead vocals), J.R. Gregory (bass), Scott Vandrey (keyboards, programming, vocals), and Donald Spangler (drums).
Bio adapted from WIKI: Their self-released album 'Do It For The Money!' contained their songs 'Cali Girl' and 'Cerveza.' The follow-up, 'Cheers!' was produced by Scotch Ralston (311). The album also features mix work by 311 drummer Chad Sexton.
Ballyhoo! released a single, 'Front Porch,' in October of 2010.
Their album 'Daydreams' on LAW Records was released in September 2011. The 12-track album was recorded and produced at Sound Lounge studios in Orlando, Florida by Greg Shields and Mike Stebe. The single 'Last Night' saw rotation at various alternative radio stations including WHFS Baltimore, WRFF Philadelphia, KUKQ Phoenix, Star 101.9 Honolulu, & SiriusXM/Faction, as well as various specialty shows around the country. 'Pineapple Grenade', Ballyhoo!'s 5th album was released in June 2013 on the band's own Right Coast Records. The track 'No Good' was produced by Rome Ramirez from Sublime.
Their music has appeared in numerous surf/skate videos and compilation albums including 'Forever Free: A Tribute to Sublime,' which featured a cover of '40 Oz. to Freedom.' Ballyhoo! songs also appear in the feature films 'Beach Kings' and 'Road Trip: Beer Pong.'
They were listed on MTV's Top 100 Bands to Watch by the Artist on the Verge Project. Tour highlights include: 311 Pow Wow Festival (2011), 311 Caribbean Cruise (2012 & 2013), California Roots (2013), The Bamboozle (2012), and the entire Vans Warped Tour 2012. They have opened up for bands 311, Dirty Heads, and Slightly Stoopid on previous tours. As of 2013 Ballyhoo! had sold over 30,000 copies of their 5 albums and more than 200,000 digital tracks.
Ballyhoo! Discography includes:
2000(CD) - Hooligan -- 365-Day Weekend
2004(CD) - Hooligan -- The Green E.P.
2006(CD) - Hooligan -- Do It For The Money!
2009(CD) - Surfdog -- Cheers!
2011(CD) - LAW -- Daydreams
2013(CD) - Right Coast -- Pineapple Grenade

Baltic Avenue
Modern rock band. Members Marc Browne (vocals, guitar), Cory Deere (bass), Brian Lichty (guitar), and Dave Pommerehn (drums).
1997(CD) - (indie) ---- dog day cicada
- added 10/2012 updated 4/2014

Barking Crows '80s
Group evolved from the Paradise Pickers/Rockers. Members were Barney Davis (guitar, vocals), Dave Chappell (lead guitar), Jack DiPietro (bass), and Doug Kemp (drums).
Performances included Back of the Vac, Kadiz Caravan (New Years Eve party)...
Fliers by Mark Vaccarino.

Barn Burners 94-'00s
See group bio in BS-2

The Barn Burners 2000 CD "Alibis" (Run Wild 810)
Bob Kannenberg (guitar), Bonanza D. Jones (drums), Paul Thomas (guitar), Tony Vittoria (bass), with guests Brian Fisher (mandolin), Neil Eber (pedal steel), Wayne Brown (keyboards). - added 4/2014

Bay City Brass
Ethic Czech and Polish style musical group. Their 1976 album featured Lenny Bohmer (bass, vocals), Al Matousek (accordion, vocals), Doug Tomecek (reeds, vocals, arranger), Vic Tomecek (trumpet, cornet), Joe Zarzycki (trumpet), and Ted Zarzycki (percussion), Zook Zarzycki (manager).
Members also played with Lenny Adams' Polkastars, Tommy Thomas Trio...
1976(LP) - B.C.B. 3555 -- Free Spirit
added 6/2015

Bay Country '95-98
"A small bit of history" taken from the Bay Country website...
"We were the opening act for many popular country music artist such as Daryle Singletary, Ty Herndon. Trace Adkins, Tracy Byrd, Gary Alan, The Lynns and Rhett Akins."
1995-96 "Bay Country Recorded our CD "Band Overboard" with the Help of Wal-Mart in 1996. Our CD's were sold in Wal-Mart Stores from Buffalo, New York to a few stores in Virginia. The members at that time were, Matt Odell, Joe Huffman, Daryl Williams, Scott "Bubba" Smith and Bill Coley. Bay Country won the Southern Maryland Jimmy Dean, True Value, Country Showdown in 1996. We continued on to Courtland Virginia, South Hampton County Fair, to compete in the next tier. We didn't win there but we had a great road trip."

1997 "Bay Country went through a few changes during this period and with Joe Huffman leaving to work with "Cindy Astlin and Country Thunder," Bobby Murphy took over as the lead guitarist. Bay Country again won the Southern Maryland Jimmy Dean, True Value, Country Showdown for 1997. We then went to Lynchburg Virginia to compete in the next tier at Cattle Annies night club. The group that won that night went on to claim the grand prize at Disney World later that year. There was another road trip and we loved those road trips!"
1998 "Bay Country again went through more changes in 1998. Bobby Murphy and Bill Coley left to form the band "Murphy's Law." Joe Huffman Returned on lead guitar, Joan Johnson was added on fiddle and John Gorsch on steel guitar. After only a few months Scott Smith left to work in Syracuse New York, so we added Steve Garner on bass. And for the last time, Bay Country won the Southern Maryland Jimmy Dean, True Value, Country Showdown for 1998. No other contestant had won the Southern Maryland competition 3 straight years, before or since that time. We competted at Hershey Park, Hershy Pennsylvania for the next tier of the competition and again, thats as far as we got. Once more we had a great road trip where we booked an entire motel with the band and our great fans.... We really wanted to take them to Disney World for the finals, but it just didn't happen. John Gorsch left the band shortly after the last competition..."
added 11/2015


Beginnings performing at a BPI dance in 1973
L to R: trumpet ?, trombone Ken Jackson, drums ?, sax Bob Bischoff, vocals Bill Harris, bass Tom Roach, guitar Bob McClafferty.
Saxophonist Ray Sydnor wrote to identify the above uncaptioned photo taken from a 1973 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute yearbook. Ray notes that he joined a reformed version of the group later that year and the name was changed to April Sky. Thanks Ray for the update.
Beginnings continued into the 1980s with various members. Both groups Beginnings and April Sky are noted in BS-2, unfortunately with a few name mispellings.

Berger, Bobby
Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (see bio in BS-2), founder of The Goin' Back Band, and known for his Al Jolson revue.
Bobby's 45 release (shown below) featured two Jolson style sides both written by Tim Landers.

- Added 7-7-16

The Berkeleys 68-70
Overlea, Hamilton area group featuring Tim Landers (guitar), Charlie McCartin (guitar), Larry Leight (bass) and Chuck Karmacek (drums). Played teen centers and CYOs.
- 4/2013

Beyond Words
See bio in BS-2

- added 2/2013

Black Angus
Rock band from Harford County. Recorded at Hank Waida Studio in Belair and released 2000 CD "Hammering The Message Home" featuring Art Pfister (vocals), Brian Rockstroh (guitar), Brian Winkelman (guitar), Barry Bergoffen (bass), and Steve Braml (drums).
2000(CD) - (indie) -- Hammering The Message Home

- added 3/2014

Blenders 1966-72
Teen R&B group from The Perkins Homes projects in east Baltimore. The group was originally called The Transistors and features 8 members. They evolved to a 5 man vocal group known as The Blenders. Members were Eddie Gregg, Robert White, Ira Burks, Gary Ward, and Ivan Street. Backing the group was a trio called Phase III featuring Bobby Ward (drums -Teddy & The Tempos), Mike Jones (guitar) and a bass player. Phase III was also the backing band for many of the artists that made appearances on the Baltimore Breakout television show.
The group was managed by Donald Wilkes from Turner Station who also managed The Vandals, The Tempros, Barbara Jones, El Prince, and others. The Blenders performed in many venues including the Crystal Ballroom, Famous Ballroom, Blue Gardenia, Moe's Lounge, Operation Champ neighborhood concerts... They traveled to Utica, NY, New York City and performed at the Apollo Theater opening for The Delfonics. In Mobile, Alabama they did a show for The Congress of Racial Equality that also featured Billy Butler, Gene Chandler, and The Impressions. The group also appeared on Baltimore Breakout TV show.
After a falling out with their manager, the Blenders split up. Ira and Ivan became members of Top Choice.
- added 5/2017 - Thanks Ivan Street

Blue Ice 77-81
Top 40 and original rock band formed by Jeff chance (bass), Jeff Johnson (keyboards), Mark Campbell (drums), and David Jackson (vocals). A year later David Collins (guitar and vocals) joined.
They played many church dances, private parties, and graduation parties. In 1980 they got a gig to play the amphitheater at Harborplace. Because of the rain that day, they were allowed to play inside the Light Street Pavilion in between the two escalators (later the home of Phillips Harborplace). They were the first rock band to play inside the Pavilion.
In 1980 David Jackson left, and Andrew Campbell took over vocals.
In 1981 they went to Jerry's Garage Recording Studio. Recorded two songs for a 45 single release, but it was never finished as they split up and went onto other bands. Jeff chance went to play keyboards with Modern Vogue. David Collins joined Fatal Fury (listed as Metal Fury in the book) playing keyboards. Mark and Jeff Johnson continued together playing in wedding bands. Later in the 90's Mark went on to play guitar with StraightJacket, then back to drums with Wylde Fire in the '00s.
Jeff Johnson began stage managing, and tech-ing with different bands.
In 2011 both Jeff's along with Mark Campbell and David Collins got together to talk about recording the album they never got to do. During the process David decided to put out a solo project. So, Mark moved to guitar, and they enlisted Nate Johnson of Under Command for the drums. As of January 2013 they are halfway through their CD project.
Bio by Jeff Johnson
Update (4/2015): Blue Ice released their CD of original music in March 2015 to positive reviews. The CD is available through, i-tunes, and at local area music stores. Local shows are being planned including The Raven Inn, Towson.

Blue Ice L-R: David Collins, Mark Campbell, Jeff Chance, Jeff Johnson, Dave Jackson

Blue Ice at Harborplace - L-R: Jeff Johnson, David Collins, Mark Campbell, Jeff Chance
Blue Ice photos courtesy of Jeff Johnson

2015(CD) - icesongs 2015-001 --- Legends In Our Minds

added- 1/2013, updated-4/2015

Blue Mist '80s

Blue Mist circa 1982. James Dillard (drums), Dana Winter (guitar), John L. Sullivan (lead vocals), Bobby Cannon (bass). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Blue Notes 60
Rock & Roll duo of Rodger Nesbitt (guitar, vocals) and Tim Torba (guitar). The duo played teen centers and church organizations. Both went on to The Surfsiders.
- added 2/2014

Bobby & Melvin '50s
Recording duo (Groove Records). Both were former members of the Tempters (see bio in BS-2).

Bobby B & Friends
Announcing the new July 1989 cassette release by Ellicott City based guitarist-singer-songwriter Bob Betlejewski and his band.

Added 3-2013

Bronson, Eliot '90s-00s
Guitarist-singer-songwriter-recording artist.
Member of Baltimore Songwriter Association.
Record releases include:
1999 (CD) - indie --- Eliot Bronson
2001 (CD) - Jnana 339 --- one hundred and one subtle ways

Added 9-2013

Bucky's Brother '06-13
Pennsylvania/Maryland based band. Dave Streett (mandolin, fiddle, guitar, harmonica and vocals -formerly of No Reply), Kristina Machusick (flute and lead vocals), Fred Ritz (accordion and percussion), and Pete Edgett (guitar, mandolin, bass and vocals). Edgett was later replaced by Michael Arthur (guitar and vocals). Bucky's Brother played throughout the SE Pennsylvania and Northern Baltimore areas, festivals and restaurants as an acoustic folk/indie ensemble.

added 11/2015 (thanks to Dave Streett)

Burnett, Hank, & Exit

Hank Burnett record noted in BS-2. Year of release not known. Players noted as Hank Burnett (drums, vocals), Kenny Houck (rhythm guitar), Richard Stone (lead guitar), Brian Wagner (bass), and back-up vocals by Billy & Joey, the Rasp Bros.
Produced by John Councilman. Recorded at Eastern Studio
- added 3/2013

Bush River '80s
See brief bio in BS2.

Bush River circa 1986. James Dillard (drums), Jack Dillard (guitar), Danny Amburn (guitar), Frank Pyles (lead vocals), Tim Mitchell (guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Cameron, Andy
Parkville based guitarist-singer-songwriter.
1995(CD) - Half Full Records ---- Marky's Blues
Andy's 1995 indie CD "Marky's Blues" also features studio work by David Bollinger (keyboards, producer, arranger), Bernie 'The Rock' McDermott (lead guitar), Constance Craven and 'Rojay' (back up vocals), Nick 'Sammy' Max (percussion), Carlos 'Red Meat' Tuttle (horns), Arno Dorsey (clarinet), Percival Sweetwater Vick (squeeze box).
Added 9-13-12

Andy Cameron CD

Captain Quint 2000+
'Tropical rock' band. Group toured nationally. Opened numerous shows for Jimmy Buffett...
Personnel on 2003 CD: Michael Phillip (vocals), Kevin Johnston (keys, perc), Ken Polcak (bass), Mike Kufel (drums, perc), John Patti (steel pans, perc), Ronald Watson (sax), Kaare Wieneke (harmonica, acoustic guitar), Stephen Fauth (electric guitar), Dennis Buchholz (acoustic guitar). CD recorded at John Grant's Secret Sound Studios and features John on guitars, along with backing vocalists Michael Oben and Maria Egler.
A 2005 Baltimore Sun band profile noted Johnston, Polcak, Kufel, and Patti, with Jim Bowley (guitar, vocals).
Johnston and Fauth both formerly of Crossfire. Polcak's previous bands include Gypsy, Wind, and Wild Rice. Patti ex-The Foundation. Buchholz ex-Extract.
2003(CD) - Pineapple Jam
2005(CD) - The Swinging Sailor of Perryman
2009(CD) - Unsinkable Still
Added 4/2016

Andy Cameron CD

Casinos 57
Group fronted by 17-year old vocalist Diane Coates. Planned recordings "A Lover's Plea," and "Johnny" in late 1957. Record release unconfirmed.

Castillo, Eva '90s+
(CD) - (indie) --- Day By Day
added 10/2012

Celebrate 75-78
Rock band evolved out of Zzzap. Worked as house band at The Cinema Lounge, Nick's Musical Lounge, and other local bars. The group was basically Zzzap after drummer Paul Demond departed and was replaced with Tom Palacorolla. Celebrate band also included Vince Lioi (vocals), Steve Griffin (guitar, vocals), and Tim Torba (bass).
Tom and Tim later with Escape.

Celebrate circa 1976 L-R: Palacorolla, Lioi, Griffin, Torba
- added 2/2014

Centaur '80s
Rock band consisted of Michael Shipley (guitar), Jim Palance (keys), Mike Blondell (bass), Keith Larsen (drums), and Sherry Hoffen (lead vocals). The group later morphed into Cat & the Burglars - that later became Cat Trax.

Charmer '85
Cheryl Haberkam (lead vocals - name mispelled in V1), Brian Robinson (guitar), Vic Hinkleman (keys, guitar, vocals), Jeff Hinkleman (bass, vocals), Lathan Ritter (drums).
Cheryl and Vic later with Spring Fever. Lathan also played in other groups including Nemesis, Major Company, Light Street Project...
Added 7/2015

Chase, Billy 57
R&B vocalist.

Chatzky, Carl
Noted in BS2 simply as a folk artist.
Carl Chatzky (Chatski) played bluegrass bass, mandolin, banjo and guitar. He guested often with The Stanley Brothers Band in the '60s under the stage name Carl Hawkins, and toured with Peter Rowan in the '70s.
He was also a renowned computer programmer, studied at Johns Hopkins University, and is known for the development of an off-track betting program for New York City.
He went on to become very active in the Seattle bluegrass scene, and in later years taught music at University of Washington's Experimental College.
Chatski passed away on July 24, 2014.

Cheaters, The
Jason 'Bumpy' Morton (vocals, guitar), Brett Wilmer (guitar), David Wolf (bass, vocals), Kevin Shook (drums, percussion).
Performed at the 8x10, Recher Theater, Nottingham's, Armadillo's, Black Bear Tavern...
199(CD) - (indie) ---- The Cheaters
added 11/2012

Chemay, Joe
Friend Tim Landers wrote to say that he had "a couple of beers with Joe Chemay in Nashville in January (2013). Joe worked with Pink Floyd and can be seen in the movie "The Wall." He has also been touring with Michael Nesmith, and the night I saw him at The Ryman he was playing with Peter Cetera."
I never made actual contact with Joe, only noted local record releases that I had known about. In referencing the book "Rock Record" published in 1981 I learned that Joe made guest appearances with many major artists. He played bass and provided vocals for Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band's 1976 LP "Live". Provided bass on Leon Russell's 1978 LP "Americana". Provided vocals on Elton John's 1976 LP "Blue Moves", Eric Carmen's 1978 LP "Change Of Heart", Michael Nesmith's 1978 LP "Compilation", Pink Floyd's 1978 LP "The Wall". A prolific studio bass guitarist and vocalist, he also appears throughout the '80s, '90s, '00s on recordings by Toby Beau, Juice Newton, Laura Branigan, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Roy Orbison, Barry Manilow, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Christopher Cross, Richard Marx, Colin Raye, Reba McEntire, Billy Ray Cyrus, Beach Boys, George Strait, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Deana Carter, Martina McBride, The Kinleys, Chris Cagle, Debby Boone, Luke Bryan, Peter Cetera, and many others.
In addition to the LP "Riper The Finer" The Joe Chemay Band released two singles in 1981:
1981(45) - Unicorn 95001 - Proud / Once In A Life
1981(45) - Unicorn 95003 - Love Is A Crazy Feeling

Chocolate Rain - see - Rain

Chorne, Rich

- 4/2013

Ciesielski, Vinnie
Trumpeter and veteran of Baltimore bands Steppin' Blues, The Heat & the Cold Sweat Horns...
(From his website): Vinnie Ciesielski has appeared on over 3500 recordings during his career including over 50 GRAMMY-nominated recordings, 25 GRAMMY-winning recordings, and 200 Stellar and Dove nominated and winning albums.
Attending Towson University in Maryland, Vinnie Ciesielski majored in music performance on trumpet, which he has played professionally for over 40 years.
Since coming to Nashville in 1992, Vinnie has played on thousands of recordings with artists such as Lyle Lovett, Travis Tritt, Tracy Byrd, Tanya Tucker, Bad Company, Glenn Frey, T.D. Jakes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gregg Allman, Kirk Franklin, Queen Latifah, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Israel Houghton, The Clark Sisters and many more. He has performed live with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock, Keith Richards, Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, Sting, Tony Bennett, Glenn Frey, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The O'Jays, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge, Shawn Colvin, Eddie Floyd, Booker T. and the MGs, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Bob Hope, Frankie Valli, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Hornsby, and The Beach Boys. He has also appeared on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Austin City Limits, Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen's Really Big Show, The Dove Awards and The Stellar Awards. Vinnie has also performed on numerous Radio, Internet, TV and Movie sound tracks and Trailers. Vinnie has performed with the Nashville Symphony, Chattanooga Symphony and Orchestra Kentucky.
Well known in the performance community, Mr. Ciesielski's resume includes work on over 3500 recording sessions, 50 Grammy-nominated and 25 Grammy-winning recordings and over 200 Stellar and Dove awards. Vinnie has also been the horn arranger on multiple Grammy, Dove and Stellar nominated and winning recordings.
Added 7/2015. Thanks to J.J. Gunning and Vinnie's website.

Cione, Larry
Pianist studied at the Peabody Conservatory. Member of the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble for 25 years, also member of The Last Chance Jazz Band, and Swing Street. Released solo piano CD titled 'Solace'.
200 CD - Bear Productions - Solace

- 4/2013

Clifton, Bill '50s-00s
Bluegrass guitarist William Marburg (Clifton) originally from Riderwood/Ruxton area of Baltimore County. While attending college in Virginia formed the Dixie Mountain Boys, a group that also included Paul Clayton (originally from Massachusetts and went on to be well known in the Greenwich Village folk music scene of New York City during the '50s and 60s).
Recordings by Bill Clifton & the Dixie Mountain Boys at Audio Services Co. 48 W. Biddle St. include "Burglar Man" and "You're A Flower In The Wildwood" issued on acetate and later released on 78rpm Blue Ridge 403.
Clifton and his groups released a large catalog of albums from the '50s through the '00s on Starday, Nashville, Bear Family, Elf, Rounder and other labels including solo efforts, recordings with The Dixie Mountain Boys, and later releases in Europe and the U.S. with artists such as Hedy West, Red Rector, Jim Eanes, and others.
. In addition to performing he was noted for publishing an early bluegrass songbook as well as organizing one of the first major bluegrass festivals.
He authored the book "150 Old Time Folk And Gospel Songs" published in 1955 that became a standard reference for old-time Americana music. In addition he was a pioneer in bluegrass festivals being credited with organizing the very first such event in 1961 in Luray, Virginia.
Clifton was inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Association's Hall of Fame in 2008.
Album releases include:
1962(LP) - Starday 159 -- The Bluegrass Sound Of Bill Clifton
1969(LP) - Starday 213 -- Soldier, Sing Me A Song
- Added 2/2013. Updated 12/2015

Clubs 57
R&B vocal group consisting of James Dixon, Johnny Giles, Leroy Gibson, Vernon Meyers, and Leonard Moore. Original songs "Darling, I Love You," and "Gloria" were scheduled for recording in late 1957. Record release unconfirmed.

Colburn, Gaynell '70s-00s
vocalist / percussionist / recording artist. A paraplegic as a result of an accident in 1974, she was crowned Miss Wheelchair America in 1984. Liner notes from her CD reads "Miss Colburn is a physically challenged professional, a dynamic motivational keynote speaker, a wellness health consultant, a vocalist and percussionist for Bill Cosby, Stu Gardener, and Stevie Wonder. Gaynell's motivational and education programs to youths and groups of all ages has tremendous success in at risk communities, schools, colleges, rehab centers, at conferences and multiple organizations nationally."
She was a recipient of the 1988 Essence Award in New York.
Gaynell also perfomed with Ethel Ennis and many others. She performed frequently at the Hunt Valley Inn.
In 1998 she recorded at Basement Floor Studios and released a 4 song R&B CD that also included studio work by Curtis Kendricks (drums, keyboards, sequencing), Tim Miskimon (guitar, vocals), Karen Kendricks (keyboards, vocals), Dave Dyson (bass), and Skip Pruitt (sax).
1998(CD) - BFP 199838CD -- It's Inside From The Heart

Added 12/2015

Cold Brew
See bio in BS-2.
- added 2/2013

Cold Brew photo courtesy of Johnny Bowman

Country-Western/rock band. 2000 self-titled CD featured Paul David (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Ryan Whipps (electric guitar), Bill Dickson (bass), Steve Kilgallon (drums, percussion), Susan Wicker (backing vocals), Nick Currie (violin).
Seen at The Windsor Inn...
2000(CD) - CW 8926 -- Coldwater
added 6/2015

Collection & Civics
See bio in BS-2.
Vocalist Franklin Howell (noted in the book as a member of Ricky & the Chips, and 15th Chapter) was also a member of The Civics vocal group. In fact, he sang lead on their 1969 record release "Come Back, Run Back" (Soultrain 009). My apologies for missing him as a member of The Civics.
- updated 11/2015

Collection (pictured at left with Bill Medley seated in center), and The Civics (pictured on right). Park Plaza flier circa 1967-68 courtesy of Larry Simpkins
- added 4/2013

Common Lot 66-68
Initially formed by Jon Berle and Jeff Millman, who according to Jon "used to pass notes back and forth in class with all the songs they would do if they had a band, and eventually this became their song list."
The group became Jeff Millman (lead vocals), Jon Berle (guitar), Scott Dorsey (rhythm guitar), Richard Baker (bass), and Bruce Sandler (drums).
Jon adds "The band played at Campfield Teen Center, churches downtown, many private parties and in shops like the Mulberry Bush on Read Street. (We) played a mix of mostly British and American rock, blues and soul, doing many songs by the Stones, Byrds, Lovin' Spoonful, Hollies, Love, Kinks, Yardbirds, Cream and some original music as well."
"One interesting sidebar is that we played at the Uptown Theater on Park Heights Avenue one Saturday - they used to host Channel 24 before it became independent and then part of UPN and they used to have live battles of the bands there every week while kids danced, and the show was broadcast live and also taped I believe, maybe on Kinescope. The two songs played that Saturday were one original in an open "D" tuning and also "Outside Woman Blues" by Cream. We had a tape copy but it was ruined by Hurricane Agnes."
Millman went on to become VP of Grey Kirk Van Sant advertising agency in Baltimore. Berle auditioned for Urch Perch, and George Figgs (played with George at the Foghorn/Bluesette in 1968. He left for college in 1968 and his later work included translating "Dali in the Nude" for the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, and book was printed around 1984. Back in Baltimore he published the NW Star in Pikesville from 1980-96, and now works for the MTA. Baker worked as a producer for "Live at Lincoln" for PBS in NY and then formed his own comedy management company in L.A. where he now manages Drew Carey and Tim Allen among others. Sandler later played with Clipper Mill, Calico... and now operates The Guitar Exchange in Catonsville.

Common Lot photo courtesy of Jon Berle: (back row l-r): Jon Berle (lead guitar), Dick Baker (bass), Scott Dorsey (rhythm guitar). (front row l-r): Bruce Sandler (drums), and Jeff Millman (vocals). All the members went to Subrook Junior High and Milford Senior High schools.

Below: An early photo of Jon Berle and his B-25 - Courtesy of Jon Berle

- 4/2013

Cooper, Joe, Project 1988-2013+
Reggae Jazz Fusion World Beat band led by Jamaica born producer/engineer/keyboardist Joe Cooper, together with radio/TV personality/vocalist/producer Sandi Mallory Cooper comprise sandjoe Productions, Inc.
Cooper, an honoree of the 2010 Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund, and as such has been recognized by Awards and Citations from the Governor of Maryland, members of the US Congress, US Senate, the Maryland Assembly, the Mayor of Baltimore, the Baltimore County Executive, and many Leaders of the Community. Joe has worked with many Reggae legends including Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, Dennis Brown, Daddy Uroy, Pablo Moses, Big Youth, Mikey Dread, Sugar Minott, Meditations, Boris Gardiner, the Mighty Vikings and bands such as Emperor's Choice and ADJA, New York City. He has been Head Audio Engineer for Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University, worked at BET Television as a Lighting Technician, and operates SoundVision Recording Studio in Randallstown.
Sandi Cooper nee-Mallory is the Legendary Radio Air Personality who was the first African American woman to have her own FM radio show in Maryland. Sandi started her radio career at WEAA, and has been heard on WMUC, WHUR, WXYV (V-103), and WLIF, before returning to her roots at WEAA. She has won numerous Awards including those from the Maryland Governor, US Congress, Business and Community organizations. Sandi is Director of Public Affairs and Community Engagement and host of "Cool Vibes for Your Midday" on WEAA 88.9 FM. Her show's theme song "Positive Reflections" is from the Joe Cooper Project CD "Children of the Sun." She has been voted Best Radio Personality (City Paper) and "Best Music for Morning Radio Award" (Baltimore Magazine). She received the "Lifetime Legacy Award" in 2009 for her work in Communications from Bethel AME Church, and was awarded "Woman of the Year in Communications" by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority-Alpha Zeta Chapter in 2011.
In addition to Joe (keyboards) and Sandi (spoken word vocals), the band and studio members have included Marcus EMRLS Cooper (keyboards and sequences), Jerry Fields (Drums), Robert Dupree Hailey (percussion), Gregory Hamilton (vibes), Donovan Mckitty (guitar), Berkley Savage (Acoustic, 12 String, and Electric guitars), Richard Semper (Steel Pan), Chris Ras Washington (Vocals, Rap, Alto and Baritone Saxes, Vocals - winner of the 104FM smooth jazz radio's rap contest at the New Haven Lounge), Percy White (bass), Selah Williams (acoustic guitar, bass)...
The Joe Cooper Project has performed at AFRAM, Baltimore International Festival, Towson Cultural Festival, the Trinidad Carnival Baltimore, Druid Hill Park, ArtScape 92 (headliner), Fox Stage, Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore Blacks in Wax Museum, the Sphinx Club (Baltimore's legendary jazz club), Bob Marley Day in the Park (Philadelphia), the Event Solution Magazine Expo (atop the roof of Baltimore's Maryland Science Building), Adventure World, Washington DC's Kilamanjaro Club, Baltimore Industrial Museum, the Association of Black Charities at the Grand Hyatt, the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore Inner Harbor 2000 NYE on ICE, and other Corporate events. The group has also played aboard The Bay Lady, the Spirit of Baltimore, and the Spirit of Philadelphia. They have performed live on TV Channels 2 and 11.

Recordings released under sandjoe Productions include:
19(CD) - sandjoe -- Journey
1995(CD) - sandjoe -- Cool Vibes
2004(CD) - sandjoe -- Children Of The Sun
2009(CD) - sandjoe -- Keeping It Real: The Future Is Now
2013(CD) - sandjoe -- A New Day
Bio information from CD liner notes, WEAA, and their website
-Added 07/2015

Corduroy 9
Laurel based rock band.
Danny Burke (guitar, vocals), Brian Jones (drums, congas), Brian Rainville (bass, harmonica, vocals).
Played Hal Daddy's (Baltimore), Irish Pizza Pub (Laurel)...
1997(CD) - (indie) - Stout

Country Lovers, Kinny McCullough & 1978-81
Laurel, MD based country and oldies band fronted by Kinny McCullough (lead vocals, guitar, bass), with Jeremy Spencer (guitar and vocals), John Turner (steel guitar), and Steve Parezo (drums-formerly of Nimbus).
Performance highlights included opening for national country recording artists The Kendalls at Rosecroft Raceway in Oxon Hill, MD; they toured the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. states with Country Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Jim Owens who did a Hank Williams tribute. Locally they were seen at Bronco Billy's in Washington, D.C., and played at the first Main Street Festival in Laurel, MD (see photo).

Kinny McCullough & The Country Lovers at Laurel Main Street Festival (L-R): John Turner, Steve Parezo, Kinny McCullough and Jeremy Spencer.

Kinny McCullough and Steve Parezo cut a two-song demo at Omega Recording Studios in Kensington, MD. The songs "Knee Deep In Debt" b/w "Sitting Here Lonely" featuring Kinny (guitar, bass, vocals) and Steve (drums).

McCullough was taken under the musical wing of Jim Owen who produced him in a Nashville recording during the early 1980's but subsequently things just didn't work out. Parezo later with Redeye (Hyattsville, MD) circa 1985-86, Customade (Rockville, MD) 1990-93, then Laurel based Highridge...
Photos and info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Crack the Sky
See group biography in BS-2. At suggestion of J.J. Gunning, the CTS CPH could use an update...
Following is an update from WIKI:
Sometimes the band has a horn section - known as the Crack Pack Horns - accompany them at live shows or on album tracks.
Members have included:
Tom Williams - Trumpet (1980s-1990s)
Tom McCormick - Tenor saxophone (1980s)
Dave Fairall - Tenor & alto saxophone (1980s-2000)
Paul Soroka - Lyricon (1980s-1990s)
Chris Walker - Trumpet (1990s-2000)
J.J. Gunning - Trombone (1990s-2000)
Ronnie Fowler - Horns (1986)
Jim Stienfeld - Horns (1986)
Keith Zaffino - Horns (1986)
Dave Makowiecki - Trumpet (2000-present)
Barry Caudill - Tenor Sax (2000-present)
Jim McFalls - Trombone (2000-present)

Crank '90s-00s
Hard rock band (see entry in BS-2).
1999(CD) - Twin Sun Records --- DINO-PEPTIC GERM
- added 11/2012

Crank photo by Chrissy Brewer

Crawdaddies '95-00s
A mix of zydeco-swing, rock n' soul (see bio in BS-2)

Crawdaddies 2001 CD "Spice It Up"

- added 04/2014

Cream Soda 1970-74
See brief write-up in BS2.
Baltimore Sounds regrets that founding member Ricky Ratliff was not mentioned in the article. Ricky was the bass player for the group from the beginning to the end, and was the main founder of the group when they were all 13 years old in Lexington Terrace in 1968.
The group started out as The Sensationals honing their skills in the Lexington Terrace laundry room. They later met four guys from east Baltimore who called themselves The Critics. The two groups joined forced as The Sensationals and The Critics.
In 1970 the group became known as Cream Soda and were very popular throughout the area. They opened shows for many artists including Black Ivory at the Ambassador Ballroom on Liberty Heights Avenue, The Chi-lites, Curtis Mayfield, Frankie and the Spindles at the Embassy Room on Park Heights, Julius Brockington, and a host of other stars. At that time they were on their way, releasing a single "Remember The Rain" that was played locally on Baltimore radio stations. The group stayed together until 1974, and according to Ricky, like many other bands at that time, bad management was responsible for their breakup.

Ricky Ratliff, the only original member still in Baltimore, tells us that he "now heads a band called Colur Blynd, who is a band you'll never forget. They are at the top of the music game here in Baltimore and they are really moving forward in this new day in time."

Colur Blynd is a seven-piece funk and variety band formed in 2011. They have performed throughout the Baltimore/D.C. area for weddings, corporate affairs, clubs, parties, and opened for national recording artists. Check them out if you have the chance! Support local music!
Thanks to Ricky for the additional information.

Crocetti, Eddie
Multi-Instrumentalist - drums, vibraphone, piano, organ - specializing in Hammond B-3. Originally from Baltimore. Based in Orlando, FL.
As jazz organist performed night clubs and Broadway shows with many greats including Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Ira Sullivan, Nat Adderly, Robert Goulet, Smothers Brothers, Drifters, Coasters, and many others...
2003(CD) - (indie) --- Mister B-3
Featuring Eddie Crocetti (B-3 organ), and Debbie Crocetti (vocalist), with backing by Gustavo Calle (drums), Bob Vandivort (trumpet, flugelhorn).
- Added 9-13-12

Eddie Crocetti CD

Crouch/Prosser/Bouret Band
Group noted in BS-2 (incorrectly as a R&B group) actually rock group (with soulful backing vocals!).
Members include Rhonda Crouch (vocals), Barry Prosser (guitar), Leo Bouret (bass)... Group morphed into Forplay. Released single engineered by Bill Mueller.
Barry continues to play in '00s as headlining leader of Barry Prosser & the Ordeal.
1981(45) - Robaley Records --- Not Fade Away / Hold Me
- Added 9-2013, updated 9/2016

Crushing Day 96-'00s
See BS-2 for bio
Crushing Day 2002 CD "Radio Fools" (Crushing Day Records)
- added 10/2013

Customade 1990-93
Based in Rockville, MD. Musical Styles included rock of the '50s through the '70s and Motown. Members included Eric Fine (keyboard), Bob Fitzgerald (bass, vocals), Sandy Levine (vocals), Buddy Shoop (vocals, guitar), and Steve Parezo (drums).
Customade played weddings, bar and bat mitzfahs, corporate parties, country clubs and premier hotels in the DC Metro Area.

Customade: Front: Steve Parezo, Sandy Levine, Bob Fitzgerald. Back: Eric Fine, Buddy Shoop.
Info and photo courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Czar '90s-00s
Rap singer/writer.
2000(CD) - (indie) --- Episode I
- added 10/2012

Dark Carnival
See bio in BS-2

- added 2/2013

DBS Express '80s
Country group formerly known as the Robbie Sines Revue... later evolved into The New South Band.

The DBS Express circa 1983. Robbie Sines (lead vocals), Mike Brewsaugh (guitar), James Dillard (drums), Jack Dillard (bass). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Destiny '70s
Essex-Middle River based cover band fronted by vocalist Kenny Harclerode, with Mike Gaylon (lead guitar), Bill Libkey (rhythm guitar), Scott Harclerode (bass guitar), Eric Ekovich (saxophone), and Nick Otte (drums).
Bill Libkey recalled "we played a lot of High School dances and private affairs. We did one gig at the Essex Day fair they used to have back in the late '70s early '80s. After that I started writing and put together Fate." (see Fate)
-added 10/2017

Deuce Band 1970-73
The Deuce Band from Laurel, MD consisted of Jim Myers (guitar, bass & vocals), Dave Ransom (guitar, bass & vocals), Steve Parezo (drums & vocals). The group performed Top 40, rock, and soul. Performance highlights include Laurel High School ROTC Prom 1973 at Ft. Meade Officer's Club, Class of 1973 Laurel Senior High School graduation party at Max Chandler's house, Ft. Meade NCO Club, West Laurel Swim Club Party...
Ransom and Parezo later with Kilgore Trout...

Drummer Steve Parezo singing and playing in The Deuce Band.

Photo and info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Diamondheads '90s-00s
Baltimore based surf-rock instrumental group. Performed clubs and festivals throughout the East Coast.
Members have included Brian Lavelle (guitar), Dave Grauer (guitar), Mark Harp (bass), Dave Bradley (drums)...
In addition to their CD's listed below, the group recorded a version of the Frank Zappa song "Anyway The Wind Blows" with studio engineer Dave Nachodsky and was included on the 2004 U.K. comp "Lemme Take You To The Beach" (Cordelia Records).
Harp - a veteran of many local bands - passed away in December 2004 (see bio in BS-2). Grauer later with The Dive Bombs. Diamondheads discography:
2003(CD) - Single Coil Records --- The Diamondheads
2006(CD) - Single Coil Records --- Diamond Head At Dusk
2012(CD) - Single Coil Records --- Sonic Blue
- added 11/2016

Dr. Ease and the Easetown Posse '90s
See BS-2
1992(CD) - Startrack D&L 5000-2 --- Easedroppin'
- added 10/2012

Dolph Sweet
1997(CD) - Morphius DFM 017 ---- Puttin' The Kids In The Pool
- added 03/2013

Dominators (Rockin' Dominators) - note Tim Landers named as guitarist was not a member, he was actually in another group called The Dominators (see below).

The Dominators 65-66
Hamilton area group, not to be confused with the Rockin' Dominators, featured Tim Landers (guitar), Mike Stevens (guitar), Bob Kluge (guitar), and Dave Davies (drums). Played at Hamilton Junior High Fall Family Frolic with the Artesians, Layman, Calientes, Cannibals, and teen centers.
- 4/2013

Donegal X-Press '90s+

Irish rock band. The Donegal X-Press 1999 CD "Quinn's Diaries" featured Brad Dunnels (vocals, guitars), Laura Hein (keys, vocals), Lyle Hein (vocals, bass, guitar), Skye Sadowski (fiddle, vocals), Jason Tinney (vocals, harmonica), and special guests Jamie Wilson (drums, percussion), Eric Janis (uilleann pipes).
1999(CD) - --- Quinn's Diaries
- added 4/2015

Dragonfly 77-82
See bio in BS2

Dragonfly live at Howard High School - Bruce Pavlik Memorial Concert, November 16, 1979.
Left to Right: Steve Smith, Craig Voland, Charlie Ludwig, Louie Walsh, Rick Fonger
Photo courtesy of John Shinham
- added 1/2014

Driven '90s-00s
Group mentioned by name only in BS-2. Unfortunately no information was found regarding group history.

Driven photo ad circa 1990
- added 10/2013

drumfish 92-13+
drumfish was formed in 1992 by Alex Petty, Larry France, Neil Richardson and Aaron Bertoglio while studying at St. Mary's College of Maryland. They each shared a mutual passion for making music and melding a wide variety of musical sounds, cultures and genres. The band began writing original music that often featured elaborate harmonies, introspective lyrics and cleverly crafted musical arrangements. During the 1990's, drumfish performed throughout the Baltimore area and released two well received albums, "drumfish" (1997) and "Rah's Zoo" (1998). Many of their early songs were written during their college days living in a leaky mobile home they shared (affectionately called, "The Chicken Shack"). The band developed a significant following and began to attract the attention of various record labels as they began performing throughout the United States and Canada (occasionally with bassist, Ken Kauffman).

Following the recording of a third album, "Under Underhill" in 2000, the band parted ways due to uncontrollable circumstances and the album was shelved. However, interest in the band continued through the years. In 2009, the band reunited to finally release "Underhill" and prepare for a reunion concert at Jammin' Java (in Virginia). During this time, they also began writing new music. The material the band wrote during this period was fresh and invigorating. The band realized that after their long hiatus, they were now writing at a new level and doing their best work yet. More than that, there was an underlying message emerging from this new music, a message carrying a call to action for needed change in the world. The new work was filled with images of light and life.

drumfish circa 2012

In early 2010, the band recorded this exciting new music at Assembly Line Studios near Washington, DC with double-platinum award winning and Grammy winning engineer, Kevin "131" Gutierrez. During this time, founding member Neil Richardson left the band and was replaced by James Hanford (bass). The resulting album was entitled, "Memoirs" which earned the band several song-writing awards and industry recognition. During 2011-2012, the band expanded their sound with the addition of violin player, Margie Lang-Garnhart, and welcomed a new bass player, Graham Drew. In May 2012, the band filmed and recorded their first ever live album, "FIVE LIVE" at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia. The band continues to record and perform in the area with recent notable appearances at the 2012 Baltimore Sail-a-bration event and Artscape festival. The band is active online via Facebook and at

Band biography and photos thanks to drumfish promotional manager Dan Myers
May 2013

Dusty Roads Band 75-83
Top-40, rock and variety band featuring Donna Harris (lead vocals), Al Lookingland (guitar), Kevin Brohawn (keyboards), Phil Johns (bass), and Gary Brohawn (drums). Bass players also included Tom Roach and Carey Zeigler for brief periods.
Dusty Roads performed at the Patapsco Inn, Cinema Lounge (King Farouks), and many weddings and private parties. The group had one original song that was written by Donna and Kevin titled "Love Will Find You."
Donna, who had originally made her first stage appearance with Billy Kemp's Paradise Pickers prior to joining Dusty Roads, later went on to sing/play keyboards with Impulse, Spring Fever, Rumors, and managed her own booking agency and karaoke businesses.
Dusty Roads Band briefly noted in BS-2. Updates courtesy of Donna Harris 1/2013.
Toward the end of their run, vocalist Viki Childs subbed for Donna. Viki and Tom went on to join Jeffrey.
- added 1/2013

The Dusty Roads Band. Photo courtsey of Donna Harris

Echoes 57
Teen R&B vocal quartet with plans for recording.

El Rays
See bio in BS-2. The horn section also included saxophonist Michael Bavotta. The El Rays placed 4th in Civic Center battle of the bands. Michael went on to play with Betty & the New Breeds...
- 4/2013

Elder, Gavin 91-15+
Guitarist / vocalist formed his first rock band called Sherman in 1993.
Along with guitarist/vocalist Tony Waddy as a session musician Gavin released his first solo CD "pour me" in 1999. Elder and Waddy worked together as an acoustic duo, then formed The Gavin Elder Band adding Bill Engstrand (bass), John Schweitzer (drums), and Kristin Raymond (violin, vocals). The group performed throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
Elder was honored with the Washington Area Music Association WAMMIE for 'Best Male Vocalist Rock-Underground' category in 2002.
The Gavin Elder Band 2005 CD "Rock And/Or Roll" was produced by ex-Wilco drummer Ken Coomer.
Elder and Waddy also performed together as Loose Caboose, and The Tony & Gavin Conflict.
Added - 03/2016

Elliott, Rick
Keyboard player for Apricot Brandy and went on to a successful career as organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City.
The following blog from The University of Iowa was forwarded to me and I found to be very interesting.
Here is Rick Elliott of Apricot Brandy in his own words:
"As a teenager in Baltimore, Maryland, I played in a rock band called Apricot Brandy (I was not a Mormon at the time!). I built a theremin, which I played on various parts of my body during the solo section of an Emerson, Lake & Palmer medley. I had installed a magician's "fingertip flashpot" inside the theremin, with a trigger so that I could shoot a ball of fire into the air at the end of my "solo." One night I took to the dance floor among the teenagers, did my solo, and then watched in horror as the ball of flame shot out at a downward angle (due to over-packing the flash paper) and went straight for a dancer's head. Fortunately, he ducked in the nick of time and I was spared embarrassment and a possible lawsuit.
The end of my theremin story is that Vivian Rudow, a noted Baltimore composer, placed an advertisement in the newspaper seeking a theremin. In responding to her ad, I found that she was composing a piece for bassoon and theremin, wherein the bassoonist played the theremin with his feet at the same time he played the bassoon. I built her a theremin, after which she told me that I should get out of music and into electronics, where I could make more money and be a lot less miserable. I can't help thinking that I've done the right thing in ignoring her advice. I may not be rich, but I sure ain't miserable."
P.S. I still haven't been able to persuade our producer to let me do a flame-throwing theremin solo on the Tab Choir broadcast.
Richard Elliott
Organist, Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City

Thanks to University of Iowa blog
Added 3/2016

Elusion 1974-80
R&B cover band. Members included Pam Jones (vocals, keyboards), Veda Ragler (vocals), Gary Davis (vocals), Paul Brown (vocals, conga), Luis Bulgin (conga, vocals), Willie Borders (guitar), Wayne Richard (guitar), Kevin Jones (bass), and Juney Stewart (drums).
Davis and Brown had formerly been members of Catonsville group The 4th Chapter. Elusion performed at many of the same venues, as well as all the Martin's locations (Martin's West, Eastwind, Eudowood), Cameo Hall, Famous Ballroom. Carousel, Gatsby's, Banneker Hall (Catonsville), high school dances, and The Baltimore City Fair...

Elusion evolved to become Saturn Circle, featuring most of the same members plus a horn section.
The group reunited in 2000 performing a special show at Ebb's Picnic Grove with vocalists Ragler, Davis, Brown, and Stevie McDowell.

Photo and show flier (courtesy of Keith McDowell)
Added 10/2016. Courtesy of Paul Brown and thanks to Keith McDowell

Eng, Jimmy
Country artist briefly mentioned in BS-2.
Record pictured here (courtesy of Dave H)

1970 - Cash 24411 -- Marlyn Lou / Mississippi Marshes

updated - 8/2015

Escape 78-'80s
Rock band featured Patti Petterson (vocals), Ted Petterson (guitar, vocals), Tim Torba (bass), and Tom Palacorolla (drums).
Escape performed at the Glass Menagerie, Cinema Lounge, Ptapsco Inn, local/regional biker bars and banquet halls from Salisbury, MD to Pennsylvania. In the early 1990's the group backed Vince Digiosafata (aka Vinnie Dee) in a recording session at Flight III that also featured prominent local musicians Roger Pace (sax), and Vince Palacorolla (keyboards).
Torba continued as a journeyman bass guitarist working dozens of fill-ins and part time work with players and groups such as Teddy Bell, Al Hoffman, Frank Willoughby & the Del-Rays, Bobby Anderson, Vinnie Dee, Jim Podgurski...
- added 2/2014

Eternal Buzz '90s
Rock band featured Chris Swam (bass, vocals), Mike Schwarzmann (guitars), Kris 'Iggy' Kirschensteiner (lead guitar), Donnie Hudgins (drums).
The Eternal Buzz recorded at Drew Mazurek's studio.

1995(CD) - EB1095 --- Pray For Nudity

- added 4/2015

Expensive Hobby
See bio in BS2. It should be noted that a "permanent" horn section of J.J. Gunning, Dave Makowiecki, and Barry Caudill existed from '98 to '03. In '03 Jim McFalls replaced Gunning on trombone as part of the permanent section.
Also note that their 2nd CD "The Adventures Of Elliott Finesse" was released in 2003 (not 2005 as noted in book).
- updated 7/2015

Fast Eddie
Power pop rock trio. The BS2 book states (incorrectly) that Carey Kress (post Facedancer) went on to Fast Eddie. In reality it was not Kress, but guitarist Dave Utter that joined Fast Eddie. The trio was Utter on guitar with Timm Biery (drums), and Brian Wagner (bass). All three also provided vocals.
Wagner also a member of Hank Burnette & Exit... Biery later played with Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush (1981-91), Danny Gatton (1991-94 until his death), Nils Lofgren Band, and many others (check out his web page for an incredible list of credits too numerous to mention here!).
Fast Eddie record release:
1980(45) - Edsell 5236 -- Cover Girl / I'm Not Your Kind Of Fool

- Added 12/2015 - Thank you Brian Wagner for the correction and the record!

Fat Tuesday 84-'90s
See group bio in BS-2

Fat Tuesday ad 1990
- added 10/2013

Fatal Fury 90-91
Metal band from Bel Air (noted in BS-2 book as Metal Fury). Member David Collins had formerly been with Blue Ice...

Fatal Fury- David Collins on far left. Photo courtesy of Jeff Johnson
- added 1/2013

Fate 1981-85
Rock band briefly noted in BS-1, the band was based in Essex/Middle River (not Reisterstown), led by guitarist and songwriter Bill Libkey (formerly a member of Destiny). Fate won a Rafael Alvarez sponsored battle of the bands at Oddfellow's Hall on April 2, 1982. Their song "Days of Olde" (written by Libkey) was featured on the WKTK Maryland Music '81 album. The group released a single in 1983 through LGM Enterprises on their ETAF label: "Face the Flash" (Libkey/Schirmer) b/w "Cry Out" (Hubbard/Libkey).

Bill Libkey recalls the group as "myself on guitar, Jim Arbutus on bass, Dave Hubbard on keyboard, Steve Brown on drums, and Mark Wolf on rhythm guitar. We had several lead singers but the one on the 45 was Jeff Schirmer." Guitarist RJ Everett joined the group much later in 1985.

"I believe Jeff is playing with a metal band now." [ed. notes - after Fate Jeff went on to join rock band Kuta, and is currently lead singer for metal band Race The Rat.]
"It was tough getting gigs in 1982 playing all originals and not really having any connections around the bar circuit. We would sometimes do an opening set for friends bands around town. We did get a show at the City Fair. I think that was '82-83. By 1984 the band started to fall apart. Jimmy Arbutus and I sold all the P.A. equipment and bought a 8 track tape machine. We had a room upstairs at the Polish National Alliance club on Fleet and Eastern Avenue. It was an old catholic school and we built a studio inside the room."

Fate at a Patterson Park concert

"RJ came into the group in 1985. He did a lot of recording with us but we never got a chance to play out."
"I guess one of the biggest accomplishments was winning the Sun Papers first unknown band contest. We continued to write and record for another couple years and then life got in the way. In 2011 I retired and moved to Lewes, DE. I started do some solo stuff around here until I met the guy that's playing drums with me now. You can check us out our FB page and our website
The Matthew Street Band plays classic rock throughout the Delmarva Peninsula area. Members include Bill Libkey, with another former Baltimorian Mike Bosse (bass guitarist - formerly in Six Feet Under, TILT, and other bands), along with ex-Philadelphian Rick Trasatti, and ex-northern New Jersey native Don Perrin (drums).
-added 10/2017

Feed Da Cat
John Palumbo (guitars, keyboards, vocals), and his son Ian Palumbo (drums, vocals).
1999(CD) - Yodelin' Pig 1008 --- Feed Da Cat Yum!
2001(CD) - Taco Joe's Cafe & CD's --- F2

- 4/2013

Fire Monkey '90s
Rock band. Released self-titled CD in 1997 featuring Rick Rutkowski (lead vocals, guitars, harmonica), Jon Peck (drums), Sean Kerns (guitars, vocals), Tim Fowler (bass, vocals).
1997(CD) - FM0895 -- Fire Monkey

- added 3/2014

Five Kids '50s
R&B vocal group from D.C. Record release published by Jack Gale's Jalo Publishing.
Very rare record, photo courtesy of Frank Ruehl.

1956 - Maxwell 101 --- Carolyn / Oh, Baby
- added 8/2015

Fleet Street Detour '90s
Blues /rock band. Members for 1996 CD were Rich Ayres (drums, percussion), Laura Cerulli (vocals, keyboards, percussion), John McIntyre (electric & acoustic guitars, vocals), Gary Reynolds (electric & acoustic guitars, vocals), Erik Schonher (vocals and bass guitar). Seen at Loafers...
Laura later toured for several years as a member of SONia disappear fear, then led her own group Cerulean Groove, and later half of duo Mama's Black Sheep.

1996(CD) - (indie) --- Which Way Now?
- added 8/2016

Flibberty Gibbit - '90s
Driving electronic and electric rock produced and engineered by William A. Christopher, Judge Productions, Millersville.
1995(CD) - Judge Productions --- C.H.U.A.
- 4/2013

Frank Florence
Guitarist/vocalist noted briefly in BS-2 as member of Two of a Kind (duo with Keith Rockwell), and duo with Ed Lauer seen frequently at The Horse in Fells Point... Frank also appears as studio musician on Brian Jack recordings.
His 2000 original music CD includes Frank's acoustic guitar and vocals, along with studio appearances by Freddie Loudon (bass), Gregory Thompkins (sax), Ron Zebron (guitar), Hoppy Hopkins (drums), and Aaron Bertoglio (drums).
2000(CD) - (indie) -- Carpe Diem

Foggy Bottom '70s-90s
DC/Baltimore bluegrass group evolved from early '70s group The Free State String Band. Founded by Ray Hesson (banjo) and Ray Schmitt (guitar, vocals), the group also featured Karen Belanger (lead and backing vocals), Dan Curtis (mandolin, bass, vocals), and Bradley Sams (bass, vocals).
Foggy Bottom started out playing local clubs and festivals. In early years they were a long time house band for Charlie's West Side (Annapolis), and later as a house band for DiGennaro's (Laurel). Gigs throughout the region included The Birchmere, Wolf Trap, Cellar Door, Crofton Amphitheater, Ramada Inn (Towson), Preakness Bluegrass Festival at Towsontowne Center, Ladew Topiary Gardens (Monkton), Annapolis Arts Festival, Ronald Reagan's 1981 Presidential Inauguration, and many other festivals and events.
The group also made local TV appearances on "Saturday Magazine" as well as the Nashville Network program "Fire on the Mountain."
Their somewhat modern bluegrass style took a while to become embraced by critics. They released critically acclaimed albums on their Real Earth label. In addition to the band, session musicians on their 1981 album included Gary Ellenger (drums), Jon Glik (fiddle), Russ Hooper (dobro), David Grier (lead guitar), Mike Stein (fiddle), Kelly Stein (vocals). Glik also appears on their 1979 debut LP.
Co-founder Schmitt passed away on April 15, 2014. Outside of the group his 1976 album "A Forest Is," was commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service for its 1976 Centennial Celebration. He went on to become an award winning film documentary producer. Hesson, from Bowie, MD, a veteran of the central Maryland bluegrass scene as a teacher and a performer in various groups, including 25 years with Foggy Bottom, passed away on May 24, 2016.
Baltimorian Dan Curtis later played with The Satyr Hill Band, and Dean Sapp & The Harford Express. He passed away on January 15, 2006. Bands and bluegrass fans from the region united for a memorial concert in his honor.

As The Free State String Band:
1974(LP) - Real Earth 3579 -- Let's Sing Of Life
As Foggy Bottom:
1979(LP) - Real Earth 4 -- Foggy Bottom
1981(LP) - Real Earth 12952 -- Old Flames
1996(CD) - Real Earth 12953 -- Love Will Keep Us Alive
Added 8/2016

Ford, Billy, Combo '40'-50s
Ford was a member of Cootie Williams band in the '40s and toured as backing musician with Dinah Washington. In the '50s his combo played at the Club Casino where they backed touring stars such as Roy Hamilton...
1955(45) - Josie 775 --- String Of Pearls / Stop Lyin' On Me
- 10/2012

See bio in BS-2

- added 2/2013

Forever A.D. 1999-01+
Columbia based rock band. Their 2001 CD featured Joshua Saber (vocals, guitar), Jahan Hosseini (vocals, guitar ex-Counter Clockwise), Brian Greuter (bass), and John Perfetto (drums). (Josh replaced the original lead vocalist).

The album was recorded at Bill Pratt's Bratt Studios. In addition to the band the set features a guest appearance by Sue Tice on violin.
Forever A.B. performed at The Other Barn in Columbia, among other venues.
Greuter and Perfetto went on to join Red Cabbage. Greuter later with Secret Language...
- added 4/2016

Fortune 77-81
Booked by Starleigh entertainment Fortune featured keyboards and horns with husband wife team Barbara and Ed Pease, along with Johnny Bowman (guitar and vocals ex-Nightwind), John Clark (vocals), Dan Falk (bass), and Dave Marsh (drums).
Fortune played many Starleigh gigs, Baltimore bars, Holiday Inn's from York Pa to Easton Md, and Officer's clubs in most of Maryland from Ft. Meade to Andrews Air Force Base...
Added 2.2013. Thanks to John Bowman

Forum 72-73
Group from Hamilton, Essex, Bel Air Road area. Members Lenny Goetz (sax, keyboard), Tim Landers (guitar), Rick Seebeck (bass), and Mark Filling (drums). Played at various bullroasts, private parties, and mainly The Hilander.
- 4/2013

4 A Change 86-87+
Country-Rock band briefly noted in BS-2. Members Roger Crouse (guitar, vocals), George Owens (keyboards, vocals), Terry Emig (bass), Stuart Faxon (drums). Seen at The Millstream Inn, Suzy's, Baltimore City Fair...
Faxon also played with Big Cam & the Lifters...
- 11/2015

Four Winks 57-58
Teen R&B vocal quartet formed at Towson Senior High School in 1957, managed by Norman 'Winky' Carroll. Appearances include the Pythian Castle (on Pennsylvania Ave.), Blue Moon Grill (Milford, DE), Brooks Grill (Rocky Mount, NC)...
Original songs by the Four Winks "My Love For You" and "I've Got You" were scheduled for recording in early 1958.
Record release not confirmed
- Added 9-20-12

4th Chapter 1969-72
R&B group originated in Catonsville (the BS2 book features a brief mention and a photo).
The group consisted of a vocal quartet of Paul Brown, Gary Davis, Chris Stewart, and Gary Tatum. All were proficient at both lead and harmony vocals. The backing band featured Skip Gundy (guitar), Jeff King (bass), Nathan Spears (drums), Hank Bruce (sax), and Steve Pennington (trumpet).
The teen group performed covers of popular R&B hits of the day by artists such as The Stylistics, and The Moments, while also covering local groups such as The Whatnauts, Frankie & The Spindles and others...
The 4th Chapter performed at the Catonsville American Legion, King's Tavern, Brown's Chattaway Inn (Pasadena), Dotson's, Brice's Hilltop Inn, The Famous Ballroom, AFRAM Festival... They performed in competition on WJZ-TV's Showcase 13, coming in second to poet Joe Foxx.
After the group folded Brown and Davis went on to join Elusion, and later Saturn Circle. Bruce was later with Cream Soda, The Persuaders, and others. Gundy's later groups include The Dalton Gang as a bass guitarist.
Added 10/2016. Courtesy of Paul Brown

Freed At Last '80s
Rock band briefly noted in BS-2. Formed by nucleus of Mars. Members included founding Freed brothers Elliott (bass, vocals, keyboards) and Brian (drums), with Benny Mays (keys, guitar, vocals), Jimmy Neeson (guitar), and Dee Kinsey (keys, guitar, vocals). Neeson left the group in late '86 and was replaced with Paul Zahn.
Sincerest apologies to Dee for her omission from the book. She also played and recorded with '80s band Modern Vogue (noted as Dee Dee Crites).
- 11/2015

Freyman, Greg
Classical acoustic guitarist / recording artist. CD's recorded at Leaky Basement Studio, Arnold, MD.
1997(CD) - (indie) --- Catch The Sparrow
2002(CD) - (indie) --- The Ages

added 9/2013

Fruitland Harmonizers 40s-90s
Gospel group noted in Baltimore Sounds. Thanks to Mr. Kenneth Collins who sent the following additional information "My father, George Melvin Collins, was one of the original members of the Fruitland Harmonizers from Fruitland, Maryland (Maryland's Eastern Shore). They sang as group for over 60 years. Even though some of the group members changed there were three members that stayed throughout their performing years, going back into the 1940s. Those members were my father, George Collins, Mr. Irvin Church and Mr. Donald Jones. They are all deceased now, but for many years they had a regular gospel hour on WBOC Radio in Salisbury, Maryland that aired at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday morning. They recorded several songs in a recording studio in Baltimore."
"At one point in the early and mid 1940s my father sang with the Harmonizing Four from Richmond, Virginia. When he was with them the group members were Gospel Joe, Tommy Johnson, Lonnie Smith and Jimmy Jones. When Jimmy Jones (bass singer) embarked on a solo career he was replaced by Tommy Johnson's son Ellis Johnson. When confronted with the rigors of being on the road with the group and being away from his family or being home, he opted for family, but continued singing locally."
See BS2 for photo of their Ru-Jac 45
- Added 8-21-13

Fugitive Six
See BS-2 book biography under Fugitives (Frank & the Fugitives / Fugitive Six).
This is a pretty cool one of a kind record find. Recorded by Joe Bradley at his Bradley Studio. The acetate shown as by the Fugitive Six, was subsequently released as by Ulysses on Buddah Records (Cat. #BDA 170).
1969(45) - BRC Acetate --- Broken Hearted Man / Rock And Roll Woman

- added 2/2013

Furniture Falling Down the Stairs 91-95
Furniture Falling Down the Stairs was Rupert Wondolowski on vocals and rhythm guitar, Aaron Roth on bass, Angus on lead guitar, Pope Croke on keyboards and saxophone, John Dierker on saxophone and clarinet, Scott Larson on accordion and guitar, and Batworth on drums. Walt Novash filled in for a few months on guitar at one point for Angus. Michelle 'Little Mary Ann' Cutler (of Runway Model) filled in on bass briefly for Aaron Roth.
The group existed in the early '90s - circa 1991 to 1995 - and played The Rev on Maryland Ave., Memory Lane which was an old strip club in South Baltimore.
The group recorded and released two cassettes, one that was self-titled with cover art by Blaster Al Ackerman and a second one called "Larry One On My Wife".
Info supplied by Rupert Wondolowski. Check out his great music and book store Normals on 425 E. 31st St. in Waverly.
- 12/2012

Gatchell, John
Trumpet player with the Del-Rays 1967-68 (see bio in BS-2) while fulfilling his military duties in Annapolis. He concurrently played with the Naval Academy Band. Gatchell (misspelled Gatchall in BS-2) had formerly played with Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, and a stint with Skitch Henderson's Tonight Show Band. Needless to say the Del-Rays were happy to have such an accomplished professional in the band.
After leaving Baltimore in 1968 he joined with Genya Ravan (a Janis Joplin protegee) and some New Jersey musicians to form Ten Wheel Drive.The group recorded albums on Polydor and Capitol Records. Notable performances included Fillmore East, Carnegie Hall, Atlanta Pop Festival...
Gatchell was later a member of New York based horn band Gotham and was on their 1972 album. He continued as a prolific studio musician throughout the '70s-80s appearing on many album released by artists such as Esther Phillips, George Benson, Bob James, Deodato, Michael Zager Band, and many others. He was chosen by Simon & Garfunkel to be in their backing band for the famed Concert In Central Park and appears on the album and movie.
Gatchell passed away in 2004 at age 59.
added 9/2015

Gazze 71-'00s
During their 40+ year run Gazze 'The Fun Band' has played more than 800 weddings and more than 3,000 events. See Gazze bio in BS2.

Gazze performing a dance at Dundalk Senior High School in 1977
Pictured left to right are: Bill Huesman (trombone), Scott Taylor (trumpet), Marlin Deacon (saxophone), Mark Mason (drums), Dwight Weems (lead vocals), Bill Krentz (bass), Bob Matarozza (lead guitar). Not shown on far left is Don Bogert (keyboards).

Former Gazze trombonist J.J. Gunning wrote to identify this photo. J.J. was also a member of Steppin' Blues, that evolved to become The Heat & The Cold Sweat Horns, also Expensive Hobby, and the Crack Pack Horns of Crack The Sky.
Lead vocalist Dwight Weems, a graduate of Dundalk Senior High School, notes that "We were 5-6 years in the business when this photo was taken. We are now in year 44 (2015), an amazing feat in the live music business. We are still performing private events in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and got a call yesterday to possibly go to Rhode Island in 2016."
Visit their website at

Check out their book 'GAZZE 40 Years of Live Music!' Published in 2011. A portion of proceeds to benefit cancer research.
Updated - 6/2015

Annapolis based group performed throughout the mid-Atlantic region. A description from their website: "The Geckos musical landscape incorporates Caribbean classic steel drum rhythms, New Orleans gumbo groove and a deep soulful solution which can, at times, soothe like warm tropical rain or slightly sting like real life tears."
Their 1996 CD "move yourself" recorded at 1137 Recording Studio featured Kevin Martin (guitar), Mike Miller (guitar), Dan-O Sacharoff (guitar), Dana Biagini (bass), and Ryan Diehl (drums).
Their 2000 CD "Slow Down Your Engines" also recorded at 1137, featured above members along with Chuck Karner, Steve Potter, Chuck Young, Jennifer Smith, Tom Sabia, and Hoppy Hopkins.

- added 4/2014, 7/2016

Ghost Rider, Steve Boucher & '80s
See Steve Boucher bio in BS-2
- added 10/2013

Steve Boucher & Ghost Rider at Back of the Vac circa early-mid '80s

Glenmont Popes
See brief bio in BS-2. Rodney Henry (guitar), Kurt Celtnieks (drums), Randy Rawlinson (bass).
1995(CD) - Burnin' Blue Heart Recordings --- Cherry Burnin' Love
- 4/2013

See bio in BS2. Record releases include funk/dance single "Shine Your Light" written by Glenn Grainger, released as both a 45 and 12" single.

1982(45) - BC 002A --- Shine Your Light / Shine Your Light (Instrumental)

- added 7/2014

Granite Hill '80s-90s
Bluegrass group. See bio in BS-2 (addendum)

Granite Hill photo courtesy of Dave Streett

- added 11/2015

Great Mutant Skywheel '90s-00+
See BS-2 for bio

Photo by Jose Villarubia from 1999 CD "A Glimpse At The Reflecting Pool"
- added 10/2013

Great Train Robbery
See BS-2 for bio
1981(45) - Snowblind Records -- Down To The Southlands b/w Takin' The Law

- added 7/2016

Grok 71-73
Progressive rock band, Grok was a finalist in the 1972 Pepsi Cola New Sounds Competition, their Pepsi commercial airing on radio nationally. See BS-2 for bio

Grok live at The Community College of Baltimore

A Grok retrospective CD was released in 2014 and distributed for free at various venues locally. Thank you Jay!
Liner notes:
"It was a time" - P. Daly German
During the (Keith) Moonian finale of a 1972 concert by Grok on Korvette's parking lot in Towson, MD., this audient witnessed the band's locomotive drummer hurl his Roger's drums into the 4' of standing water of an above-ground display pool. Equally surprising was their immediate retrieval by loyal roadies Jim Fallows and Ginny Kaufman. Now THIS was roack and roll.
No one could then have predicted that the following February, this this same audient would ride a freight elevator as Grok's singer and 2nd guitarist with his bandmates and a quintet of then unknown Bostonians, Aerosmith. We shared billing with them, Amazing Blondell and Bruce Springsteen for Happening '73 at Baltimore's Civic Center, a venue reverberating with performances by The Beatles, Stones, Byrds, DC5, Animals, The Who, Hendrix, et al.
"Grok," a verb coined by sci-fi author, Bon Heinlein, means "to understand completely/intuitively" and "to communicate sympathetically." A "4-letter word," its spelling includesan anagram of the word "rock," and this band's sympathies resonate with the "tough love" of their Brit/Yank hybrid of hard rawk, executed with such enthusiasm and conviction as to satisfy 2 of life's implied directives: to "let it rawk" and "let it matter."
Founded upon the steady melado-rhythmic deployment of Del Vikings/Verdicts bassist, Robert (Baz) Funk with drummer Don Henritz; and fronted by vocalist extrordinaire, Bill Joy, a chance 1971 encounter at Bill's Music (Catonsville, MD) introduced the trio to multi-instrumentalist Dale German (Cherry Smash) who subsequently weaved his wrenching riffage through the tapestry of rhythms and rests his mates unfurled before him. The quartet honed their unique sound at local clubs like The Rhapsody where their "black magic woman" materialized, arizing like an earthbound Aphrodite from its smoky din.
The Grok pentagram wanting its 5th panel, singer Colette Kelly (Status Quo) raised her hand. Ms. Kelly's soulful warbling merged with Joy's voice in close harmonies, octaves and in alternating solos, forming the composite, archetypal voice of Tiresias(s/he, the woman/man), heard when the tonic and its harmonic sound simultaneously in a balance of treble and bass; very much a musical menage a trois, its principals being Jethro Tull, Delaney and Bonnie.
Throughout 1972 Grok shared stages with Dave Mason and Long John Baldry (Painters Mill Music Fair), Buddy Miles (U.M.B.C.); they performed in the Pimlico infield at the 1972 Preakness Stakes and later (with future OHO and former Little Hans guitarist/vocalist, Jay Graboski, fronting the band) at historical yet soon-to-vanish venues like Baltimore's Famous and Gwynn Oak's Dixie Ballrooms (03.09.73 & 03.17.73 respectively). By then, Bill and Colette had resigned.
The undersigned tenure (01-06.73) teemed with performance and recording activity prior to our pausing for what turned out to be a 4-decade sabbatical. And so we arrive at this compendium of available Grok recordings from 1971-73, including "The Pepsi Generation," 5 rare Joy-penned rehearsal tracks, a "live" 1973 concert segment (replete with dualing Gibsons and the then de riguer drum solo)... AND the A and B sides of Grok precursor, The Verdicts' 7" platter of "Turtle Neck Sweaters" b/w "Love In Vain" (1964, O'Dell Records, both also sung and composed or co-written by Bill Joy); the "A" side inspired by a Jackie Kennedy poem in The Ladies Home Journal, published not long after her husband's tragic demise.
Fast forward to 2014 when the concept of this anthology surfaced from our collective unconscious, subsequently transmogrified into the artifact you now (be)hold. We celebrate and document our musical history by augmenting the aforementioned recordings with 4 re-mastered, 70s vintage studio mixes and with new music composed and performed by 4 out of 5 of the band's survivors (Don passed away in 2000; Colette's whereabouts are unknown). This music was created in accordance with the band's incorruptible aesthetics. Crown this with the bonus of Don's son, Garrett, pounding his rhythm on the opening track in his father's stead, and we bring Grok's legacy into the realm of "now." Crank up the volume for maximum impact and... enjoy! --JPG(08.24.14)
A great listen. Well worth searching out a copy of this CD --JV(04.03.15)

2014 (CD) - OM064 -- the anthology 1964-2014
- updated 2/2014,4/2015

Groovement '90s+
Rock-funk band. Members have included Dave 'db' Billbrough (guitar), Rod (guitar), Scottie B (bass, vocals), Chris Twist (percussion, vocals). 'Rooftop' (percussion).
Chris went on to establish Christopher Schafer Clothier in Fells Point, a Best of Baltimore business.
1999(CD) - Robotic Records -- Groovement

Added 8/2015

Gross National Product 68-70
See bio in BS2. Group member correction: Jay Baker (not Barker). Apologies to Jay.
Guitarist Tice Griffin continues to play and record in California. He also hosts karaoke at night clubs in his hometown. Drummer Bob Zordich continues to play music in his hometown of St. Paul, MN, his current band called Northbound Blue.
In Billboard Magazine, the GNP single "Cover Girl" was Spotlighted on April 12, 1969, and a mention in the "On The Street" column on June 7, 1969. The song worked its way up the Cashbox "Looking Ahead" singles chart (similar to Billboards 'Bubbling Under' the Hot 100 chart) peaking at #20 on July 5, 1969.
In 1980 Tice co-wrote a country song "The Gold In This Ring" with Todd Hartmann of the Huntington Beach, California rock band Flyer. The song was recorded by Pat Murphy in 1990 and released as a 45 on Overton Lee Records (OLR-148).

Gross National Product photo courtesy of Tice Griffin.
Left to right: Jay Baker, Tice Griffin, Nick Barker, and Bob Zordich
Added 9/2016

Guava Stain 1996-98
Tony Waddy (guitar, vocals), with Paul Anderson (bass), Amy Lettis (guitar), and Nat Bradley (drums).
From Tony Waddy website "[It] was an original band that formed in '96. Since Paul (originally a drummer) was playing bass, we didn't have a drummer so Nat Bradley (a guitar player) offered. We recorded a 5-song EP at Phase in DC. When Amy left, we became a trio and recorded a full disc with Andy Bopp at the same time he was recording Pet Soul with Splitsville. Lots of local shows and a legendary wall of overdrive. Reviewed lovingly as "...very loud, rockin' fuzz pop..." by the City Paper in 1998. Shared several local bills with a band called Splitsville."
"[Tony] joined the Baltimore trio Splitsville in Sept 2001 just before the Spain tour for The Complete Pet Soul that December. Tours and releases followed, up through 2012."
Added 4/2016

Gunja Din '90s

1993 (CD) - Infamy -- Gunja Din
Thrash metal band. Their first self-titled CD "Gunja Din" featured Tim Conder, Mike Raymond, Brian Pace, and Mark Addy. See BS-2 for brief mention.
- added 11/2013

Hamber, Kenny
See BS-2 for Kenny Hamber bio and discography.
This is a very good bio found posted on iTunes:

Hamber wasn't a writer; that he's credited with a co-write on his first recording was rare. The only other known Hamber composition is "I Can Feel That You Love," on that one he shares writing honors with Jerry 'Swamp Dog' Williams and Philly DJ/record entrepreneur Jimmy Bishop. Without your own material, it's difficult to get a record company to take a chance on you; there is always a better-looking, more charismatic, and electrifying entertainer they'd rather take a flyer on.
He found a one-off home in 1964 with De Jac Records, which issued "Time" b/w "Show Me Your Monkey" with females on backups; the first single featured males harmonizing behind Hamber, although the most sophisticated radar wouldn't have detected it and sales were infinitesimal. A deal with Jimmy Bishop's Arctic Records, who was charting with Barbara Mason singles, seemed a good bet. But after two singles - both sought after now by Northern soul collectors - it was over. Kenny Gamble (a fellow Arctic artist) wrote Hamber's Arctic debut, "Ain't Gonna Cry" (1967); his second, "Looking for a Love" b/w "These Arms of Mine" (1968), like the first, got little airplay outside of Philly.
In too deep to get out, Hamber sang where and when he could and kept his eyes open for hookups. One came with a soul group based out of Bridgeport, CT, the Hitchhikers, who cut a critically acclaimed self-titled album in 1976 for ABC/Dunhill Records.

The Hitchhikers (ABC/Dunhill)

When that well dried, Hamber went into recording hibernation and didn't emerge until 1996 when MCK Records dropped his first solo album - "This Is R&B," which features a heart-shattering rendition of Charles Kipps' "Walk Away From Love," popularized by David Ruffin. A second solo album, "In a Romantic Mood," has spread his reputation even further. Hamber gigs regularly from Connecticut to Baltimore with the Kenny Hamber Revue, playing spots like Arch Social Club in Baltimore and Elizabeth Rose Garden in Hartford, CT.
Kenny Hamber's autobiography "Tears In My Eyes" was published in 2013 and is available from
- added 01/2014-03/2015

Hamilton, Mike, (featuring The Travelin' Souls)
See entry in BS2. Folk/bluegrass guitarist/vocalist/songwriter known as 'The Pennsylvania Kid,' originally from Titusville, PA., his CD releases recorded in Washington, DC, Finksburg, MD and College Park, MD, promoted by Big House Productions in Columbia, MD.
His debut folk album featured Hamilton (vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica), with The Travelin' Souls consisting of Mac Walter (vocals, guitar, mandolin, violin), Archie Warnock (vocals, bass, mandolin), Dave Goodman (violin, fiddle), with guests Melinda Hamilton (vocals), and Mike Jackson (bass).
His 1998 album 'Appalachia' had more of a bluegrass feel and featured Hamilton, with Travelin' Souls of Walter, Warnock, Goodman, with Tad Marks (mandolin, fiddle), Mike Munford (banjo), and Howard Parker (dobro).
Seen locally at Ze Mean Bean Cafe (Fleet Street), New Deal Cafe (Greenbelt)...
1995(CD) - (indie) -- Beggars & Poets
1998(CD) - BHP 003 -- Appalachia
added 6/2015

Hammons, Eddie, with Carl Dowdy & the Blue Ridge Ramblers '50s
No information about this country group is currently available. Guitarist Bob Anderson provided a photo of Hammon's group The Country Jinx, seen on page 99 of Baltimore Sounds. Hammons & Blue Ridge Rangers released singles on Baltimore's Tim Bright 'Hillbilly Series' record label in the '50s.
195(78) - Tim Bright 1 - Slippin Around / Room Full Of Roses
195(78) - Tim Bright 2 - I Love You Because / Philipino Rose
195(78) - Tim Bright - Marriage Vows / Someday
195(78) - Tim Bright - I Love You So Much It Hurts Me / I Know What It Means To Be Lonely

Harford Express, Dean Sapp & '70s-00s
Group briefly noted in BS-2.
Aberdeen based bluegrass group in existence since early 1970s performing throughout the MD, PA, DE areas and beyond.
Additional members unintentionally omitted from book bio include Ray Lewis (dobro), and Tommy Reeves (bass -previous bands include Excalibur, Satyr Hill Band...)
Additions to group discography include 1993 bluegrass gospel cassette "Tears Of Joy" (DS112493), and the CD "Coal Black Gold" (Old Train Music 1010 - year of release unknown) recorded at Dixie & Tom T. Hall's Studio, Franklin, TN, featuring Dean Sapp (guitar, vocals), Dan Curtis (mandolin, vocals), Darin Hirchy (bass, vocals), and Ben Sapp (banjo, vocals).

Dean Sapp & Harford Express album ad 1994

The Heat and the Cold Sweat Horns
See bio in BS2. The following additions and corrections provided by J.J. Gunning:
The original H&CSH came from a nucleus (Tony Berry, Danny Reaves, J.J. Gunning, Tom Gorelick, and Neil Moore) that was a Hampden band called Steppin' Blues led by Phil Correlli (sax, vocals). The original H&CSH line up was Tony Berry (lead vocals), Danny Reaves (guitar, vocals), Tom Gorelick (keys, vocals), Paul Lipka (bass), Neil Moore (drums, vocals), and J.J. Gunning (trombone), Vinnie Ciesielski (trumpet), Barry Caudill (sax) as the CSH.
Keith Hundertmark replaced Gorelick (keys, vocals) early on (1985).
Gunning left in Feb 1988 - replaced on trombone by Cuffy Bell, then Mike Taylor, then subsequently by Steve Dekker.
Dale Coleman, Jr. (guitar) replaced Reaves in the summer of 1988.
H&CSH was managed by Greg Therres/Starleigh Entertainment.
The [original] CSH (Ciesielski, Caudill, Gunning) also appeared on Crash Davenport's 1985 self-titled EP and Great Train Robbery's "Wanted" LP. ("Wanted" was released in 1986, not 1988).
Band and individual members often appeared at the top of Maryland Musician Reader's Polls and (subsequently) Music Monthly Reader's Polls.
Ciesielski went on to Nashville studio and road work (see his entry).

Highridge 1994-98
Country/rock and oldies band named after the High Ridge section of North Laurel. Members Phil Lawson (lead vocals), Glenn Quillen (lead guitar), Jim Snyder (rhythm guitar, vocals), Mike Garcia (bass guitar), Steve Parezo (drums), and soundman Larry Ronald.
The group played "everything from a boot-slappin' boogie or a belly-rubbin' ballad to a crying-in-your-beer tune."
Highridge performances included Laurel Main Street Festival 1996, Laurel VFD and American Legion Post Dances, Cancun Cantina, Sam & Elsies, Town Tavern/Oliver's, TD Lounge at the Tastee Diner, Laurel, MD...

Highridge (left to right): Phil Lawson, Glenn Quillen, Mike Garcia, Steve Parezo, Jim Snyder.

An accredited drum instructor at his Columbia based Drum School, Steve "Hitman" Parezo has recorded with Rockabilly artist Johnny Strickland, Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Jim Owen (named by Charlie Daniels as "country music's least known superstar"), and more recently with No Trace (Hyattsville, MD), The Buddy Ivory Band (Savage, MD), and The Retro-Rockets among others. As of 2016 a member of Cruise: a variety band made up of Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame members. I'm thinking an Italian guy with the nickname "Hitman" will also be inducted someday!

Highridge performing the Laurel Main Street Festival: Front: Glen Quillen. Back (L-R): Mike Garcia, Steve Parezo, Larry Ronald (sound), Phil Lawson, Jim Snyder.

Photos and info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Hill, Bobby '60s-00s
My apologies to Bobby as he sent me this information in 2009 about his groups that I must have misplaced and now rediscoverd.
Bobby started out in his early teens with the Anne Arundel County based group The Coachmen. The group was managed by Frank "Bee" Burkowske (same manager as Brenda Key & The Sentries and Terry & The Uptights.
After leaving The Coachmen, Bobby had a band called Misty Blues for three years, then a full-time band called The First Impression for about five years.

Bobby Hill circa 1975

In 1975 he became a solo entertainer billing himself as The Bobby Hill Show, and performed extensively throughout the Baltimore area. While performing in Atlantic City in 1978 he created a children's based theme show called "The Puppetone Rockers" and has continued a successful career touring nationally for more than 40 years performing large festivals and fairs as both The Bobby Hill Show "" and The Puppetone Rockers "". From the website: "The nationally known "Puppetone Rockers" perform to millions of fans every year. From their home base in Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, Meadowlands, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, etc. The Puppetone Rockers captivate audiences with laughter, screaming back audience participation, super positive messages, Great cast of characters, and pure talent."

Bobby Hill - 2012, and The Puppetone Rockers - 2012

Photos and info courtesy of Bobby Hill.
Added/updated 9/2016

Hillcrest Trio 1963-65
Folk trio formed by students at Parkville Senior High School, the group named after a street in Parkville. They performed covers of popular folk songs as well as older songs that they adapted to their own arrangements.
From CD liner notes: "The Hillcrest Trio formed in October 1963 and performed together until the early part of 1965."

The Hillcrest Trio (L-R): Rick Walsh (vocals), Nancy Tribull (Peabody trained vocalist), and Doug Long (guitar and vocals).

"They appeared all over Baltimore City and County schools with the WCAO Larry Monroe Hootenanny Show and Ralph Elsmo Productions. In February 1964, and again in June 1964, the Trio were guests of Elaine Stein on the WCBM Performing Arts radio show. They also made frequent appearances at Patches 15 Below Coffee House in Timonium, Maryland, and won numerous talent contests held in the Baltimore area."
They participated in a Parkville talent show where the winners were The Aces, The Hillcrest Trio, The Gillgara Trio (Neal Felber, Pat O'Brennan and Tim Strain), Linda Brewer, and Barbara Gehring.
A CD release of the original WCBM radio shows was issued in 2003. Again, from the liner notes: "The performances on [the] CD were recorded live in 1964 at the WCBM Studios in Baltimore, Maryland, and first played for the public in February (1st show) and June (2nd show). A recording was made from the off-the-air broadcast as received on a 1940s Philco AM radio and recorded with a reel-to-reel monaural home tape recorder and microphone of the day. The tape sat for 40 years and was recently rediscovered and converted to digital format" by Znemeth Productions, Laurel, MD.
Added April 2016

Hitchhikers 66-67
The Hitchhikers rock band consisted of Neil Singer (lead guitar), Ralph Bogorad (rhythm), and Barry Rubin (drums). Neil was a student at Poly, while Ralph and Barry went to Milford Mill. This was Ralph's first band (he later changed his name to Ralph Bryan and went on to become a successful blues and studio musician in California until his death in 2003).
Jon Berle (Common Lot guitarist, and neighbor of Neil Singer) produced a video tribute to Ralph that can be seen on you-tube: "The Story of Ralph Part 1". The Campfield Teen Center segment has 1966 background music from The Hitchhikers. Jon also produced Parts 2-5 that explore all the songs that had Ralph's favorite leads on them.
This Hitchhikers photo was taken by Jon Berle for the Northwest Star at their first gig in front of Floyd's Department Store at Liberty Court Shopping Center in Randallstown. (l-r): Neil Singer (lead guitar), Barry Rubin (drums), Ralph Bogorad (rhythm guitar).
- 4/2013

The Hitchhikers - photo courtsey of Jon Berle

Horton, Wally
196(45) - Rebel 251 -- Heartbroken Love / Where Were You Last Night

Hot Flash - see - Reyes Brothers

Hyde Park 70-78
See group bio in BS-2
- 9/2012

Hyde Park at the Frigate circa May 1973

Ice Station Zero 1997-01
Brief bio included in BS-2. Arnold/Annapolis based rock band.
Debut CD in 1998 featured Dave Benischek (guitar, lead vocals), Dan Dougless (guitar, vocals), Kamari Sumner (bass), and Tony Salemi (drums). Their 1999 CD featured Benischek, Dougless, and Salemi, with Josh Lebowitz on drums (see photos).

1998(CD) - Igloo 001 -- Ice Station Zero
1999(CD) - (indie) -- Ice Station Zero For President


Updated 4/2016

Ideal World
Modern rock band Neal Gaffney (vocals), Joe Abella (guitars), Robert Derby (bass), Mark McQuay (keyboards, vocals), Sherman Canapp (drums). Their 1993 CD also featured studio work by Thomas Davis (drum programming), and Greg Thompkins (sax).
1993(CD) - hand IN hand HACD0010 --- abandoned

Ideal World CD logo
- 4/2013

Impalas 63
Teen rock and roll group (see BS-2). Added info from bass guitarist Tom O'Neill "I got started playing with Bill Evett when we were attending Woodlawn Jr High (we were the students entering in 8th grade). Billy lived down the street from Steve Small and there was a time we looked at Steve being our drummer. My brother Mike (O'Neill - guitar) and I would go to Billy's house to practice (I think we called ourselves The Impalas - we didn't know there was another group by that name). After that fell apart, I tried several other groups with no success (The Marlins and The Randels come to mind). We played in public several times, but never jelled."
Tom, Mike, and Steve went on to form The Patriots (see bio). Bill's later groups included Naturally Stoned (see bio in BS-2)...
Added 11/2012

Impulse 79
Full time Top-40, rock and variety band featuring dual lead vocals of Donna Harris and Will Villanueva (Will also played sax), with Mike Zaruba (guitar -later with Steppin' Out), Dave Capazolli (bass guitar -later with Great Train Robbery), Tommy Thompson (keyboards ex-Flywheel), and Danny Szekalski (drums).
Impulse frequented The Bonfire (O.C.), The Green Dolphin, King Farouks, The Bastille and Hanger Club in PG County, Bojangles, Johnny Walkers...
Updates and photo courtesy of Donna Harris 1/2013.

The Jades 1967-69 Brief bio in BS-2. Lansdowne area teen band. Photo courtesy of Dennis and Pat Trigilio.

The Jades. L-R: Back row: Denny Trigilio, Bill Johnson, Mike Juskelis, John Sasser, Mike Gervinski. Front row: Jimmy Wickless, Bruce

Howard Pease played bass guitar in the original band with Denny Trigilio on rhythm guitar. When Howard quit Denny switched to bass.

Johnson, Flink
See bio in BS-2.
Ad from Chick's Musical Bar, 1957.

Jolly Jax, Richard & '50s-70s
See BS-2 for bio. R&B group featuring lead guitarist Richard Calloway(standing 2nd from right)
In more recent years Richard with UCS Band.

- added 9/2013

Jones, Al, & Frank Necessary '50s-80s
See bio in BS-2.
-Added 11/2015

Joy '70s

Joy performing at a Baltimore Polytechic High School dance in 1977.
Joy guitarist Larry Simpkins wrote to say said he had never seen this photo before and he identified everyone: In the photo left to right, Al Rossi (sax), Paul Wilson (drums), Barbara Riehl (vocals & flute), Eddie DiMarino (bass) and Me (Larry Simpkins) on guitar."
"Far left out of view would be Joe Ercole (keyboards) as Bill Deloach left the band temporarily to start "Sirprize".
3/2013 Thanks to Larry Simpkins and Ron Borowy for info. You can find out more about Joy and hear some of their recordings at the Baltimore Jam website Here is a brief bio and a couple additional photos courtesy of Larry...

A Short JOY History by Larry Simpkins, 2/27/13
The best I can remember, Al Rossi and JOY first met as a group in 1971 at the Golden 40 Nightclub near Joppatowne. The original members of the group being Al Rossi (saxophones), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Dottie Tim (Hammond organ) and Bill Mojica (drums).
Shortly after, we began a long lasting stint of close to 8 years at the Golden Horn Nightclub in the Loch Raven Shopping Center. Less than a year after the group formed we added Denny Weston (bass) to the group.
Bill DeLoach (organ) and Paul Wilson (drums) were at that time both working with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons but were considering moving back to the Baltimore area. Al signed them both, and the group then consisted of Al Rossi (saxophones), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Bill Deloach (keyboards), Denny Weston (bass) and Paul Wilson (drums). Denny Weston left the group in 1974 and was replaced by Eddie DiMarino (bass).
Others who joined the group in various phases were Larry Keighley (drums), Barbara Riehl (vocals, flute), Vernon Smith (drums), Joe Ercole (keyboards), and Bobby Peters (bass).
Al Rossi left the group in 1979, and the remaining members of JOY, Bill DeLoach, (keyboards), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Joe Ercole (keyboards), Bobby Peters (bass) and Paul Wilson (drums) recorded a few originals and played in the Baltimore area until disbanding in 1980. It was a good run.

Photo of the first JOY (left to right, Al Rossi (saxophone), Larry Simpkins (guitar), Dottie Tim (Hammond B3), and Bill Mojica (drums). Circa 1971-72.

Photo of the last JOY. (left to right, Larry Simpkins (guitar), Bobby Peters (bass), Joe Ercole (keyboards), Paul Wilson (drums), and Bill DeLoach (Keyboards). Here's a copy of The Scene magazine's annual favorite local bands poll from 1976

Jumpin' Hailstones '90s-00s
Killer harmonica driven blues band! Too bad I missed this release for BS2, although a version of the group is briefly noted.
Their 2000 CD release features Brett Wilson (harmonica, vocals), Matt Coffman (guitar, vocals), Brian Badger (bass), and Dale Mauck (drums).
Wilson's former bands included The Truetones, Barn Burners... Badger formerly of Toy Soldier, Last Picture Show, Barn Burners...
Group seen at Bertha's, Cat's Eye...
2000(CD) - (indie) -- jumpin' hailstones

Added 2/2016

Jupiter Menace
Modern rock quartet of Jason Butcher (guitar, lead vocals, percussion), Jason Donahoo (lead guitar), Dave Godman (bass, vocals), Don Godman (percussion, vocals)...
1998(CD) --- Jupiter Menace

- added 09/2013

Just Us 1982-85
Country and 50s rock & roll band. Gary Mercer (lead guitar), Danny Sadler (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Charlie Reddinger (drums). Gary formerly with Buck Walt Carey & Rewind. Danny and Charlie formerly of The Rockabilly Rebels. The trio played mostly American Legion and VFW halls. Also performed at Ike's on Wilkens Avenue. Danny continued as a solo artist.
- added 05/2017 - Thanks Danny Sadler

Just Us Trio 71-72
Rock trio played Sunset Lounge, Caesar's Den, and The Frigate. Group formed by ex-Tony Stover Quartet members Paul Demond [aka Saxon] (drums), and Tim Torba (bass), adding Rodger Nesbitt (guitar, vocals). Torba and Nesbitt would later become the duo Two Bits.

L-R: Torba, Nesbitt, Saxon

- added 2/2014

Karl, Allen '70s
Allen Karl is noted in BS-2 as a country recording artist with record releases. In addition to noted single he released an album on Nashville based Century II Records. Among the album tracks is a song written by local artist Susan Dell "I Just Can't Hide My Feelings."
19(LP) - Century II --- She Loves My Troubles Away
- added 12/2012

Kaye, Tim '90s-00s
Jazz/pop/rock pianist, vocalist, songwriter, recording artist from Dundalk.
His first CD, a pop - jazzy - rock effort was accompanied by Bill Dickson (bass, acoustic guitar, engineer and mix), Scott Myers (bass), Jon-Paul Ruane (drums), Ryan Kazmarek (drums), Tom Laufert (sax), Chris Greene (trombone, cornet), and Heather Elswick (background vocals).
2000(CD) - Wicked Harp 0001 - Lettuce & Tea
2005(CD) - -- It's Painless
- Added 12/2013

Kendells '70s
See group bio in BS-2

The Kendells photo courtesy of Olatunji Mwamba (Tunji)
From Left to Right: Kevin Pollard 'Kashaka Olukayode' (2nd tenor lead, 2nd tenor, baritone and some 1st tenor in the background), Yolanda (Landy) Guarte' 'Suada Olukayode' (alto/contralto lead, 1st tenor & 2nd tenor in the background), and Tony Edwards 'Tunjii Mwamba' (1st tenor lead, 1st Tenor, 2nd tenor and some baritone in the background.
- added 10/2012

Kilgore Trout 1974
Kilgore Trout 1974 Rock / blues band based in Laurel, MD featured Nick Potere (lead vocals), Jack McGee (lead guitar), Dave Ransom (lead guitar), Bo Huber (bass), and Steve Parezo (drums). Ransom and Parezo both formerly of The Deuce Band.

Kilgore Trout in concert at Avondale Mill (L-R): Jack McGee, Bo Huber, Steve Parezo, Dave Ransom, Nick Potere

Kilgore Trout performance highlights include a concert at Avondale Mill (Laurel, MD), Laurel Municipal Pool Party...
Parezo and Ransom went on to join Nimbus...

Photos and info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

See group bio in BS-2

Knievel CD 1996 Kwality Record Co.
- added 03/2013

Knight Train 80-81
Top-40 / dance band featured dual lead vocals of Lisa Schaeffer and Wayne Hanock, with Diane Bowman (guitar -later with exhibit A, Bad Math...), Bill Gussio (bass, vocals), Karen Krotee (keyboards), and Bob Watson (drums -veteran of Brandy, Gratitude, Skyline bands). A highlight of the group was in 1981 performing between sets of the Brenda Lee Show at The Golden 40 Inn.

Ticket stub courtesy of Bob Watson
- added 1/2013

Kooken, Brian
See brief bio in BS-2. Discography addition below credited as by Bryan McCune (cornet) and Brian Kooken (guitar):
1995(CS) - BM0001C --- Land Of The Free
- added 1/2013

See BS-2 for bio

From left to right: Vince Corolla, Eddie DiMarino, Lurch (Sonny Clutter), and Gil Reinhart.

Kressens 57
R&B group led by Vernon Hawkins. Original songs "You've Gone" and "Honey Dee" were scheduled for recording late 1957. Not known if record was ever actually released. (11/2012)

Kryptic '90s-00s
Death metal band. Bones (lead vocals), Curt Shaw (guitar ex-Black Aggie - later with Dark Disciple), Don Fowler (bass), Kim Yates (drums -Scarlet Angel). Band performed throughout the mid-Atlantic region...
1997(CS) - --- Among The Ruins
2000(CD) - --- Premature Burial
- added 10/2012

Kunkel, Leah
Born Leah Cohen on June 15, 1948 Baltimore, Maryland, an accomplished singer / songwriter and entertainment attorney, the younger sister of Cass Elliott who went on to fame as Mama Cass of The Mama's & Papa's pop group.
Leah married Russ Kunkel (drummer and producer). Their son Nathaniel became an Emmy winning sound engineer. Her first album was as Cotton Candy on Dunhill Records in 1972.
Leah wrote and/or provided vocals on many recordings including those of Jackson Browne, Stephen Bishop, Carly Simon, Arlo Guthrie, James Taylor, Art Garfunkel, The Dirt Band, Livingston Taylor, Jimmy Webb, and others. She released solo albums in 1979 and 1980, then in 1980 co-formed The Coyote Sisters releasing albums in 1984 and 2001. The group continues to perform as of this writing.
Aside from music, Leah is an attorney practicing entertainment law.


Landers, Tim
See bio in BS-2. Tim wrote to add a few details about his solo career(s) and group chronologies. His early bands were The Dominators (1965-66),The Morlocks (1966-67),The Sands of Tyme (1967),The Berkeleys (1968-70), Black Snow (1970-71). In 1971 he begain the first of many solo stints, followed by Forum (1972-73), again as a solo (1973-76 as a regular at The Blackhorse Tavern, The Bounty, The Perry House), The Tim Landers Group (1975-80), Timothy (1976-77), solo (1977-80), The Tim Landers Group (1981-86), solo (1986-99), Tim Landers and a Man Called Horst (2000), solo (2000-08), Landers & Heinz (2008 - Present), Landers, Heinz & Pic (2009 - Present).
During his career Tim has won many awards including Seven awards in the American Song Festival (1976-81), 1981 WKTK Big Music America Song Contest winner - "Every Single Day of My Life", Delmarva Areas #1 Solo Artist three times, Outstanding Young Man of America twice, Madison's Who's Who Among Professionals, Who's Who Among America's Teachers nine times.
1976 EP "The King" (Senior Label)
1981 LP Big Music America 1981 "Every Single Day Of My Life" - (Starstream Label)
1989 LP and Cassette Sangria High - (R&R Label) - Song "Chesapeake Heaven" received honors from Governor Schaefer and Maryland General Assembly.
Circa 1988 45RPM & Cassette B&B Wrote, arranged and recorded Bobby Berger's release "They Don't Write Them Like That Anymore" and "Tell Me What's Wrong With A Song".
1990 Cassette Co-wrote arranged and recorded The Persian Gulf Songs "Will There Be Any Peace This Christmas?" and "Will They Be Reunited?" with Tim Rhodes, Mike Miller and Karen Simmons. Everyone was an Anne Arundel County music teacher.
1994 Cassette "Songs"
2002 CD Repackaged and released again in in 2005 CD I Remember Mom - A compilation of songs from Sangria High and Songs in addition to two new tunes. "I Remember Mom" received nationwide airplay and became the Rouse and Company's Official Mother's Day Song. On the basis of other tunes and "Don't Call It Love (Call It Like)" I was voted "A songwriter to watch out for" by The Nashville Songwriters Association International
2003 Walk With God - A full scale Christian Musical
2012 CD Here's Bernie - "It's A Shore Thing (Ocean City, Maryland)" has received international airplay. The youtube video has received over 35,000 hits and it is currently being played in Russia.
I Remember Mom and here's Bernie are available on CD sites such as i tunes Amazon etc.
Tim also adds "For over twenty years I produced EPs and four song cassettes and CDs that were performed and released by my students in school (Patriot Label). My students performed under the names of Old Mill "Folk Rock Group" and Northeast "Electric Eagles", toured locally and performed at The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. My students who were in those groups like to say, "We were Glee before Glee".
"I have also had the privilege to teach the following students who are now artists in their own write: Onyx, Against the Grain, Invasion, Cathy Zebron, Ron Zebron (Crack The Sky, Never Never), Tiffany Thompson, Mike Miller (The Geckos), Kirk McKuen, Michael Schoolden (Wakefield), Kevin Gerdes, Lester Speight, The Braxtons, John Bell"
- 4/2013

Landers, Tim, Group 75-80, 81-86
Hamilton, Essex, Moravia area group - Tim Landers (guitar), Hank Horst (bass) Mike Piccirilli (keyboard, guitar), Mark Filling (drums), and Tim Shipley (sax). Originals and show group. Played American Legions. Mainly a studio group recording Tim's original material.
Tim played solo gigs concurrently. After a brief split in 1980, the group reformed in 1981 with the same members. Through the ensuing years other drummers included Ron Carroll, and Walt Higdon. This was an original music and show group. They performed at bullroasts, weddings, and various night clubs - most notably The Perry House, and as house band at Mimi Lorenzos for four years. Worked with Roger Pace, Final Touch, Expressway etc. Played concerts at The Inner Harbor.
- 4/2013

Landers, Tim, and a Man Called Horst (2000)
Duo of Tim Landers (guitar), and (Hank Horst (bass). Played various outside patio bars in Ocean City, MD.
- 4/2013

Last Chance Jazz Band
See group bio in BS-2
2000(CD) - LCJB 6 --- ROSES of Washington Square
2000 CD features Bob Thulman (clarinet, leader), Larry Cione (piano), Chris Hofer (bass), Howard Kadison (drums), Ferebee Streett-Thulman (vocals), Brian Priebe (trombone), Al Straub (cornet), Jim Riley (banjo).
- Added 9-13-12

Last Chance Jazz Band CD

Layers 79-'00s
See group bio in BS-2

Layers ad - 1990
- added 10/2013

Lee, Dana
Country artist. See brief bio in BS-2. This pictured 45 single release "I Remember" b/w "Leave Of Absence" was also issued on Greenbriar Records.

- added 3/2013

Modern rock group originated in Baltimore circa 1998. Members included Brian Spurlin (vocals, guitar), Joe Rouland (guitar), Josh Bowen (bass), and Qotsa Demage (drums).
Recording group released self-titled CD on Fowl Records.
2000 (CD) - Fowl-Leer Music --- Leer

- added 9/2013

Live Alien Broadcast
See bio in BS-2
1998(CD) - Fowl 00072 --- ...even further

- added 4/2013

Locas 57-58
Teen R&B group consisting of five male vocalists along with the female vocal lead of Brenda Jackson. Original songs "The Hour Of 1 To 2" and "Girls Of A Dream" were scheduled for recording in early 1958.
Actual record release has not been verified.
- Added 9-20-12

Loose Lips '80s
Group noted briefly in BS-2. Played throughout the Baltimore/Annapolis area.
Photo circa 1985. Frank Frazier (bass/vocals), Warren Raymond (drums/vocals), and Scott Vorhees (guitar/vocals).

- Added 9-20-12

Lotus Band
(See bio in BS2). A photo of the group performing live at the Seagull Inn opening for the Ramones was erroneously placed with the biography of Night Train. Leader Gary Brown noted that "...technically, the band that night was the last form of Lotus Band."

Gary provided this photo that better depicts Lotus Band. Photo taken by Marjorie Gold. L to R: Gil Reinhardt (guitar), Louise (Louisa) Morgan (blues harp), Ken Wolle (drums), Angelo Grandenetti (bass), Gary Brown (guitar, sax). Also, in Lotus Band Michael Hedges played flute in addition to electric guitar.

As the group transformed "Gil Reinhardt and Louise Morgan left, replaced by Dave Woodworth and Bill Mayer to become Night Train. Then when Larry Bavaro followed by Edgar 'Chip' Myers replaced Ken Wolle on drums we became the Doubts."
- 11/2013

Lough, Danny, Band '80s

The Danny Lough Band at Back of the Vac
- added 10/2013

Love Diamonds <90>

The Love Diamonds circa 1990
- added 10/2013

Macer, Samuel '50s
Guitarist (ex-Sparks) performed as a solo artist for dances, weddings, private parties.
- Added 9-20-12

Maginot Line 00+
Dave Allen (bass, vocals), Rob Anthony (guitar, vocals), Sean Lara (guitar, vocals), Mark Stalzer (drums).
Info from ambiguous city! Records "Hailing from the District of Columbia and Baltimore, The Maginot Line was formed in the winter of 2000 and includes former members of Branch Manager (Dischord) and Corm (Shute/Dischord). They released their first effort, the "To Victory" EP, in late November that same year. The Line have had the pleasure to play with such bands as The Dismemberment Plan, Bluetip, Naht, Fin Fang Foom, Stinking Lizaveta, and The Fuses."
"Paris Burning, the debut full-length from The Maginot Line, presents a quartet focused squarely on the pursuit of smart, energetic rock songs. The opening track, "Working Hard to Make A Bad Life Worse," features a band capable of both straightforward melody and sudden left turns into new territory. Anchored by the precision bass playing of Dave Allen and warm thwack of drummer Mark Stalzer, the quartet is rounded out by the thick chords and brassy ambience of guitarists Sean Lara and Rob Anthony. Sewn together by the vocal interplay of Allen, Lara and Anthony, The Maginot Line relishes every opportunity to enrich the mix with singing that ranges from shouted call-and-response ("Hospital Corners") to three-part harmonies ("Eight by Nine")."
In addition to their 2000 CD EP "To Victory", subsequent releases have included a full length CD in 2002 "paris burning", a split CD EP in 2003 with the band Jet By Day (Tow Sheds Music), and tracks on "Copper Press Sampler 13" (2002 - Copper Press Magazine), and "Pop Culture Press Sampler 18" (2003 - Pop Culture Press Magazine).
2002(CD) - ambiguous city! ABC022 -- paris burning

- Added 9-2016

Major Company '90s-00s
Rock band briefly noted in BS-2. The following from Michael Major's website.

Major Company circa 1998

Major Company is the name given to the various musical adventures of singer/guitarist/songwriter Michael Major and 20 year music partner/ brother/ bass player extraordinaire Darby Cox... This includes recording original music and performing as a duo, and as a full-band concert act... The duo can be seen at the finest restaurants and dock bars throughout the Balt/Metro area, while the full-band has performed their original concerts and eclectic rock cover shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic at various venues and festivals. Major Company also includes the amazing talents of guitarist Dave Roat, and drummer Lathan Ritter. In 2012 the Baltimore-based band finished their 4th release of original material, Nuclear Baby, available on itunes, amazon and most major online retailers.

Record releases:
1997(CD) - mc001 - The Stolen Diary
2012 (itunes) - Nuclear Baby
-Added 11/2015

Rock/Pop recording group. Not much known about group yet. Released single on AVAP label produced by Bob Freed.
1988(45) - AVAP AV-10 --- When You Walk In The Room /
- added 2/2013

Makits 51-57+
R&B group formed in 1951. Auditioned for Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts program October 3, 1957. The group planned a recording session with Josie Records of original songs "I'm Only Passing By," and "Journey Bells." Not yet verified if record was ever released. There is no listing on the Josie discography.
Don't know if any relation, but only local clue is record release of "Journey Bells" by the Goldtones on Y-R-S label in 1962. Still unable to find any details about The Goldtones, although they may have been related to local recording groups the Purcell Brothers (Tamango Records) and the Soulations (CEI Records).

Mark On The Twine '80s
See brief bio in BS2.
1987(45) - Twine MT1187 --- Welcome Home Jessica / Keep It Kinda Country
- added 4/2015

Marten, Gail '80s-present
Twice Winner of ASCAPlus Award (2007-2008 and 2008-2009)
Born in Philadelphia, Gail Marten began her singing career in 1980 shortly after moving to Maryland. Performing throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Marten has captivated audiences at music festivals, concert venues, jazz clubs and private social events. In the '90s she held long term engagements at many premier area hotels (including Omni, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Radisson, Sheraton, Renaissance...); and she has performed at first rate venues (including Blues Alley, Bohemian Caverns, Baltimore's Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Ethel's Place, Eubie Live!, New York's West End Club and Rita Dimitri's, Charlie's-Georgetown, Hilton Hotel-UK...)
She has worked with dozens of jazz notables including Larry Willis, Cyrus Chestnut, George Colligan, Richard Johnson, Unified Jazz Ensemble, Clem Ehoff, Robert Shahid, Eric Kennedy, Tim Whalen, Fred Hughes, Charles Covington, Jeff Wilson, Dick Durham, Bob Diener, Billy Colucci, Tim Murphy, Reuben Brown, Todd Simon, Benny Waters, O'Donel Levy, Steve Novosel, Greg Hatza, Darius Scott, Tom Lagana, Herman Burney, Amy Shook, Eric Wheeler, Alfonso Rondon, Marty Knepp, Ricky Loza, Alfredo Mojica, Victor Dvoskin, Gary Grainger, Ron Kearns, Sam King, Arnold Sterling and so many other great musicians.
Marten's CDs are in regular rotation at radio stations world-wide, and her music is included on 26 CDs produced by EQ Music and Elm Records based in Singapore.
Numerous awards have been received for her CDs produced with Clem Ehoff, Beyond The Rainbow, Pure Joy, and Is It Love. Her CD, In Love Again, Featuring pianist Larry Willis, has received international acclaim, and was named one of The Best 20 Vocal Jazz CDs of 2009 by jazz critic and journalist W. Royal Stokes at Jazz House Diaries.
AWARDS for Songwriting and Performance:
ASCAPlus, Women's Radio Best of the 2000's, UK International Songwriting Contest, Great American Songbook, JPF International, Baltimore Jazzine Best Recording of the Year 2011, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Billboard Songwriting Contest, Broadjam's Summer Music Challenge, Lyric Awards Global Contest, Song & Film, Finland's Vantaa Jazz Heritage, Film Music Network and others.

Gail Marten discography:
1987 - Foreign Affairs (cassette)
CD releases by Gail Marten & the Clem Ehoff Trio:
2001 - Beyond the Rainbow
2003 - Pure Joy
2005 - Is It Love
Gail Marten:
2009 - In Love... Again
2011 - Gold Edition Jazz Series (import)
In addition her recordings have been featured on dozens of compilation albums.
Marten is the editor/designer of the Baltimore Jazz Alliance 12-page monthly newsletter, for which she regularly contributes her articles. She served as board member and consultant at The Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center 2009-2016.
Marten has provided narration for several corporate video productions.
Her debut book of short fiction is on the horizon, and she is collaborating with Clem Ehoff to add more songs to their portfolio.
- Added 11.3.2017 - borrowed from www.gail

Maxx 88-02
See bio in BS2.
(CD) - TJBE 1031 --- Maxx
- updated 8/2015

MC Bee Bee featuring... The Uptown Boy '90s
Hip Hop emcee with vocals by Frank 'The Uptown Boy' Johnson. Released 12" single in 1990 (also released on cassette tape).
1991(12") - Honey Bee HBR001 -- No More Nonsense, Sexy! / I Wanna See You

Added 8/2015

Mello Jacks '50s-70s
R&B group noted in BS-2 existing from 1952-60. The group released a single under the direction of Jack Gale as by Johnny Osborne & The Mello Jacks on the Tune label.
The group apparently continued on, seen in the early '70s with a line-up of Jimmy McNight (organ), with Ken Berry (sax), Jimmy Bruce (drums), and Joe (guitar). They were featured as a Fri-Sat-Sun house band at the Club Al-Ho "where every day is a holiday" on Frederick Avenue in 1972.
McNight passed away June 17, 1994.
- 11/2015

Melody Tones '50s
1950s era pop group featuring Bud Robbins, Joe Noto, and Bob 'Spider' Shower.
Later known as the Joe Noto Trio (see entry).

The Melody Tones at Carl's Show Bar in late-'50s - photo courtesy of Joe Noto.
- added 12/2013

Mendelsohn Quintette Club 66-70
See bio in BS-2

- added 10/2013

Michaels, Jay
Member of duo Michaels & Hack. Folky-pop recording artist:

1977(45) - Mellow Sound 712x31 --- Free To Be Yourself / When Your A Child

- added 7/2014

Modern Ruins '90s
See BS-2
1997(CD) - ruined records rr6090 --- modern ruins
- added 10/2012

Mondells (aka Mighty Mondells) '66-72
R&B vocal group hailed from west Baltimore. The members included Grant Burley, Paul Greenwood, Oscar Burley, Melvin Brooks, and Roy Austin. The Mighty Mondells made recordings at Flite 3 Studios.
Paul Greenwood also sang for the Xpressions.
The Mondells courtesy of Chris Burley.

- added 5/2015

Motor Morons
See BS-2 for bio

- added 9/2013

Moviegoer '90s-00s
amBiguous city! Records describes the post-punk rock band as a "5-piece alternative indie rock band from Baltimore, MD. Heavy, melodic, and at times unique rhythms and time signatures." Members have included Dave Ort (vocals -Onespot Fringehead, All The Dead Pilots), Shawn Overbey (guitar -Sick, Pulaski), Paul Ort (guitar -Skypup), Guy Lane (bass -Onespot Fringehead, Landspeedrecord!), Dave Allen (bass -Dirty Sanchez, Branch Manager), Mike Hoff (drums).
1998(CD EP) - ambiguous city! ABC013 -- The Urban Development Series Vol. 3 (Split EP with The Scott Farkus Affair)
1999(CD EP) - Noise Box NBR1 -- Discount
1999(CD) - Noise Box NBR2 -- 64 FPS

- added 9/2016

See brief bio in BS-2. Discography addition below:
1995(CS) - Blind Mullet --- Southern Fried Blues
- added 1/2013

Mutt '90s
Hard rock band from Harford County. Dan Brinkman (drums), Maurice Clark (guitar), Mike Davis (bass), Lance Hepburn (guitar), Jeff Schirmer (lead vocals, keys). Nucleus of group Davis, Hepburn and Schirmer once of '80s band Kuta. Davis also worked with Naked Blue, Wish, and AC/DC tribute band High Voltage.
Mutt recorded at Drew Mazurek's Basement Studio and released CD in 1997.
1997(CD) - --- Get A Leg Up!

Mutt circa 1997

- added 4/2015

My Generation 67
Anne Arundel County based rock group, briefly noted in BS-2. Group was known as My Generation in 1967, then evolved to become known as Seward's Folly (1968-70).
See - Seward's Folly

Natch 74
The Two Bits duo of Rodger Nesbitt (guitar, vocals) and Tim Torba (guitar), adding drummer Tom Palacorolla and became known as Natch, playing the Frigate Lounge.
Nesbitt left Natch to perform as a solo act at many local lounges including the Playboy Club, Charcoal Hearth, and the Holiday Inn circuit. Torba later with Zzzap...
- added 2/2014

Never Never 87-'00s
See group bio in BS-2

Never Never ad - 1990
- added 10/2013

New Diablos

New Diablos drummer George Dobash working the BPI prom 1973

See group bio in BS-2
- updated 2/2014

New Early Sunrise Band '70s-'90s
Listed in BS1 as the Early Sunrise Band. Country group melded classic country, honky-tonk, and and western swing with modern sounds. Released 1993 CD "Telephone." Group at that time featured Dave Goodman (fiddle, vocals), George 'Doc' Ryder (drums), Geff King (bass, electric guitar, vocals), Dave Hadley (steel guitar, electric lead and rhythm guitars), and Archie Warnock (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, vocals). The album also featured guest appearances by former group alumni Barry Morrissey (vocals, guitar), and Bruce Sponsler (vocals, banjo).
1993(CD) - NESB 001 --- Telephone

- added 2/2013

New South Band 84-'00s
Country / rock & roll band formerly The Robbie Sines Revue / DBS Express.

The New South Band circa 1984. Jack Dillard (guitar), Brent Hamrick (bass), Robbie Sines (lead vocals), James Dillard (drums), Mike Meiklejohn (guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Nightwind 71-77
Top-40/rock group formed from the nucleus of Cold Brew with members Johnny Bowman (lead guitar, vocals), Ralph Stonebreaker (rhythm guitar, vocals), and John Greenbank (drums -now deceased). Bass guitarist Ralph Barnes (now deceased) was added to round out the lineup of the new group called Nightwind. Ralph Stonebreaker exited the band early and the group added Terry Woodall (keyboards), Fred Firestone (lead vocals), and Rob Hoffman (rhythm guitar).
This Band played many American Legion halls and church halls, as well as clubs in Waldorf and Laurel, and many private parties.
Bowman went on to join Fortune.
Added 2.2013. Thanks to John Bowman

Nimbus 1975-76
Laurel, MD based Top 40, Rock, Soul, Wedding Band. Members included Kevin Buter (lead vocals), Dave Ransom (guitar, vocals), Rick Norris (bass, vocals), Vince Vigliotti (guitar, vocals), Tim Murphy (keyboards), and Steve Parezo (drums & vocals). Ransom and Parezo both ex- Kilgore Trout.

Photos: L-R: Buter, Ransom, Vigliotti, Murphy, Parezo, and Ransom Buter & Norris.

Performance Highlights: Pallotti High School Dance, Laurel, MD; Eisenhower Junior High School Dance, Laurel, MD, Ecology Club Dance at Laurel Junior High, Pool Party in Maryland City, Wedding Reception at Bolling Air Force Base Officer's Club, John Hanson Junior High School Dance, Oxon Hill, MD...

Ransom later with ZigZag and continues with them as of this writing. Vigliotti played in numerous bands (noted in the book with Daryl Beard, and Danny Lough Band) including Maximum Force, Thunderchicken, Daryl Davis Band, The 8-Balls, and as a duo with his wife Kathy Marr... Murphy later led a jazz group and was a member of Rumba Club. Parezo went on to join P.U.R.E. (Progressive Underground Rock and Roll Enlightenment) in College Park from 1976-78, then Laurel based Kinny McCullough & The Country Lovers.
Photos and info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

No Presents For Christmas '90s
See BS-2 for bio

No Presents For Christmas 1991 CD "Unify"
- 10/2013

No Reply '02-06
Dave Streett (guitars and vocals ex-Sky King), Bob Brantley (electric guitar and vocals), Steve Lubitz (bass and vocals), and Mike Mak (drums). They played lots of local gigs and private parties as a classic rock band, playing lots of Beatles, Stones, and the like.
Street later with the band Bucky's Brother.

added 11/2015 (thanks to Dave Streett)

Noblemen 66-69
Member Larry Simpkins' response to my questions about a Noblemen acetate disc "Actually, that Monumental acetate was my group 'The Noblemen of Towson.' I wrote "Come On Home" with Steve Sandebeck at age 12. That group consisted of Steve Sandebeck (vocals), Mark Ammon (organ), Paul Anecharico (bass), Lee Ogburn (saxophone), Larry Simpkins (guitar), and Fran Morfe (drums)."
"My father, Larry 'Big Lar' Simpkins was our manager. We also did recordings with Joey Welz. He was sort of a Jerry Lee Lewis type of character if I remember right..."
Larry also noted that the Noblemen did another record "Open the Door to Your Heart" with the later group additions of Alan Eberwein (trumpet) and Larry Sherman (trombone).
- added 4/2013

Upon discovering this website, Noblemen keyboardist Wayne Clark remarked that "it brought back such a flood of nostalgia of people, places, all triggered by music, dances, parties, witnessing the performances that left lifelong impressions and memories..."
Wayne recalled the Towson based 'Noblemen of Soul Band' covering the soul radio hits of the day. In addition to the members noted by founder Larry Simpkins, Wayne recalled others including himself (keyboards), Bob Gelotte (drums), Rick Davey (guitar), Jeffrey Lees (trumpet), Will Lloyd (trumpet), Tom Pilsch (sax), Jim Pritchard (trombone), Charlene Tragas (vocals), Chip King (bass).
"After Larry, Jr. and the other guys left the Noblemen, I guess it was Steve who rebuilt the band to include the guys in the photo (with drummer Bob Gelotte - not pictured). I joined the band in the summer after my junior year..."

The Noblemen - photo courtesy of Wayne Clark
Back row L-R: Jim Pritchard, Jeffrey Lees, Will Lloyd, Tom Pilsch
Front row L-R: Rick Davey, Fran Morfe, Stevie Sands (Sandebeck), Wayne Clark, Paul Annecharico
Not pictured: Bob Gelotte

"Mr. Simpkins Sr. continued to manage the band. What a great dude! He never asked for a dime for all of his work and was at every gig. We played almost every Friday and Saturday night with Sunday rehearsals, or once a month Sunday afternoon church dance. Big Larry kept us booked."
The Noblemen performed teen centers (Hampton, Rogers Forge, Perry Hall, Villa Cresta...), CYO's (Immaculate, Sacred Heart...), Church dances (Redeemer, Towson Presbyterian, Towson Methodist...), High schools (Towson Prom, Towsontown, Towson Catholic, Kenwood...), Swim Clubs (Hampton, Campus Cabana, Stoneleigh, Beaver Dam...), Country clubs (Sparrows Point, Valley, JCC, Har Sinai...), cotillions and private parties... "We appeared on the Kirby Scott TV show and we recorded in a studio on Charles Street two covers - "A Love That Is Real" (Intruders) and "Everlasting Love" (Robert Knight)."

Most of the band graduated in 1968 and went off to college. "We got together the next summer, played some gigs and then moved on with life..."
Pilsch later played with Nicky C. & the Chateaux. Pritchard went on to play with The Esquires, and The Deltas. Larry Simpkins, Jr., and Larry Sherman went to the Jetsons & Tangiers, Lee Ogborn went to The Lafayettes.
During his college years Wayne "jammed with a lot of folks... played guitar with blues and bluegrass groups - Mount Vernon Art Guild... sat in with friends at Mimi Lorenzo's on Harford Road with Wil Nauman, Gordon Michaels, Sonny Clutter, Dennis Dahoff, Roger Pace, Bobby Berger and a bunch of talented folks..." He later joined the Annapolis based jazz/pop group Baraka, and went on to play in bands in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma... "As a buddy once said 'You're a lifer.'" He continues to play music (keyboards and guitar) in his Oklahoma City based Bill Band.
Among other accomplishments, Wayne co-produced the historical musical "Viva Santa Fe!", which aired at the 1992 World's Fair, and theaters in the U.S. and Spain.
Bob Gelotte, later known as 'Gunnar' Gelotte went on to become a songwriter and studio session drummer in Nashville and New York (also playing guitar, keyboards, and vocals) and appeared on recordings from country to soul. He toured with Dave Loggins ('Please Come To Boston'). A short list of recording credits include 1978 Bobby Bare LP 'Sleeper Wherever I Fall' (Columbia), 1979 Steve Forbert LP 'Jackrabbit Slim' (Epic), 1980 Carol Chase LP 'The Chase Is On' (Casablanca), 1980 Jimmy Hall LP 'Touch You' (Epic), 1982 Jimmy Hall LP 'Cadillac Tracks' (Epic), 1982 Bobby Jones & New Life LP 'Soul Set Free' (Myrrh).
See Gunnar's website
- added 1/2014

Noise Patrol 1983-84
The Noise Patrol was a Baltimore area Synth-Punk band that existed from 1983 to 1984. The band consisted of Johnny England (guitar/vocals), Casper Glammer (keyboards/vocals), Robbie X (percussion/vocals) and Teresa Jones on bass ('84). John Spokus (The Beltways & The Bagworms) was originally on bass in 1983 and then Ruby Delong filled in shortly in early 1984.
They debuted in '83 at the Marble Bar and frequently played at the Galaxy Ballroom, Chester's Place, Odd Fellows and many other venues in and around Baltimore. Perhaps the Noise Patrol's greatest gig was a chance to play at the Baltimore Civic Center in the summer of 1984.The band played all original material such as "Monsters," "Shock Value," "Tonight Tonight," "The Producers" and "Let the Flag Fly." Some TNP songs were often played on local radio stations such as 98 Rock.
A professionally recorded cassette of eleven Noise Patrol original songs was released called "Fly The Flag!" in 1984 and Don is working on a CD version in 2015 (on TNP Records).
Johnny England (aka Don Velli), would move on in '89 to form The Richards. Casper Glammer would later form Destination Venus and Fast Idle Screw.

Pictured: Left to right Casper Glammer, Robbie X, Teresa Jones and Johnny England.
Bio and photo courtesy of Don Velli
Posted 7/2015

Norman, Rudy
Vocalist - recording artist. His R&B flavored "Back To The Streets" was released as a single and was featured on the WKTK Maryland Music '81 album.
Backing Rudy were Rusty Steele (guitar), Jim Kestle (bass), D.H. Arthur (keyboards), and Buzzy London (drums).
1980 - New Day 1577 -- Harmony / Back To The Streets
Note - the single was reissued in 2016.

Nothingface 93-'00s
See BS-2 for bio

Nothingface - 1998

Nothingface CD's "Pacifier" (1997 Dcide/Mayhem 11147-2), "An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity" (1998 Dcide/Mayhem 11148-2)
- added 10/2013

Noto, Joe, Combo '60s-70s
Formerly known as the Melody Tones, group featured Joe Noto (accordion and Sonovox), with Bud Robbins (trumpet), and Bob 'Spider' Shower (drums). They were house band at The Pump Room in the early '60s.

Photo courtesy of Joe Noto.

Robbins later with the Sugar Beats, Shower later with City Lights.
During the mid-'60s Noto's trio featured Art Volpe, Jr. (trumpet), and Mike DeLuca (drums) and were a house band at Pecora's (Towson and Fallston).
In the early '70s the trio consisted of Noto, with Frank Turk (drums), and Gary Putnam (vocals ex-Capris). This trio performed at Pecora's (Towson). Noto also worked in bands with Frank Riehl and Pat Moran. Today Joe is proprietor of Music Land in Bel Air, MD.
- added 12/2013

Nugget (Danny Sadler &) 1969-70, 1970-72
Nugget went through a couple of incarnations, originally a country and oldies band, later the addition of a rock guitarist that gave the group a bit more variety. The original group consisted of Dean Tunnarelli (lead guitar), Danny Sadler (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ricky Oster (bass), and Jimmy Ernest (drums).

Nugget: L to R: Jimmy Ernest, Dean Tunnarelli, Danny Sadler and Ricky Oster. Photo courtesy of Danny Sadler.

Around 1970 Dean and Ricky moved on to different bands. Danny went to Nashville to record (see his bio) and released a couple of singles.
The second version of the group billed as Danny Sadler & Nugget featured Rick Seagraves (lead guitar, vocals), Danny Sadler (rhythm guitar, vocals),Steve Hunt (bass), and Mike Fort (drums). Steve Hunt's other bands included The Souls of Briton, City Limits, The Housewreckers... Mike Fort also had a stint as member of The Alcoholics that played the Marble Bar, and his dad played drums with Zim Zemarel and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In this group, Dean, the featured lead guitarist, could play and sing rock music, while Danny played and sang country and oldies. This expanded their repertoire. The group performed at all the local venues circa 1970-72. They were regulars at The Park Lounge in Brooklyn. The club featured a Gong Show, and Nugget split time with Bill Tolson, who did a black face Al Jolson show.
Danny went on to The Rockabilly Rebels, Chavis Brothers, Just Us, and solo work.

Photo: Nugget 2 L to R: Steve, Danny, Mike, Rick. Photo courtesy of Danny Sadler
- added 5/2017 - Thanks Danny Sadler

O'Dell, John
Guitarist/vocalist of bluegrass group Windy Ridge (see brief bio in BS2). In addition to countless other engagements, Windy Ridge performed the second Saturday of every month at the Friendly Inn for 26 years!
John's 2001 CD "Good Old Stuff" features Mark Delaney (banjo), Dana Ward (vocals), Chris Walls (bass, vocals), Norman Wright (vocals), Bill Beeler (mandolin), Pat White (fiddle, mandolin), Bones Spoonwell (vocals).
2001(CD) - Flounder 2002-1 -- Good Old Stuff

Added 2/2016

See bio in BS2. Addition to discography is 2015 retrospective CD consisting of previously unreleased studio instrumental tracks recorded on various sessions 1974-2010 along with two new tracks from 2015.
2015(CD) - OM 64.75 -- Where Words Do Not Reach
added 6/2015

continuation... Keyboardist Mark O'Connor continues to be active in the studio. His band Buck Subtle and the Little Planets, an alternative pop/rock band, released the CD "Lowdown" in 2014, and his latest CD "Life Among The Solids" in 2015 (both on Angry Little Planet Records). The group features O'Connor (keyboards, lead vocals), with Charles Emmett Freeman (bass), M.H. Lis (guitars), Ryan Lis O'Connor (trumpet, trombone), Mindell Siegel (sax), James Wilson, Sr. (drums), and Deborah Patterson (backing vocals). Mark provides lead vocals and everyone contributes backing vocals.
Added 12/2015

Omero, Earl, & his Sinbads 57-58
Led by drummer Omaro, with sax great Ed Wiley (who had moved to Baltimore from Texas - see bio), and organist Bill Miller.
Omero's Hi-Rollers Organ Trio is noted in BS-2 performing at the Knotty Pine circa 1960-64.
- Added 9-20-12

Earl Omaro Combo - 1957 - L-R: Bill Miller, Ed Wiley, Earl Omero

On The Rise, Doug Lester & 76-14+
Very brief bio in V1...
Country and pop/rock covers and originals group formed in mid-'70s by Doug Lester (lead guitar - originally a bass guitarist). Early trio also included guitarists Chick Hall, Jr. and Bobby Godsey.
A popular band throughout the region, and mid-Atlantic states. They opened for many major artists including The Bellamy Brothers, Faron Young, the Del-Vikings, Waylon Jennings, and many others. When rock club Hammerjacks was booking country acts, On The Rise was chosen to open for many of them. The group also toured as backing band for Ronnie Dove, and backed the Platters and the Drifters for local appearances.
Lester played on Johnny Anthony recordings for CSA Records, and in late-'80s toured with the Chance Brothers.
Group members in early '90s included bass guitarist Denver Twigg (ex-New West Band) prompting Lester's switch from bass to guitar. The group also included Perry Ray (keyboards - also played with 4X4, Joey & the Jammers, and others), and Wendall Cavin (drums ex-New West Band).
The Doug Lester Band continues to perform, including hosting the Maryland Entertainers Hall of Fame banquets... Their 2013 lineup included Doug Lester guitar, vocals), with Annie Beccio (vocals), Mike Chakwin (keyboards), Mike Coulter (sax), Jay Reynolds (drums), and Jeff Dennis (percussion).
Added 7/2015

One Another
One Another member Barry Karow wrote to say that a photo of One Another was posted inaccurately in the BS-2 bio of The Playmates on page 369.
The photo from a dance they performed on April 17, 1971 at Woodlawn High School was mislabeled in the school yearbook as The Playmates and is actually One Another.

ONE ANOTHER... from left to right: Steve Ford (bass), Barry Karow (vocals and sax), Don McCleary (guitar), and Mike Wann (drums).
Barry notes that "I've never seen this picture before, but it is my group from the early 70's before I returned to Summer's Misfits."
- 12/2012

Orioles 48-15
One of the earliest and most important groups from Baltimore. A pioneer in R&B vocal group harmony and subsequently the formation of rock and roll. An entire book could certainly be devoted to The Orioles.
An outline of their history through the 1980s and a brief capsule of the subsequent years is included in Baltimore Sounds volumes 1 and 2. The group actually continued through various incarnations for many more years.
Lead vocalist Sonny Til went on to a solo career in 1959 and The Orioles continued through a succession of incarnations.
In the '70s Til performed with an Ink Spots offshoot group that also doubled as an incarnation of The Orioles. In 1977 Til contacted former Oriole Albert 'Diz' Russell and persuaded him to reform the group for a reunion show. Diz was not an original Oriole but had joined the group in 1955 when his group The Regals replaced the original group becoming the second incarnation known as The New Orioles.
For the 1977 incarnation the group at that time became Til, with 'Diz', Billy Taylor, and Gerald Holeman. The group did so well that they remained together and continued performing.
After Sonny died in 1981 the group continued as The Legendary Orioles and was managed by Diz's wife Millie Russell. Subsequent members included vocalists Reese Palmer (former member of DC group The Marquees that also included Marvin Gaye, and The Moonglows), Skip Mahoney (leader of DC based Casuals), Ed Jones (vocalist and guitarist), Royal Height, Larry Jordan (ex-Veltones), George Spann (vocalist and keyboards).
A 1992 cassette only release featured a live recording at the now defunct Gee's 4400 Club in Brentwood (PG County) featuring vocalists Holeman, Russell, Palmer, Mahoney and Jones (vocals and guitar), backed by the DC based Young Bucks featuring Les Campbell (guitar), Jesse Daughtridge (bass), and Freddie 'Action' Jackson (drums). The Young Bucks Band, a well renowned group in their own rite, were a regular backing band for the Legendary Orioles.
In 1993 the Legendary Orioles performed for Bill Clinton's Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. In 1995 the original Orioles group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Fast forward again... A 2012 lineup featured Diz Russell with Clark Walker, David Warren, Ray Apollo, and Dwight Datcher.
In 2015 Diz retired after 60 years of performing.
In addition to the extensive singles discography noted in BS2, the Orioles have many 'greatest hits' album releases through the years. Notable is the 1962 LP Modern Sounds of The Orioles - Greatest Hits (on Charlie Parker 816) that featured new recordings of their favorites.
-Updated 12/2015

Osman, Peggy
Dundalk based pianist and vocalist. Born blind. Recorded for Jack Gale's Playback Records in Nashville. Opened for David Allen Coe (1991). Her record "High Standard Of Lovin'" charted nationally on independent music charts and Cash Box magazine.
1990(45) - Playback 1347 -- High Standard Of Lovin'
-Added 7/2015

See entry in BS-2
- CD image added 11/2012

P.U.R.E. 1976-78
P.U.R.E. (Progressive Underground Rock and Roll Enlightenment), album rock and Top-40 band based in College Park. Members included Jim Sowder (bass, vocals), Jim Hunt (guitar, vocals), Rick Miller (lead guitar), and Steve Parezo (drums, vocals).
Played Northwestern High School dance, various Junior High and High School dances in Suburban MD, Washington Navy Yard Officer's Club, My Friend's Place in Langley Park...

P.U.R.E.: Front Steve Parezo, Rick Miller. Back: Jim Sowder, Jim Hunt

P.U.R.E. (trio) Front: Rick Miller. Back: Steve Parezo, Jim Sowder
P.U.R.E. drummer Steve Parezo
Info and photos courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Pacesetters 63-64
Lansdowne based R&B horn line band that played teen centers and special functions. The group was formed by Rusty Hill (keyboards) and Kenny Heiser (trumpet), with Tim Torba (guitar), Tommy Smith (bass), Jim Quigley (drums), along with a sax and trombone player.

In 1964 under the Pacesetters name, Tim (lead guitar) and members of the group along with Roy Walman (rhythm guitar) and vocalist Phil Soffos recorded two sides "No Time To Cry" and "Good Good Lovin'" at Recordings Inc. - added 2/2014

Palmer, Jimmy 52-58+
R&B vocalist started singing professionally at age 14. During his stint in the military he sang at service clubs in SC and GA, and overseas at the Skyview Club in Fulda, Germany, and the Atlantic Palace in Denmark.
Upon his return to civilian life he resumed a singing career appearing locally at Gamby's, as well as local dances and private parties.
By 1958 he was in search of a record contract. It is unknown if he released any recordings.
- Added 9-20-12

Part Unknown
See brief bio in BS-2. Ralph was Ralph Bogorad (Bryan) ex-Hitchhikers.
His friend Jon Berle wrote "This group that Ralph Bryan (formerly Bogorad) played lead in was perhaps the first to experiment with feedback. Ralph used to amaze every guitarist in Baltimore because he could play just like Clapton or Jeff Beck, and would put his guitar on top of his Fender Bandmaster and make it feed back, making Hendrix-like sounds before anyone even knew what feedback was. His band won the Civic Center Battle of the Bands one year doing the song "Nowhere Man" with perfect four-part harmonies. Ralph, who died from complications of brain cancer in 2003, played on numerous recordings with a band named Daddy Please and they released a 45, and in the '90s-00s he played live weekly in Santa Rosa at a blues club with Elvin Bishop's bass player Evan Palmerston. Was on recordings and played with Jesse Davis, Ry Cooder, Robben Ford, Jim Keltner, Jim Gordon and others. One of the songs he co-wrote with Gary St. Clair in 1971 (Doctor Rock and Roll) has been covered around the world by various groups. The original version is on his website. He was much in demand and all musicians loved paying with him. (see for more info and MP3s of most of his recordings).
- 4/2013

Ralph Bryan and Mac's Les Paul

Ralph Bryan and band Daddy Please
Photos courtesy of Jon Berle

Patriots 64-70
Rock and roll band formed in Milford Mill area, later adding two Woodlawn High School graduates. The original group formed in 1964 featured Ronnie Smith (lead guitar), Mike O'Neill (2nd guitar), Jim Zgorski (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Tom O'Neill (bass), and Steve Martin Small (drums).
Originally suggested to be called The Revolutionary Sounds of the Patriots (inspired by Paul Revere & the Raiders) the name was shortened to The Patriots. Bass guitarist Tom O'Neill tells that "being in a band in the '60s was the thing to do. We played teen centers, CYO's, JCC's, community pools, private parties, debutante balls and anyplace who would pay for live entertainment. We were aspiring to be rock 'n roll stars. Loving life and playing music. Those were great times."
Drummer Steve Small used the stage name Steve Martin. His mother Rose Small managed the band. His father Melvin Small was business manager for The American Guild for Variety Artists (AGVA) in D.C.
The Patriots recorded at Edgewood Studios in D.C., and in addition to a demo acetate single and a one-sided LP at Edgewood, they released two singles, the first on the Look label (subsidiary of Starday Records in Tennessee) crediting songwriter Jim Zgorski, and the second on New York based Murbo label crediting Todd Rhidar (Zgorski's stage name).
1967(45) - Look 5005 --- Close Your Eyes / I Can't Get You Outta My Mind
1968(45) - Murbo 1025 --- What A Drag It Is / Blankets and Candles

Patriots 45

"I know (the original lineup) were still going in 1967" recalled Tom "because I missed my senior prom while we were performing at the Shoreham Hotel in D.C. as opening act for Diana Ross & the Supremes."

Photo: The Patriots at Woodlawn High School, January 26, 1968. L-R: Tom O'Neill, Jim Zgorski, Steve Small, Michael O'Neill.

In summer of (1967) Mike, Ronnie, and Jim left the group, being replaced with Mark Bacon (lead guitar), and Bob Marvin (organ and lead vocals). Along with Tom (bass), and Steve (drums) they continued together as a quartet while in college, eventually breaking up in the summer of 1970.

The Patriots circa 1970 L-R: Mark Bacon, Steve Small (top), Bob Marvin (bottom), Tom O'Neill.

The group may have later been reorganized by Steve and Bob using the Tony Vee monicker, but it is not yet verified. Marvin went on to play in a number of local groups including Felix, Tapestry, Raintree, Quest, Pat O'Brennan...
Added/amended 11/2012. Thanks to Tom O'Neill.

Perfect Force Feed
Punk rock trio of Eric Smith, Christon K., Shane Crouch.
1997(CD) - Crooked Jaw Records CJR 001 --- miserable weakness
- 4/2013

Persuaders '90s-00s
New Orleans style R&B covers and originals band. See BS-2 for partial bio.
CD releases shown below

"R&B Gumbo" Bay City Productions 003 - Features Jim Orr (piano & organ), Hank Bruce (sax, vocals), Jamie Hopkins (bass, vocals), Rastabla (drums, vocals), with guests Mac Walter (guitar), Sam 'Muleman' Miller (guitar), and Eric Heavner (trumpet).

"In R&B Gumbo We Trust" live recording March 3, 2000 - Features Jim Orr (keyboards, vocals), Nelson Jervis (drums, vocals), Jim Seechuk (guitar, vocals), Fred Waxenburg (sax, vocals), Jay Dulaney (bass), with special guest Tammy Temple (vocals, percussion).
- added 3/2013

Pike County Boys '50s-60s
Bluegrass group led by Bob Baker, who relocated to Baltimore in the '50s from his home in Pike County, Kentucky, thus the name Pike County Boys. A short bio of the group is included in BS-2, although the lineup omitted Jimmie Grier (fiddle). We regret the error.
The group was featured with 4 songs on the various artists album "Mountain Music Bluegrass Style" (1959 Folkways 2318).
-updated 12/2015

Pointblank '90s-00s
Bio info from 4-Ball Entertainment:
Emerging onto the local music scene in 1997, Pointblank became an instant hit with both the teenie boppers and the older crowd in the Baltimore/Washington and Annpolis area. The bands blend genres of punk, pop, and rock to create a driving melodic sound with hard hitting grooves and tongue in cheek angst.
Pointblanks' high energy shows became a trademark quickly and could even turn the shy observer into a raging fan. Exemplified by its 1999 honorable mention in Music Monthly's Readers Poll for "Best Punk Band" is the bands performance portfolio regularly scheduled in several Balt/Wash/Annap venues such as Brass Monkey and Daytonas.
Formed in 1997 by three childhood friends, drummer Jason Bryant recruited bassist Ronnie Remsburg to record their debut album, "Life As You Know It" in 1998. Remsburg left soon thereafter and Greg Stagg took his place. Original member Bryan Hughan (lead guitar and vocals), with Kevin Hock (guitar) and Jason Bryant (drums) continued to play strong.
Pointblank signed with 4-Ball Entertainment in December 1999.
Pointblank's sophomore effort was [recorded] in November 1999. The full album [was scheduled] for release in early 2001. "Dreams," the first single from the album, is consistantly played on WHFS. Pointblank continues strong into the new millenium with a bright future ahead!
1998(CD) - (indie) -- Life As You Know It
2001(CD) - (indie) -- Dreams
Added 8/2016

Group briefly noted in BS2. Great band name!
Album pictured featured members were Al Matousek (accordion, vocals), Rich Charney (accordion '& Red Baron'), Joe Zarzycki (trumpet, trombone, vocals), Ted Zarzycki (drums, vocals), Roland Jewer ('special effect percussion'), Ray Dudek (special guest vocalist and drums). Update 10/2016

Potentials 1972-77
R&B group. See bio in BS-2.

The Potentials photo circa Feb. 1976. L to R: James Ross (manager), Kandy White, Michael King, Ronnie Lewis.
- updated 5/2017

Premier 90
Country group. Premier played mostly at the Glen Burnie Moose & Shane T's (the old Upside Down Club). Drummer James Dillard was with the group briefly in 1990 and recalled "I was part of (Premier) inbetween stints with Turner's Outlaw Band. The band started out as a 3 piece then turned into a 5 piece with a steel guitar. I left just before that, I was told I was a rock drummer. I'm just me, Frank Turner likes my double-bass drumming & if he ain't country who is, lol."

Premier circa 1990. Dave Burns (guitar), James Dillard (drums), Steve Blair (lead vocals, bass guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Prince Dave & the Valiants 65
Rock & Roll house band at The Garden Bar. Members Prince Dave (keyboards), Whitey (drums), and Tim Torba (guitar).
- added 2/2014

Pritchett, Albert 'Be-Bop' '50s-60s (addendum)
Jazz pianist and guitarist. Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, his family moved to Baltimore when he was a youngster. After WWII he attended Peabody Conservatory and Larry London School of Music. He played all the clubs on Baltimore's The Block, and The Avenue (Pennsylvania Avenue). He played in many popular big bands including those of Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Paul Williams, Tiny Grimes, and Cootie Williams. Pritchett passed away in August 1969.

Also known as Chocolate Rain. See bio in BS-2.
Finally found a copy of their great funk single "Good Vibration" b/w "Get On Your Job" pictured below

Rebel Amish Radio
See BS-2
- updated 11/2012

Redeye 1985-86
Hyattsville, MD based rock, soul, R&B band. Members included Buddy Shoop (lead guitar, vocals), Robert 'Boo' Bahan (rhythm guitar, vocals), Danny Bobick (bass), and Steve Parezo (drums). Redeye played at Kim's Hideaway, Captain White's, Nick & Fred's...
Info courtesy of Steve Parezo.

Renner, Mark
See bio in BS-2
198(45) - Gate Int'l --- Saints And Sages / Ageless
- updated 2/2013

Reyes Brothers 75-87 (addendum)
Pop/Rock and Top-40 group originally started as Hot Flash in Lansdowne area with Joe Reyes (guitar), Phil Reyes (bass), Joe Lingeman (drums), and Ellie Stevenson (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, flute, keyboards). Tom Reyes (keyboards ex-Orange Wedge) joined the group as they became known as The Reyes Brothers Band.

Photo courtesy of Ellie

Stevenson, with her 3 octave range, fronted the group until leaving in 1981 to form the group Smartz. She was replaced with dual vocalists (as noted in group bio see BS-2).
Added/updated 11/2012

Richards 1989-91
The Richards was a Baltimore/D.C. based Alternative Rock band that was formed by ex-Noise Patrol member Don Velli (aka Johnny England) from 1989 to 1991. The band consisted of Don Velli on vocals/guitar, Greg Breazeale (ex-Beaver's Cleavers) on vocals/bass, Ken Pfieffer (ex-Beaver's Cleavers) on vocals/guitar and Jeff Childress (ex-Strange Desire) on drums. The band blended punk, folk and pop and played mainly original songs such as "King," "Guarded," "Don't Take Me For Lost," "Band in the Box" and :Capitalism A-Go-Go." They also played covers including a punked-up version of John Lennon's Jealous Guy.
The Richards played venues such as the Grog and Tankard, Max's on Broadway and the Calvert Street Cafe. Keyboardist Tim Stang also performed with the band on and off. Greg and Ken would later go on to form Digger. In 1993 Don Velli would begin working on his "WHIRL" band project.
News from Don: "Some of Greg Breazeale's Richards' songs were released on the Digger CD "Slam on the Brakes" and my Richards songs will be part of a WHIRL CD that will cover several band members over several years with most originals and some new songs by me. Some of these songs will be released on YouTube but all of them will be available soon on a CD or download (on TNP Records)." 19MZnIjIyQ2mPA

The Richards - Pictured: Top left Don Velli, top right Jeff Childress, bottom left Greg Breazeale, bottom right Ken Pfieffer.
Bio and photo courtesy of Don Velli
Posted 7/2015

Ricky & the Chips
See bio in BS-2. The group's horn section included Carl Vaughn (trumpet), Roy aka 'Sugar Bear' (trumpet), Preston (trombone)... Ricky & the Chips did some studio work but unfortunately never released a record.

Ricky & the Chips horn section at Northern High School, 1968. L-R: Preston, Roy, Carl.
(update 11/2012)

Rockabilly Rebels 1972-78
Country and 50s rock & roll band. Joe Mehl, Sr. (lead guitar), Danny Sadler (guitar, vocals), and Charlie Reddinger (drums). Group played mostly American Legion and VFW halls. Also performed at Fells Point Festival. Danny and Charlie went on to form Just Us...
- added 5/2017 - Thanks Danny Sadler

See bio in BS-2. Their 2008 CD was released as Barretta & Rollex titled "At Last." RIP Barretta.
2008(CD) - 2 A.M. Music --- At Last

- added 3/2013

Root Boy Slim
See bio in BS-2

- added 2/2013

Rose, Biff, & Wall Matthews
Both artists noted in BS2, later collaborated on the 1974 LP "Hamburger Blues."
Rose's possibly earliest recorded appearance was in Baltimore on "The Blue Dog Cellar Project" album in 1962. He went on to become a prolific recording artist. Matthews, of course an icon in the D.C./Baltimore area.

1974(LP) - Sweet Jane 1273 -- Hamburger Blues

Ross, Sammy
Promo for Sammy Ross from the 1960s. Photo courtesy of Jon Berle who notes that "(Sammy) was a very talented musician who played accordian at my Bar Mitzvah in 1963". Alan Feiler, editor at the Jewish Times, wrote a nice article about Sammy: thor-diminutive-actor
- 4/2013

Royal-Tunes 57
Recording artist of "Rundy-Run" and "You Told Me You Loved Me."
Author has yet to verify actual record release.

Royals 63-65
Salisbury based rock & roll group featured Jesse Fury (Furrie) (rhythm guitar and vocals), Bill Dryden (lead guitar, lead vocals), Phil Davis (bass), and Burnley Wilder (drums). The group performed hits of the day including British invasion, Ventures, Beach Boys... They performed teen dances mostly throughout Maryland's Eastern Shore in Salisbury (notably the Civic Center), Cambridge, Ocean City (Pier Ballroom), and venues in Delaware.
Local DJ Dick Ireland, then at Salisbury radio station WJDY, brought The Royals to Baltimore in late 1963 where they recorded under the direction of keyboardist Joey Welz. In early 1964 the group released a single on Monumental Records "Your Sweet Love" and "Percision" billed as 'The Liverpool Sounds Of The Royals.' The group embarked on a record promotional tour playing gigs in Dover, Wilmington, Baltimore, and DC. In their home town of Salisbury the record reached the top-10 on local radio stations.
After The Royals split, Jesse played bass guitar for a while with Joey Welz who had briefly moved to Salisbury. Jesse and Joey later managed several local groups. (03/2015)

Rock group featuring Rob Finecey (guitar), Frank Frazier (bass), Donna (lead vocals) from Dusty Roads, and Ed Weber Keyboards) and Jim from the Toy's.

Photo - Frank - taken at Loverde's
Added 9/2015

Rumors 88-91
Members were Ben Arellano (guitar, vocals), Brian Arellano (keys, guitar, bass, vocals), Mark Haberkam (drums, vocals), Donna Harris (keys and vocals), with Rudy Schlesner (sound), and Vinnie Faccianno (lights).
According to Donna "Rumors performed rock, classic rock some top 40 and very little 'lounge' music. We were a family oriented band as Ben and Brian are brothers and Ben was my husband at the time. We also prided ourselves on vocals, we did a lot of Journey, Loverboy, the crowds loved it! We played the Brass Rail, Millersville Inn, Purple Moose, Brass Rail in O.C., etc. We did alot of private parties."
Bio and photo courtesy of Donna Harris
Added 1/2013

Runway Model '80s
1993(LP) - Kustom Kitchen 6 --- Radio Bath
Alex Layne (guitar), Michelle 'Little Mary Ann' Cutler (bass), Jane Kelley (organ), Chad Jones (drums).
Album produced and engineered by Tony French at Hound Sound. Released by Kustom Kitchen Records, Chattanooga, TN.
- added 10/2012/updated 12/2012

Sadler, Danny 60s-00s
Country and oldies vocalist and guitarist. Danny's performance career began in 1962 as a teenager singing with his aunt Bonnie McKann, a honky-tonk pianist and singer at the Cozy Club in Baltimore. When Bonnie passed away Danny learned to play the guitar so that he could continue performing at the Cozy.
He later teamed up with drummer Jimmy Ernest and they played as a duo until Danny's first band Speakeasy was formed in 1968. His next band was Nugget, which went through a couple of incarnations. Inbetween, Danny went to Nashville at the invitation of Caprice Records to do some recording. Disatisfied with the arrangements, Danny's fan club President Georgia Sporouse was Aunt to Conway Twitty's Secretary Dee Henry (who later married Conway), and ultimately they were able to make arrangements for Danny to record his original songs at Woodland Studios in Nashville.
The first single "My Daddy Was A Truck Drivin' Man" b/w "Decisions" was released in 1972 on Ricki Records, a label named in honor of his son who passed away at age 10. "Decisions" was a song Danny wrote that dealt with his desire to become a full time musician and his ultimate decision to give up his 17 year career as a Baltimore City firefighter in order to follow his dream. A second single "Ain't Love Grand" from the Nashville sessions was released a year later on John Councilman's Eastern Records label. The flip side of the single "The Letter" was narrated by Bill Tolson. The song is a recitation of a letter supposedly written by Elvis in Heaven and features a background of The Jordanaires doing "How Great Thou Art."
Danny Sadler & Nugget went through a second incarnation from 1970-72 expanding the repertoire to include country, oldies and rock music.
Danny was also a member of The Rockabilly Rebels (1972-78). He took Danny Chavis' place as a member of The Chavis Brothers (1978-81) touring the east coast and playing local venues such as Zebelean's, Turf Club, Club Vista, Park Lounge... He was also a member of Just Us (1982-85).
At one time Danny also had a band that included Doug Puls (guitar), Rick Serfas (guitar), and Steve Hunt (bass), They played The Red Rooster in Jessup, and Deno's in Fredrick.
Danny always did solo work as well, from his beginnings at the Cozy Club, inbetween bands, and on nights when his bands weren't scheduled to play. He loved to perform and it showed with the write-ups by Jimmy Colimore in the News American, and the print ads that were taken out by the venues that employed him. Venues were many and include (in no particular order) The Cozy, Shook's Lounge, Turf Club (Laurel), Klamp's (Elkridge), The Nite Owl, Red Rooster (Laurel), Wade Poole's Inn, Fred & Margie's, Club 175, Jim's Hide-A-Way, Kibby's, Fireside Inn (Oakland), and many others. Danny had a tour bus (camper) and traveled from state to state playing many gigs. He continues to perform private parties.

Photos: Fan Club photo Courtesy of Danny Sadler, Ricki 45

Danny Sadler discography:
1972 - Ricki 9218 -- My Daddy Was A Truck Drivin' Man / Decisions
1973 - Eastern 02 -- Ain't Love Grand / The Letter (narrated by Bill Tolson)
- updated 5/2017 - Thanks Danny Sadler

Sagat / Chico Slamm '80s-present
Rap artist and record producer Faustin Lenon, Jr. (aka Sagat, Blaksam, Jump Chico Slamm) took an interest in music at a very young age. His skills began to blossom under the tutelage of keyboardist Charles Arnette, his music teacher at Waverly Elementary School, after which he went on to study piano at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. He also mastered various percussion instruments.
By his mid-teens Faustin had gained experience with recording studios and live DJ performances with likeminded musicians in East Baltimore and a short residence in Chicago. His styles varied from rap, hip hop, ska, house, and other urban sounds.

In the mid-'80s, known as Chico Slamm, he earned a DJ spot at O'Dells and subsequently co-formed CPI Productions, Inc. with Chris Beggs, Mike 'DJ Quest' Felder, Big Daddy, Bo Pete Ferrari, Bo, and Dax Johnson. They promoted and performed as dance DJ's at The Place on 31st Street as well as parties and gigs at various colleges and universities. As the CPI DJ Trio, Faustin (Chico Slamm), along with with DJ's Mike Felder and Chris Beggs performed stints at Club Zanzibar, and others, where they were able to incorporate their studio work.
After a brief hiatus, Chico Slamm teamed up with Beggs and DJ Jerome Hicks performing at Club Fantasies, and soon began recording at Baltimore's Mainframe Recording Studios with Engineer George Hagegeorge. In 1989 Slamm founded CUZN records and released his first single 'Make You Sweat.'
In 1990 legendary dance music pioneer DJ Tony Humphries began incorporating Chico Slamm's music into his live shows at Club Zanzibar, and on his Mix Show on radio station 98.7 KYS, leading to record label interest.
From Chico Slamm website: "Chico Slamm, DJ Jerome Hicks, and DJ Chris Beggs continued to collaborate on several recording projects and formed Freestyle Jam Sessions, which played live at Club Paradox in Baltimore. The Jam Sessions combined DJ Jerome Hicks' Spin Set along with Chico Slamm's live keyboard and drum machine performance. The science of combining drum and bass with break beats that was spearheaded by the Slamm Productions trio inspired Chico Slamm to experiment with other fusion music principles and theories."
"The explosion brought forth the creation of Chico Slamm's 'Wildstyle Theory', which fused Chicago Acid, Funk, Ska, Samba, Jersey Style Dance, Chicago Style Hip House and variations of 'The 6/8 rhythm counts' mostly of the Western African and South American Traditions together. It then combined these styles along with offsprings of Underground Dance Cult Hits like 'Tumblin Down' (Hermann on E-legal records), 'Feel Free' from the Slamm Project (Cajual), 'Batte Con' (CLR) and 'House Thing' (unreleased E-legal) which was a Baltimore Hip House cult jam performed by Labtekwon, Faze, and Chico Slamm as Sagatmanchu (Formerly Known As Sagat). This formed the group '3 Deep'. Mainframe Recording Studios then became Track In The Box and later The Sweatshop Studios as George Hagegeorge expanded in his field. Chico Slamm's recordings were done at those recording studios with the exception of occasional recordings at High Heel Recording Studios which was also in Baltimore.
"From 1990-1992, Chico Slamm had numerous live performances throughout the east coast between New York and South Carolina using the artist names Blaksam, BlackStar and Oneson with Baltimore Dance and Choreography Pioneers Booda and Johnny 'Kuumba' Jackson, Russell and Juddy and the Almighty Mickey's. It was during the years of 1991-1993 that Chico Slamm along with Composer/Writer/Engineer/Producer/Mixer Tim Moore AKA Phat Dahdee, founder of Dabrovasgroove and Glenn 'DjTechnics' Brand collaborated Underground Smashes that still captivate dance floors to the present including 'Fuk Dat / Funk Dat' (released under his alias Sagat on Maxi Records), The Tapp Project (Yeah Yeah) including 'Shake Dat Ass Girl,' 'It's Your Birthday' and 'Dikkontrol' (Tapp Project 1993), Jamma Quadrant One (CLR) and the Slamm Project (Cajual)."

To date the 1993 record release 'Why Is It? (Funk Dat)' was his biggest hit, gaining worldwide popularity in 1994. The music video made rotation on MTV and appeared on episodes of Beavis & Butthead. The follow up single 'Luvstuff' was a club hit in Europe. Both singles were included on the 1994 album 'My Poem Is... The World According To Sagat' (Maxi Records).

Recording under the alias Blacksam he released the single 'Mr. Phat' (Max'n Records, 1994).
A complete discography is available on his website.
Information from Wikipedia,, and with thanks to Chico Slamm's website

Jump Chico Slamm Discography (Releases, Production and Remixes...):
1989 - Cuzn -- Make You Sweat (Make You Wet)
1992 - Cuzn -- C.A.T. The Low Ride Song (remix)
1993(12") - Cajual CAJ208-1-- Slamm Project (EP) (artist: Jump Chico Slamm)
1993(12",CD) - Maxi 2014 - Fuk Dat (artist: Sagat) (note later released as "Why Is It? (Fuk Dat)")
1993(12",CD) - Maxi 2014-1 - Why Is It? (Funk Dat) (artist: Sagat) (Note: Clean radio version) (Also released on cassette)
1994 - Maxi MX2017 - Luvstuff (artist: Sagat)
1994(CD) - Maxi -- My Poem Is... World According To Sagat (artist: Sagat)
1994(12") - Max'n 3011 - Mr. Phat (artist: Blacksam)
1995(12",CD) - Maxi 2022 - Get Outta My Face (artist: Sagat)
2010(12") - IUSS -- "Galactic Alignment" (artist Jump Chico Slamm)
2012 - Cyberjamz CJ0078 - Pyrotechnics EP (artist Jump Chico Slamm)
2012(12") - Rush Hour 041 -- Galactic Alignment (note: Netherlands re-release: artist Jump Chico Slamm)
2013(CD) - Imperial Underground IU1201 - The Way You Move (artist Jump Chico Slamm)

As Writer / Producer / various artists:
1992 - E-Legal EL-846210 -- Tumblin Down feat. Hermann Carter (mixed by 'Chico' Slamm)
1993 - SPG 801 -- I Need To Go Away (All By Myself) (artist Tommye)
1993 - Yeah Yeah -- It's Your Birthday EP (EP) (artist: Tapp - Chico Slamm: producer)
1995 - Maxi 5006 - Warning: Maxi-Mum Dancefloor Capacity Volume 2 (various artists - incl 'Get Outta My Face'
1995 - CLR -- Jamma Quadrant One "Batte Con"
1997 - CLR -- Jamma Quadrant One "Summertime" feat. Tapp
2012 - Studio !K7 -- Feel Free (1993 version) (various artists CD: Hercules & Love Affair/ DJ Kicks)
- added 8/2015

See bio in BS-2

Sage ad from 'Young World' classifieds Feb. 1975

Sage L-R: Bill (drums), Mike (bass), Chuck (keys), not pictured: Danny.
Photo courtesy of Mike Porter
-Added 7/2015

Sampson, Henry
Known as "The Roving Disc Jockey", Henry Sampson's career spanned the golden age of Baltimore radio.
In Mr. Sampson own words, "In 1946 at the age of eighteen, Henry was the first and only black radio engineer in Baltimore City by working with the Engineers of radio station WITH, where Chuck Richards was the only black radio announcer. Henry became a disc jockey in his own right as "The Roving Disc Jockey." Henry played records for wedding receptions, boat rides, bar-b-ques, block parties, banquets, bull roasts, and family reunions. Henry was on the air on several radio stations in the Baltimore area (WWIN, WEBB, WBGR, WJRO, WITH, WLG) playing gospel music.

He married Ms. Lucinda Thompson on November 17, 1963 (Larry Dean was his Best Man). From their marriage there were five children - three sons and two daughters.
Henry worked with nationally known disc jockeys such as Larry Dean, Chuck Richards, Eddie Morrison, Rockin' Robin, Hot Rod, Fat Daddy, Sir Johnny-O, Bill "Sparky" Mullen, Kelson "Chop-Chop" Fisher, Sam Beasley, Don Brooks, Al Jefferson, Champ Higgins, Joltin' Joe Parker, Vernon "Mr. Vee" Blagmond, Kitty Broady, Sue Wood, Aunt Pauline Wells Lewis, Mary Cee, and Mary Dee of Philadelphia. But it was really Vernon Blagmond who taught Henry to be a disc jockey on "The House Of Blue Lights" program in 1950 on radio station WSID (100-AM). Henry had a choice of playing golden oldies for which he was popular or to play gospel music, but Henry chose to pay gospel music. His late night or early morning gospel program was called "Good Inspirational Music."
Henry also managed singing groups such as The Starlettes, The Profiles, The Chalons, The Royaltunes, The Sachcoes, plus two bands The Jumpin' Jaguars, and The Royals. The first group that Henry managed was a group called the Silver Echoes. Henry also sponsored many banquets and golden oldies affairs. He had two hobbies, he loved to roller skate and collect old records (both gospel and rock & roll).
Henry's favorite closing out message would always be "Remember it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all."
Henry was born September 2, 1928. He passed away on August 8, 2008.
Bio written by Henry, shared by his son Antonio Sampson.
-Added 10/2016

Sanders, Kass & White
Jazzy pop vocal trio of Elizabeth Sanders, Nancy Kass, and Anne Louise White (vocals, piano, percussion), with Jonathan Jensen (bass), Andrew Lawrence (guitar), and Joanne Riley (piano and synthesizer).
1991(CD) - White Sandkastle 101 -- Feels Like Home
added 6/2015

Sands of Tyme 67
Parkville group featured Tim Landers (guitar), Paul (bass), Larry (guitar), Mark (guitar), and Jimmy Jellinek (drums). Played teen centers and CYOs...
- 4/2013

Saturn Circle 1980-92
R&B group formerly known as Elusion (briefly mentioned in BS2). Saturn Circle consisted of mainly the same members of Elusion, adding a horn section and additional vocalist Stevie McDowell.
Saturn Circle members also included Pam Jones (vocals, keyboards), Veda Ragler (vocals), Gary Davis (vocals), Paul Brown (vocals, conga), Luis Bulgin (conga, vocals), Willie Borders (guitar), Wayne Richard (guitar), Kevin Jones (bass), and Juney Stewart (drums).
The group played Earth Wind & Fire style horn band R&B. They performed locally as well as traveling throughout MD, VA, D.C., DE, NY, CT... performing at colleges (Georgetown...), NAACP events, Baltimore Penitentiary, Left Bank Jazz Society... They shared stages with the likes of Madhouse, Mandrill, The Softones, Black Ivory (at The Club Ambassador)...
McDowell continues to perform in NY City. Bulgin later worked with Lovecraft, Joe Cooper Project, and others. Brown continues to entertain at private events with his own Paul Brown & Company 'For Lovers Only' show.
Added 10/2016. Courtesy of Paul Brown

Satyr's Ensemble 66
Rock & Roll house band at The Night Owl. Ray Huettner (vocals), Tim Torba (guitar), Tommy Smith (bass), Rick Butcher (keyboards), and John Sankonis (drums). After the departure of Torba, Smith, and Butcher the group morphed into Morgan's Pirates.

- added 2/2014

Scarlet Angel
See interview by Toione van Poorten published in Metal Maidens magazine #40/Summer 2005
Click here to read the
- added 11/2012

Scarlet Sunrise
Country group.
1976(45) - Scarlet Sunrise 5005 --- In The Shelter Of Your Arms / Fourteen in the Pen
A-Side lyrics by Dorothy Ebaugh. B-Side lyrics by Dick Wade.
Single recorded by Bradley Recording Company (BRC-5005)
Single release as by Dick Wade & Scarlet Sunrise:
197(45) - Jandi Records --- Lay It On Me / Sweet Janie Goodbye
- Added 9-16-12

Scarlet Sunrise 45

Schaeffer, Margie - see - Weaver, Margie

Schwartz, Hank
Hank Schwartz attended JHU (circa 1958-64) and spent some time honing his skills and performing in the Baltimore area. Recordings of Hank can be found on the album "The Johns Hopkins 'Y' Folk Music From The Room At The Top" recorded at JHU's Levering Hall Coffee House. The album featured tracks from local artists as well as students attending from other parts of the country.

Hank's performance at the Philadelphia Folk Festival culminated his appearance on the "Old Time Banjo Project" album (1964 Elektra Records various artists LP). His latest release "Notes Along The Way" released in 2003 consists of traditional old-time songs, ballads and instrumentals sung and played on a variety of early 5-string banjos in the traditional clawhammer/frailing style.
The following borrowed from CD Baby website in Hank's own words:
"I don't think that it's too great an exaggeration to say that the banjo saved my life. It certainly changed it for the better, brought me many of my best friends, and is now a dear and constant companion."
"This second life began on a trip to Europe. It was a typical late 50's teen tour, eight weeks of intense traveling, sightseeing, great food and experiences. The male leader of this group was a mellow fellow named Woody Wachtel. He basically went along for the ride and managed to keep us all in good spirits and on track. The most remarkable thing about Woody was the ancient fretless 5-string banjo that he carried everywhere. I'd never seen a banjo before, and by the end of the trip I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Woody played in a most primitive style known as frailing which he'd learned by spending a lot of time in Allen, Kentucky with a great player named Rufus Crisp. He later brought that style to New York City where he influenced many players and kindled a great interest in old-time banjo."
"I've tried to conjure up memories of that old banjo, but Woody and his banjo are long gone. The banjo died in a fire at Woody's house in the late 60's, and Woody died by his own hand not very long after that. I still think of him often and wish that I could tell him yet again how much he and his banjo mean to my life. He struggled with his fierce demon to the end."
"I left for Baltimore upon my return from that memorable European trip, and the beginning of four years of college. Woody gave me the names of some good Baltimore friends of his and I soon was a regular at the old-time music gatherings in the little carriage house of Myron Edelman and Lisa Kierra. Another regular was Mike Seeger who helped me find my first banjo, a pristine Fairbanks #2 Whyte Laydie. It had belonged to the owner of a shoe store who'd played classical music on it. It was still strung with gut when I purchased it from his estate for . They had been asking but I was a relatively poor student and they graciously took pity on me. When I asked Mike whether that was a good instrument he figured that it would do."
"When I started out on this long banjo path I was a terribly self-conscious and unsocial teenager. I was too shy to date, and had spent most of my time hidden away on solitary hobbies. As I began to develop some skill and learn some tunes I started playing outside on the Johns Hopkins campus. I also spent a lot of time in a wonderful coffeehouse called "The Flambeau". This was the great era of coffeehouses and it sported the typical Italian iced drinks and espressos, poetry readings, chess games and folk singers. I eventually began to play at the Flambeau and actually developed a fan club and a regular gig."
"On stage I was excited, outgoing, funny and a real performer. I tell you, folks; it made a new person of me. I went on to win the old time banjo contest at the Philadelphia Folk Festival around 1963 and, because of that, appeared on Elektra Records' Old Time Banjo Project. My short-term fame culminated in a suggestion by Elektra that I accompany Judy Collins on a road tour. I realized that this was a crossroads in my life and I fortunately opted to remain at home, a family man with a mundane occupation. And so, Hank Schwartz disappeared from the banjo scene, to only reappear in the 90's with the advent of the WEB."
"I'd played, on and off, these many years, but was finally inspired to take it seriously again by banjo master Reed Martin. I met a friend of Reed's on the web who remembered me and told me that Reed, another denizen of the Baltimore scene, had been looking for me. When Reed heard that I wanted to try a Stewart banjo he mailed me one! I loved it so much that I couldn't stop playing but decided that a Fairbanks Electric was probably the best instrument for my style of playing, something between the sound and feel of my Whyte Laydie and the Stewart. Since then I've become somewhat of a collector of Fairbanks history and Fairbanks banjos."
"My style of playing is derived from the frailing style of Woody. I've added a lot of double thumbing, which gives my playing its own characteristic sound. I strongly believe in finding your own method and style. I enjoy the players that reproduce so well the famous styles of the past, but my music comes from my own passion for it and is only expressed by my personal style."
"I hope that some of my listeners find inspiration in this effort to put down the results of my rebirth with Woody. I decided long ago that he wrought such a great and important change in my being that it was important to, in some way, pass it on."

Check out Hank's historical banjo website
Added 12/2016

Second Sun '90s
Rock band featuring Chris Link (vocals,guitar, keyboards), Matt Bader (bass guitar, vocals), Eric Schindhelm (vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, keys), Dan Hylock (guitar, cabasa).
Chris Link was later with the D.C. based Deer Run Drifters.
1998(CD) - Ground Zero 004 -- Day to Day
Added 8/2016

Seward's Folly 1967-70
Anne Arundel County based rock band. The group was originally called My Generation, then evolved into what became Seward's Folly, until it broke up in late 1970. It was only My Generation for one year. (Both groups are briefly noted in BS-2).
Drummer Fred Antonelli added the following information:
"We played in 1969 on 'Baltimore Breakout' that was hosted over WBAL-TV. We also did several gigs with Kirby Scott (WCAO Disc-jockey) as well as playing at Johnny Dark's 'Dark Corner' in Brooklyn. The band was a very popular classic rock sound in the greater Baltimore area as well as Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County. It was also relatively popular in the lower PA area just outside of Balto Co. Also the band was a two time winner of the biggest Battle of the Bands in Anne Arundel County in 1968 and again in 1969."
Fred went on to become a psychologist, practicing on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and continues to play music for enjoyment. Heime worked with many other popular local bands including Tommy Vann's Professionals, Jeremiah, Koffee Beans, and others.

My Generation: L to R: Chuck Hustler (rhythm guitar), Harold 'Heime' Whitwer, (lead guitar), Fred Antonelli (drums), Dave Jracowski (bass).

Seward's Folly lead guitarist Bruce Webster. Fred describes as "One of 'top notch' rock lead guitar players in all of Baltimore!".

My Generation/Seward's Folly drummer Fred Antonelli, considered (at the time) the best rock 'show drummer' in Anne Arundel County.

My Generation/Seward's Folly (L to R): Dave Jracowski (bass), Chuck Hustler (rhythm guitar), Fred Antonelli (drums). Not Shown: Sam Booth (bass from 1969-1970).

Photos courtesy of Fred Antonelli.
Added 12/2015

Shake '90s
Rock band featuring Kurt Lightner (lead vocals), Paul Sheehan (guitars), Jeff McDonnell (bass), and Bob Gayo (drums).
1995 (CD) - SHK 001 --- Shake

added 4/2015

Shane, Lee, & Spring Fever 1970-82+
See BS2 for bio and photos. Lee Shane (Brian 'The Mate' Hickton) continues to entertain as a karaoke DJ for weddings, parties, and clubs. The following liner notes are borrowed from his 2009 CD "Almost Famous."
"Born in Derby, England in 19?? (would rather not say)... Never having sung a note other than with teen idols, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and Elvis to records in the living room... on my 18th birthday, I went with two mates (Mel & Norman) for a legal pint at a local pub. As a joke, they signed me up for a singing competition. The joke was on them while I WON... Offers started rolling in... I began singing with various local groups... The Cyclones (as Lee Shane), The Renegades, Rufus's Rebels... In 1961 I went to Butlin's Holiday Camp in Skegness with my mate Mel and entered another contest and won... The band that backed the singers was Rory Storm and The Hurricanes (with Ringo Starr on drums). The following Saturday there was a knock on my motel door and there stood Ringo and his band mates... Their singer, Rory Storm, had taken ill and if they didn't get another singer "like right now" they would lose their summer gig. So I became Rory Storm and sang with Ringo and The Hurricanes for the rest of the season... Went down to London for a record deal with Decca Records... They gave me a new name - Lee Shane - and a new band - The Trenniers... I recorded a record called 'Angel Face', but it didn't do very good. I think my mum and dad and family purchased all the copies... My dad has the only copy I know of and he won't give it up...
"Lee Shane and the band soon got shipped over to Hamburg, Germany... Who do we end up crossing paths with... none other than the original Silver Beatles, at that time Pete Best was the drummer... They were performing at the Star Club and we were 2 streets away at the Top Ten Club... We would hang out when we weren't playing... Sometimes we joined in with each other on the stage and jammed... We were 18-19 years old, free spirits, playing good rock-n-roll and having fun. The German teens loved the English bands... I toured briefly in the U.K. in '63... sang in various venues in Germany and the U.K. throughout the next five years, including many U.S. military EM clubs. In 1967 I left Germany and went back home to England for 2 years...
"Came to the United States in 1969 and settled in Ft. Meade, Maryland area... I kept Lee Shane as my stage name and started up another band called Lee Shane and Springfever in 1970... signed on with Starleigh Enterprises and sang at clubs throughout the Baltimore - Ocean City - Washington area with a six-piece band, doing mostly top ten covers and 50's and 60's rock-n-roll... built this band from scratch as a singer, leader, and business manager and actually sold it and its contracts when I decided to hang up my microphone in 1982.
"Several years later, my wife surprised me with Karaoke equipment for my Christmas present... I began my current gig as DJ and Karaoke host two nights per week at Schooner's in Carney, Maryland in 1997. I've continued DJ-ing on the side doing four or five weddings or parties a month... The rest, as they say, is tomorrow's history."

2009(CD) - Almost Famous

- Added 12-2013

Sheelah-Na-Gig '90s
Modern rock band briefly mentioned in BS2. Chris Gosnell (lead vocals), Darren Todd (guitar), Craig Spoor (bass), J.J. Dyer (drums).
Releases include a track on 1995 local comp "Spitting Seeds III", and a 1996 full length CD recorded at Oz Studio produced by Frank Marchand.
1996(CD) - Rock Dog -- Information & Change

- Added 9-2016

Shrouded Unity '90s
Pasadena based rock band. Members include Larry Parsons (lead vocals), Arnold Jerrell (guitar, keboards, vocals), Michael Routh (bass, vocals), and Mike Kirby (drums, percussion). released CD "Crossing The Line" in 1995
1995(CD) - Drama ALJ56 -- Crossing The Line

Shrouded Unity L-R: Kirby, Parsons, Routh, Jerrell
- added 3/2014

Silver Raven '70s
Brief mention in BS2.
Silver Raven record release:
19(45) - The Music Bank - Don't Let Him Slip Away / The Open Hearth Song

Simms, John & Arthur 70s-80s
Vocal duo from West Baltimore. John and Arthur are younger brothers of original Softones members. John, a vocalist and guitarist played for First Class, and The Softones. Arthur, a vocalist, pianist and songwriter, did sessions with Cerrone, and Tina Turner.
The two brothers teamed up to produce their brand of R&B dance music and were signed by Alec Constandinos of Casablanca Records.
1980(45) - Casablanca 2251 -- That Thang Of Yours / I'm Gonna Miss You
1980(12") - Casablanca 20216 -- That Thang Of Yours
1980{LP) - Casablanca 7215 -- John & Arthur Simms

- added 5/2017 - Thanks Freddie

Sims, Horace, & his Blue Rockers
Sims, a pianist formerly of the Blue Tones circa 1952-53 (see BS-2).
The Blue Rockers also featured drummer Elmara Fuggs. They performed at Club Paree on Pennsylvania Ave.
- Added 9-20-12

Sines, Robbie, Revue 80-81
Country group. Drummer James Dillard recalled "Robbie Sines and I founded The Robbie Sines Revue which turned into DBS Express then New South Band (I came up with the name). The club in Odenton we played was The Golden Flame, now called Perry's. I also played for Robbie's Father Ronnie Sines & The Heatwaves before Robbie when I was around 16 or 17 at Mike's Crabhouse in Edgewater."
James and Jack Dillard went on to play in many country groups together thoughout the '80s and '90s, then in early '00s with rock group Steel Force. James later with Superswank, Chopper Trike Rebels, and Mojo.

Robbie Sines Revue circa 1980. Keith Moreland (bass), Robbie Sines (lead vocals), James Dillard (drums), Kenny Stepp (guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard

Robbie Sines Revue circa 1981. Bobby Cannon (bass), James Dillard (drums), Robbie Sines (lead vocals), Jack Dillard (guitar), Mark Zepp (guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Sixty Watt Shaman
See entry in BS-2
- updated 11/2012

Skitzo Calypso
See entry BS-2
2007(CD) - bi-polar records --- Between the Lines 'n Beyond the Static
- added 11/2012

Sky King '99-01
Classic rock and pop group featured Dave Streett on guitar and vocals, Wesley Steinfeldt (RIP) on drums, Joe Mooney on bass and Suzie Reed on Keyboard. The group played several local gigs and the Reisterstown Festival, among others.
Streett had previously played with the bluegrass group Granite Hill. After Sky King he went on to play with No Reply ('02-06), and Bucky's Brother ('06-13).

added 11/2015 (thanks to Dave Streett)

See brief bio in BS-2
1996(CD) - CLR 7214 --- Insulated

- added 3/2013

Sly Boots '80s-90s
See group mention in BS-2

Sly Boots ad circa 1990
- added 10/2013

Smartz 1980-87+
Rock group consisted of Ellie Reyes nee-Stevenson (ex-Reyes Brothers Band - vocals/keyboards/acoustic Guitar/bookings and management), David Freidman (rhythm guitar, vocals, keys, management & bookings), Gino Snyder (lead guitar, Vocals), Keith (percussion, drums, vocals), and Tim (bass, vocals).
In 1984 Mike Sipes replaced Tim with bass guitar/rhythm acoustic/vocals.
Ellie recalled "we enjoyed success playing in Catonsville, the City of Annapolis and Baltimore, Woodlawn, up and down the coast. We were a Rock and Roll band from 1980 to 1987+." "I play rhythm guitar, percussion, flute, keyboards, and sing lead. My forte is singing as I have a 3 octave range." Ellie left the group in 1985 to join Mars/Freed At Last. After Smartz "I went with Freed at Last for a brief eight month stint, while Jeanne Freed a friend from high school, was on Maternity. Then I did some studio work, which gave me some ties to production of a show at Bally's in Las Vegas called Starsearch. I played the Starcade and some other shows. Eventually I purchased a bar/restaurant called the Capri Restaurant and Lounge and the NY Cafe. There I played music 1998, solo and 2001-3 with Jeep Capone (Chicago musicians) and Al Stevens as a trio."
"I've enjoyed playing music most of my life." "I started playing back at Patterson High School (Helen Bush, vocal music teacher and Hugh Carey instrumental/choir) where I got the best FREE education in music. My family all played music as well, father on stringed instruments and mother on keyboard/accordian. Their parents as well." Today Ellie is a Broker/Owner for Executive Choice Realty, Inc.
Added 11/2012 (thanks to Ellie Stevenson-Cerasuolo )

R&B group (see bio in BS-2).

Smooth-N-Company's 1983 single - Added 7-7-16

Smooth Teaze
Acapella group evolved from Smooth-N-Company (see bio in BS-2).
200? (CD) - (indie) --- Lookin' For An Echo - Acapella Doo-Wop Classics
- Added 9-14-12

Smooth Teaze

Smooth Teaze CD

Smooths '90s
Ska-pop group. Released 1996 CD "Very Own Vegas" (Monkey Puzzle Music - Limited Edition Records). Members included Brodie Ruland (bass), Ben Treat (guitar), Jamie Robertson (drums), James Stillwaggon (vocals), Tim Doscher (trombone), Tim Hoenig (tenor sax), Jenny Stillwaggon (baritone sax), Jeb Crandall (keys), Tommy Gilhuley (lead vocals and percussion).
The group performed in Baltimore's limited number of local ska venues and toured nationally, most notably in 1998 Warped Tour, and shared stages with the likes of The Specials and others.
1996 (CD) - (indie) --- Very Own Vegas
1998 (CD) - Side One Dummy --- No Brakes

- Added 7/2014

Some People's Kids 69-70
A reformed Stratfords rock band was house band at the Highlander Lounge and other local bars. Members were Jim Kelly (vocals), Don Howard (guitar), Tim Torba (bass), George Walters (keyboards), and Frankie Taylor (drums).

- added 2/2014

Soros '50s
R&B group originated at Dunbar High School, fronted by a female vocal quartet of Jeanette Walters (first alto), Loretta Foster (second alto), Erma Bodie (first soprano), and Marian Yarborough (second soprano), backed by a trio of Harrison Hill (piano), Granville Collins (bass), and Richard Scruggs (drums).
Appearances by the Soros included a 1957 Christmas Eve show at the Royal Theatre.
- Added 9-20-12

Soul Serenaders, Benny Johnson &
See brief description in BS-2. The R&B group was house band at the Keystone Inn, Peppermint Lounge, and other local bars. A 1969 lineup included Benny Johnson (vocals), Marshall (guitar), Hoss (bass), Melvin (keyboards), and Marvin Hill (drums). Hoss was called away for military duty and bassist Tim Torba filled in him for six months. Torba later joined a re-formed Stratfords group called Some People's Kids.

- added 2/2014

Sound of Dust 68-74
See bio in BS-2
- 9/2012

Sound of Dust ad - July 1973

Sound of Dust at the Frigate in Glen Burnie 1973

Sound Reason '80s
Joe Blacker, Larry Hines, Jerome Montone, Alan Mitchell. Group later became Citispeak.
198 - Tidal Wave DM 82017 --- Splash / Paradise
- Added 10/2012

Sounds of Baltimore (George Hill)
1984(12") - MG 973 --- Do It While It's Hot / There's Nobody Like You
- Added 10/2012

Sounds of Time
- note that Tim Landers was not a member, he was however a member of a group called The Sands of Time

Speakeasy 1968-69
Originally called Five Easy Pieces, Speakeasy was a country and 50s oldies band featuring Elaine Mehl (lead vocals), Joe Mehl, Sr. (lead guitar), Danny Sadler (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jimmy (bass), and "Little Joe" (drums). They performed at Steelworkers Hall, Holabird Inn, Democratic Clubs, military clubs such as Fort Meade, and Fort Holabird...
Danny went on to join Nugget.

Speakeasy: Left to right Joe Mehl Sr., Elaine Mehl, Lil Joe, Jimmy, Danny Sadler. Photo courtesy of Danny Sadler
- Added 5/2017 - Thanks Danny Sadler

W. C. Spencer
Artist Biography by Richard Skelly from AllMusic

Baltimore-area bluesman W.C. Spencer plays guitar, harmonica, drums, and organ and sings on his recordings, and his live shows are a spectacle, as he plays drums, guitar, and sings all at the same time, not unlike Mr. Satan of the Satan & Adam blues duo, who recorded for a variety of blues labels in the 1990s. Using an invention of his own creation, an eight-piece Alectroset hybrid drum kit that he plays with just one foot, Spencer can play an organist's bass pedals with the other foot. He plays all the instruments while singing the blues.

Spencer launched his performing career in 1974, after graduating from Lynchburg College in Virginia. Through his performing career, he's had plenty of inspiration from unique guitarists like Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton. Spencer opened shows and shared stages with both of them during the 1970s and '80s. Spencer began playing guitar in his native Baltimore as a ten-year-old and quickly took his cues from people like Libba Cotten to teach himself acoustic guitar. He wrote his first original composition as a 14-year-old, and by the time he was 15 he got his first electric guitar. In high school he formed his first band, the Heathens, who specialized in British blues and rock & roll bands like the Rolling Stones and the Animals.

After four years in college in Virginia with no degree, Spencer returned to Maryland and put together a blues trio. But when his two partners on bass and drums were unable to tour with him because of day jobs and family commitments, Spencer began experimenting with a harmonica rack and a tambourine on his foot. Working with a University of Virginia engineering student, he created a rudimentary drum kit and hi-hat that he could play with his foot while playing guitar and harmonica. As he continued to hone his craft and perfect his sound, he added a foot bass pedal synthesizer as well as snare and crash and ride cymbals to supplement what he was doing on drums with his right foot.

Spencer toured extensively through the late '70s and early '80s, opening shows for Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Merle Haggard, and Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. He returned to Baltimore in 1983 and earned his college degree at age 33. He worked a procession of conventional jobs through the 1980s but also developed a substance abuse problem. W.C. married the girlfriend who helped him overcome his alcoholism in 1991 and moved to rural Maryland. After a job layoff in 1994, Spencer recorded his first album, Bluescat, accompanied on some tracks by Hammond B-3 organists Tommy Lepson and Marty Canelli.

His second album for Catscan Records, Over Time, includes a blues tune from each of the ten decades of the 20th century as well as a smattering of original songs. He covers the likes of Muddy Waters, Albert King, Tampa Red, and W.C. Handy on the album (accompanied on some tracks by keyboardists Mookie Seigel and Marty Canelli). Spencer toured extensively up and down the East Coast based on the strength of his second album, dazzling audiences with his multifaceted live show and his sheer dexterity in being able to play all his instruments simultaneously. Spencer's most recent album is 2005's Blues Explorer. Here, he tackles well-known covers like "Kansas City," "Key to the Highway," and "Worried Life Blues," but also gives fans spry originals like "I Said the Blues."

Spencer also appears on 2006 blues comp "Baltimore On Tap: Baltimore's Best Blues Bands," and has composed tracks for albums by DJ Fresh, Hugh Laurie, and others.

1996(CD) - Catscan 9068 -- bluescat
1998(CD) - Catscan 0719 -- Over Time
2004(CD) - Catscan -- Blues Explorer

- Added 12/2013

Spices Four '60s
Female folk recording group
1966(45) - Heifner 2094 -- What Should I Do / Five Hundred Miles

Spring Fever 83-88
Top-40, rock, and variety band featuring Donna Harris (lead vocals, keyboards), John Christeck (guitar), Wally Bosman (bass), Vic Hinkelman (keys), Mark Haberkam (drums), Ron Rendina (sax, keys, vocals), and Danny Balze (sound tech and full band member).
Donna recalled that "Every member of this band could sing lead. We prided ourselves on our vocals and harmonies. We played at Anchor Inn, Brass Rail, Millersville Inn, Purple Moose, Patapsco Inn. We did alot of private parties. The band continued for a couple of years after I left..."
Donna went on to join Benny and the Jets (which later became Rumors). She was replaced by a girl named Cheryl.
BS-2 has group incorrectly noted as a '90s band. Updates courtesy of Donna Harris - 1/2013.

Starstruck '70s-80s
Rock cover band based out of Kenwood High School. Memers included Chuck Klausmeyer (vocals), Ray Stolcup (guitar), Ron Glenn (bass), and Denny Stancliff (drums).
Ron later with Scarlet Angel.
-added 10/2017

Steppin' Blues '70s-'90s
Hampden-based rock, soul, blues band led by Phil Correlli (sax, vocals). 1985 Nucleus of Tony Berry (lead vocals), Danny Reaves (guitar, vocals), Tom Gorelick (keys, vocals), JJ Gunning Jr (trombone) and Neil Moore (drums, vocals) added Paul Lipka (bass), Barry Caudill (sax), and Vinnie Ciesielski (trumpet) to form The Heat & Cold Sweat Horns (see bio).
added 7/2015.

Stevens, George '60s-70s
Briefly noted in BS2. George was touring as a comedian, and perished in the plane crash that also took the life of Jim Croce on September 20, 1973. His earliest recordings appeared on "The Blue Dog Cellar Project" album in 1962.

Stitch In Time
Horn based rock group with sound similar to Chicago. Recorded by Joe Bradley and released Bradley label acetate demo of songs "Strollin'" and "Come On, Get Up, Let's Go." Both sides written by Keith Laurent. Year of release unknown, assumed to be mid-late '60s.
Please contact Joe if you can provide any information about the group.
- added 3/2013

Stoney Mountain Boys '53-83
Earl Taylor's Stoney Mountain Boys were formed in 1953. A brief history is included in BS2.
Two original group members were omitted: Sam 'Porky' Hutchins (guitar, banjo), and Louie Profitt (violin). We regret the error.
Profitt left early on and was very briefly replaced with Art Wooten (ex-Earl Monroe's band, Stanley Brothers) who briefly called Baltimore home.
In 1955 Charlie Waller left to join Buzz Busby's band and later went on to co-found The Country Gentlemen.
In the late '50s The Stoney Mountain Boys went to Nashville and toured as Jimmy Martin's backing band before returning to Baltimore, and soon enlisted banjoist Walter Hensley.
Earl Taylor and group played regular gigs at The 79 Club (7-9 Cross Street), and Jazz City on Pratt Street. Folklorist Alan Lomax came across the group via his friend Mike Seeger and was so enamored that he enlisted them to play at his "Folksong '59" concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, this being the first bluegrass group ever to play the hall. The bill featured an eclectic mix of artists including Jimmy Driftwood, Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, and The Cadillacs, although legend has it that ET & SMB stole the show. A live recording of the show was released in 1959 "Alan Lomax Presents Folksong Festival At Carnegie Hall" (United Artists 3050) on which The Stoney Mountain Boys are represented with three songs.
In 1959 they released the album "Alan Lomax presents Folk Songs from the Blue Grass" (United Artists 3049). The lineup was Taylor (mandolin and lead vocals), Sam Hutchins (guitar, banjo and second lead vocals), Vernon 'Boatwhistle' McIntyre (bass), Curtis Cody (fiddle), and Walter Hensley (lead banjo) had replaced Vernon Junior.

Lomax's liner notes state "I am deeply obligated to Mike Seeger for taking me to hear the Stoney Mountain Boys whom he had discovered in Baltimore. There may be somewhat more accomplished players in other groups, there may be smoother orchestrations, but to my ear, nothing quite matches the wild, free, rambunctious rant of the Stoneys. They attack every song and every note as if they were a wing of jet fighters on their last mission. When they finish with a tune, there is a sort of roar that reverberates for a few seconds in the studio, as if the very molecules in the air had been dancing a hoe-down and had to scurry back to their proper places before quiet could fall." Shortly after returning to Baltimore 'Porky' Hutchins left the group and was replaced with Jim McCall (banjo, guitar) from Virginia. The band relocated to the Cincinnati area for several years.
The group was managed by Stinson Barth (see bio in BS2) during part of the '60s.
Hensley continued a prolific career as an influential banjoist and released several solo albums (see bio in BS2). Earl Taylor passed away on January 28, 1984. Jim McCall's son Dwight went on to a prolific career as well playing and recording with J.D. Crowe & the New South, and others..
In addition to the "Folkfest '59" album noted above, the Stoney Mountain Boys appeared on several various artists albums, recordings of which have been reissued on Rural Rhythm Records.
Album by Earl Taylor & the Smokey Mountain Boys:
1959(LP) - United Artists 3049 -- Folk Songs From The Blue Grass
Albums by Earl Taylor & Jim McCall with The Stoney Mountain Boys:
2000(CD) - Rural Rhythm -- - 20 Bluegrass Favorites
2007(CD) - Rural Rhythm -- - 24 Bluegrass Favorites
-updated 12/2015

Stookey, Paul
Noel Paul Stookey was born in Baltimore 12/30/1937, his family moved to Michigan when he was 12 years old. As a teenager he performed music as a solo and with local bands. At age 20 he took a job in New York City but soon went to playing music full time. In 1961 while performing at The Gaslight in Greenwich Village he was introduced by Albert Grossman to Peter Yarrow and Mary Travers and they became known as Peter, Paul & Mary.
The popular folk group performed and recorded together until 1970. They reunited in the late '70s and toured together through 2009 when Mary passed away. Paul also worked as a solo performer. His biggest solo hit was "The Wedding Song (There is Love)" in 1971.


Stover, Tony, Quartet 70
Pop and standards band from Dundalk/Essex. House band at the Park Lounge, and later at The Frigate. Members Tony Stover (keyboards), Vern Bowen (vocals), Tim Torba (bass), and Paul Demond [aka Paul Saxon] (drums), later adding Joe Adams (sax).

The Tony Stover Trio backing vocalist Vern Bowen on WBAL-TV musical "Mr. B&CO" - January 31, 1970. L-R: Torba, Stover, Bowen, Saxon.
- added 2/2014

Stranger Than Fiction '90s
Group mentioned in BS2... Sykesville based metal band later became Meatjack.
STF members Brian Daniloski (guitar, lead vocals), Jason Daniloski (guitar, bass), Hank Roschen (bass), Mike Hill (drums).
Record releases include:
1991(cassette) - -- Motherfungus
1992(CD) - Merkin 332 -- Gnaw

Added 2/2016

See BS-2 for bio. A 1967-69 lineup of the group featured Jim Kelly (vocals), Chet Dembeck (guitar), Tim Torba (bass), Eddie Wockenfuss (keyboards), and Frankie Taylor (drums). The group performed at Ramona's, Rhapsody Club, Keystone Inn...
In 1969 the group reformed as Some People's Kids.

The Stratfords - New Years Eve 1967 - courtesy of Tim Torba.
Standing L-R: Frankie, Jim, Eddie. Seated L-R: Tim & wife Maria, Pat & Chet Dembeck, Margie (Eddie's girlfriend).
- added 2/2014

Sugarvales '80s-'90s
The Sugarvales were an all original alternative band from the mid-80's to mid-90's that played venues like the 8x10, Max's on Broadway and The Rage. The Sugarvales were formed in the mid 80's by Erin Blush (guitar/vocals) and Denise Jessee (Vocals) as an accoustic folk duo. Later they added Brook Cumor (guitar) and JP Flachier (bass). Erin Blush moved to California pushing Denise Jessee into the lead singer role. Brook and JP both came from electric rock bands and made the push for the group to go electric and have a heavier sound. They added Rob Orash (drummer) and Mike Koehler (2nd guitarist). By 1990 The Sugarvales were playing weekly shows in Baltimore (thanks in part to manager Debi Lee). The group officially disbanded in the mid 90's. Today, Denise Jessee is the lead singer of Dirty Mothers, Brook Cumor plays in Yankee Network, and all the other members are jamming in some way I'm sure. RIP Erin Blush.
Bio and photo courtesy of JP Flachier

The Sugarvales: Left: JP Flachier (bass), Middle: Denise Jessee (vocals), Back: Rob Orash (drums), Right: Brook Cumor (guitar). Not Pictured: Erin Blush (former lead vocalist), Debi Lee (Manager), Mike Koehler (guitar)
- added 3/2014

Summer 74-84
Rock band originated in Frederick/Hagerstown area. They played gigs in Baltimore including appearances at the Woodlawn Holiday Inn... The group released a single in 1976, both sides written by keyboardist Robert Farkas.
Farkas joined in 1974 and replaced the original keyboard player.
Rob recalls that the members were himself with "Don Tracey (guitar), Mike McCormick (bass), and Dave Martin (drums). The band remained together with these members for 10 years."
"Don left the band first, then Mike and finally Dave. 'Summer' ended when Dave left the group. I changed the name to Direct Drive that eventually became a trio (I covered bass on keys), then teamed up with the lead singers in The Second Coming in the '90s."
1976(45) - Summer 1003 -- Occasional Dream / Dwarf In Heat
added 6/2015

Surfsiders 61-62
Rock & Roll house band at the Bear Creek Inn and Pete's Shore Inn. Rodger Nesbitt (guitar, vocals), Tim Torba (guitar), Russ Perkins (sax), and Frankie Taylor (drums).

Members went on to numerous projects. Nesbitt and Torba would later reunite in the '70s as members of the Just Us Trio and as the Two Bits duo.
- added 2/2014

See brief bio in BS-2. Note Tailwind name is in error - actual Tailwynde.
Drummer Brian Powell's daughter Nancy (Powell) LiPira shared this photo of Tailwynde (circa 1977). Brian was later a member of Sabre. Sadly he passed away in 2008.

- added 3/2017 - Courtesy of Nancy LiPira

See bio in BS-2. Ad circa June 1985

- added 8/2015

Tamerlane with Dr. Feelgood
See bio in BS-2. Photo and ad circa 1975

Tarpins - see - Where Abouts

Taylor, Linwood, Band 82-14+
Blues trio featuring Linwood Taylor (guitarist played with Albert Collins, James Copeland and others), Mark Chandler (bassist - played with Roadducks, Chuck Berry, Coasters and others), David Chase (drummer - played with Artimus Pyle, Outlaws and others). Other bass guitarists for the group have included Steve Taylor (bass), John Perry (bass)...
The trio received endorsement from Budweiser and played various venues in the Maryland-D.C.-Virginia area as well as traveling throughout the East Coast. Notable performances includes the San Remo Blues Festival in Italy, Baltimore Blues Society concerts...
CD releases include:
"Make Room For The Paying Customer", "Live At Colonial Seafood 1991", "Baltimore On Tap - Live At The Cat's Eye" featuring Linwood Taylor (guitar, vocals), Rude Dog (guitar, vocals), Barry Turner (drums), Charles Adkins (bass), Automatic Slim (guitar), along with Ursula Ricks, P.J. Ellis, Erik Olsen, and Lazy Lenny.
Linwood also appeared on the James Mabry Blues Band CD "Live At The Outta The Way Cafe"
Added 7/2015

Tempus Fugit 91
Baltimore based rock band infused with jazz and blues sound. Members Mark Daffer (guitar, lead vocals), Aristotle Karabelas (lead guitar), Mike Murphey (bass), Tom Doehrer (keyboards), and Casey Laperle (drums).
Karabelas and Doehrer later with Non de Plume...
Daffer (see bio in BS2) also did solo work (record release), member of The Possums, leader of Mark Daffer & the Piranha Brothers...
-Added 7/2015

, aka BalTimOre is still alive and well and residing in the Pittsburgh area. See bio in BS2.
His recent experimental usic collections include retro as well as contemporary tracks:
2013(CD) - mm bad 001 -- MM26
2015(CD) - mm bad 002 -- 12 selections from 40 years
2016(CD) - mm bad 003 -- Significantly Different from the Other One
2017(CD) - mm bad 004 -- Amusical Music Atheatrical Theater
-Update 8/2017

Thomas, Tommy, (Trio) (Polka Pals)
See bio in BS-2. Discography addition below features Tommy Thomas (accordion, bass, vocals), with Tom Pawlikowski (sax, clarinet), and Stephen Matousek (drums, vocals ex-Brass Works).
19(CS) - (indie) --- Lucky Seven
- added 1/2013

Tommy Thomas Trio cassette photo L-R: Matousek, Thomas, Pawlikowski
LP as by Tommy Thomas & the Polka Pals released in 1974 featured above lineup plus David Jankiewicz (accordion), and Steve Pawlikowski (trumpet).
1974 (LP) - Polka-Go-Round 1002 --- Polkas From the Chesapeake With A Baltimore Beat!

Three B's & a Honey
See bio in BS-2
Record scans courtesy of Bob Price
- 4/2013

Three Down & The Moose '00s
David Kalman (Brian St. August) musician, writer, actor. See biographies and discographies of his groups The Shoremen, Tomorrow's People in BS-2.

Brian's 2003 CD tribute to Johnny Unitas.
- 4/2013

Timothy 76-77
Hamilton, Essex, Moravia area based group. Members were Tim Landers (guitar), Hank Horst (bass), Mike Piccirilli (keyboard, guitar), and Mark Filling (drums). Originals and show group. Played American Legions, Towson State, Various night clubs...
- 4/2013

Top Choice 1972-74
R&B group from Perkins projects featured Maurice Morgan, Sam Buskins, James Winston, Ira Burks, and Ivan Street. Their backing band featured Moe Daniels (organ -IBM's), Otha Buskins (drums), a guitar player and a bass player.
Top Choice performed covers of popular R&B hits. They performed at The Alpine Villa, Fairmount Union Hall, Bowie State College with The Intruders, Retail Union Hall with The Joneses...

Photo: Top Choice circa 1974: L to R: Maurice Morgan, Sam Buskins, James Winston, Ira Burks. Front: Ivan Street. Photo courtesy of Ivan Street.

Ivan Street went on to join Cream Soda and was with them when they recorded the single "Remember The Rain". His uncle Joe West was drummer for The Imperials. Ivan joined the gospel group Select in 2013.
- Added 5/2017 - Thanks Ivan Street

Traidwynn '70s
Funk/jazz group. Opening act for Al Green, Parliament/Funkadelic, Norman Connors, and many others. Guitarist Angelo Hernandez was also a member of local groups The Assembly, The Essence...
- added 1/2013

Trainor, Sue
Columbia based folk guitarist/vocalist, member of folk group Cornucopia, and vocal trio Hot Soup.
She has won many awards for her original Children's music CD's including Washington Area Music Association "WAMMIE" Awards, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "Platinum Seal" award, and the Parents' Choice "Recommended" award.
Sue Trainor discography includes:
1992(CD) - In A Closeup
1999(CD) -- Under Tables, Out Back Doors
2009(CD) -- In Our Own Words
- added 4/2016

Tre Peace
See entry in BS-2
- updated 11/2012

Turner's Outlaw Band
Country group. See entry in BS book as Country Outlaws, Frank Turner &.
Although the book notes Country Outlaws through 1989, as Turner's Outlaw Band continued well beyond the '80s.

Turner's Outlaw Band circa 1988. Jack Dillard (bass), Frank Turner (lead vocals), James Dillard (drums), John Tomison (guitar). Photo courtesy of James Dillard
- added 1/2013

Turning Point 76-77
R&B recording group originated in Edmonson Village. Members Ricky Wallace, Michael Tucker, Gary Shifman, Tyrone Davis. Group's road manager James Ross also managed Manhattans, Skip Mahoaney & Casuals.
Turning Point toured nationally and shared stages with Earth Wind & Fire, Wild Cherry, and others. They released a single "Love Is Real"
- added 1/2013

Twilight Production
Recording artist. Engineered by Tim Miskimon - Basement Floor Productions.
1985 - twilight U-14139 M --- Don't Be A Drunk Driver b/w (instrumental version)
- added 09/2013

Group (see bio in BS-2) organized in 1950 by Babe Scotty, a graduate of Larry London School of Music.
By 1957 Scotty added a six-piece band called The Cavalcaders.
(detail added 11/2012)

2 Bits 72-74
Rock duo of Rodger Nesbitt (guitar, vocals) and Tim Torba (bass) - both previously with The Just Us Trio.

L-R: Tim, Rodger - photo courtesy of Tim

The 2 Bits duo played Annabel's Pub, Bobby Baker's Carousel Lounge in Ocean City, Roy's Fairfax in (Fairfax, VA), Royal Arms (Hyattsville), Alexander's, Golden Frankford Inn, and the Holiday Inn Circuit... Group later added a drummer and became known as Natch.
- added 2/2014

Under The Sun '90s
- added 2/2013

Urge (The) 86-00
See group bio in BS-2

The Urge ad - 1990
- added 10/2013

Vann, Tommy
Tommy Vann story written by Stan Gibson and Tommy Vann (for the 'Baltimore Bands from the 70's 80's and 90's' Facebook page (July 2013). See BS2 for biographies, photos and discographies.

"It's with great honor that we pay tribute to a Music Legend and Music Icon on both the Baltimore Music Scene and the National Recording Scene, our very own talented Tommy Vann. I am honored that he took the time to work with me and allow me to share his extensive musical background. (This article) will go from the early days of his career to the present with a few of his groups such as Tommy Vann and the Echoes, Tommy Vann and the Professionals, The Admirals, to his current group Tommy Vann and The Boss Band."

"Tommy's career, which is still going strong today, led him to become a Capitol Recording artist, and also recorded on several other labels, sang famous commercial jingles and played in several bands during his long and infamous career...

"1945-46: TV appearances on WABD in NY... Sang in a play with the MacLevy School of Singing and dancing. "1947: appeared and performed while part of the "Peanut Gallery" on the "Howdy Doody" show on a fledgling network called WPIX-TV which is still on air today. Moved with his family to upstate New York (Meridale, NY - near Oneonta & Cooperstown).

"1954-1958: Went to Franklin Central School, Franklin, NY, where he lettered in Football, Basketball and Baseball, and won many singing talent shows along the way. Made many friends at The YMCA dances and formed a group called the "Pizzarino's" and sang on occasion with two other guys who were graduated from Oneonta High the same year and both went on to professional music careers: Larry Santos - wrote many commercials which we all are familiar with - Folgers in your cup, The touch, the feel of cotton... all the Budweiser commercials... and many many more... Santos also had a show in Chicago called "Hot Chocolate"! (Larry later had record releases on Atlantic, Evolution, Casablanca, and others and also worked with The Four Seasons). The other was Ron Crosby who wrote a song which we are all familiar with - "Mr.Bojangles" - his stage name is Jerry Jeff Walker."

"When I was 10 or 11 my father (at that time, a detective with the NYPD used to guard Babe Ruth during the bond drives for the war effort in New York) took me to the "Apollo" where I saw and met several of the great artists of the day: Jackie Wilson, The Coasters, The Cadillac's, Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels, The Platters, and many more... little did I know that 14 to 15 years later I would be sharing stages with them.... what a thrill for a kid...and later a young man!

"1959-1962: While in the Marine Corps I formed "The Emblems" and some wonderful times and songs with them and scored with our Doo-Wop version of "Too Young"! Came from Quantico on weekend pass to a party in Parkville MD shortly before my release from the Marine Corps, and as the story goes, never left!

"1962-1967: Married the girl in that house on Summit Ave. six months later, and in Sept (2013) will be our 51st year! While playing cards one night with our friends Dawn and Woody Spence he said to me "You had success making records in the Marine Corps so why don't we get a group together?" I said "fine let's do it!" That was the beginning of "Tommy Vann and The Echoes"! Of course we soon played every teen center in Maryland and every frat dance at all the colleges too! Went to NYC 7th Ave. & 52nd St. at "Aura Sound" and did "Too Young", "Pretty Flamingo" and many others... Played many years 7 days a week!"

"Tommy's career continued as a recording artist working with many labels in his stellar career including Capitol Records and Academy Records."

"After breakup of "Tommy Vann and The Echoes"- One week later I had formed "Tommy Vann and The Professionals" and we were immediately working! Everywhere! (I have always said that my success has been due to the fact that I was smart enough to surround myself with great musicians).

1968-1973: '73 came and we all had different desires professionally so we went our separate ways... I was contacted by "The Admirals" as they wanted me as their front man and I jumped at the chance as they were one of the great show bands in America, Canada, and the Carribean Islands! With top notch travel accomodations and wonderful experiences in different countries it was great! The players were the best!"

"1976: I wanted to stay closer to home and retired! Not for long as the great "Teddy Bell" asked me to perform with him so I did and it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life! Although it was for a short period of time it was great!

"1978: Retired again and bought a home in Morris, New York! Couldn't stay still for long so I applied for a position as a bartender with 70 other candidates at a place called "What's Your Beef"! Never tended bar before in my life - got the job! (That's cause I was around it all my life - and they knew that - stayed for better part of 13 years. Also found a partner and opened up "Northeastern Sporting Goods" located in Oneonta, NY! Very successful but too much work! Sold my interest to my partner after five years! He still is in business to this very day! Then the Japanese company "Sanyo Sewing America" came to Oneonta and left me a Christmas present of a Karaoke machine! At that time no one had a clue what it was... So the first and third Wednesday of every month I would come from behind the bar and host Karaoke night! The place was packed so we expanded to 4 nights a month! Once again I was back in the entertainment business! Then the Japanese offered me a great job in quality control which I couldn't turn down! After a year of playing golf, getting drunk and my wife getting ready to kill me, I decided it was time to come back to Baltimore! Brought my Mother with us and in 1989 formed "Tommy Vann Productions." Did Karaoke for about 15 years and retired again! Saw John Sankonis in the parking lot at Luskin old store one afternoon and he said "If you ever want to do it again call me" Shortly thereafter it was, "Tommy Vann And The Boss Band" Here we go again!

"Recently I have been inducted into "The Maryland Musicians Hall Of Fame" and "The Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame" both of which I am honored and humbled!"

Thank you Tommy, and thank you Stan for passing along the Tommy Vann Story!
- Added 12/2013

Verge (The) '90s
Modern rock band The Verge featuring composer/guitarist/vocalist Vince DiGiosafati (aka Vinnie Dee), with Brian Miller (lead guitar, vocals), Alex Cadoux (bass), and Michael Reardon (drums). Group recorded at Bratt Studios.

Vince as guitarist/vocalist with Nightshift at Back of the Vac circa 1983

1992(Cassette) - Verge --- On The Verge
- added 9/2013

Vigil '80s
See group bio in BS-2

Vigil record release ad 1990
- added 10/2013

Viridian Blew
Rock recording artist. Single produced by Ron Bradley and Kevin Orsie (ex-Id), engineered by Hank Burnette.
19 - KAMALK EST-23/24 --- Natural / Supernatural b/w Toot And A Sneeze

- added 10/2013

Voir, Lou
See bio in BS-2. I caught a couple of Lou's performances at The House Of Welsh on Fenwick Island in the early 2000's. His album "I Need Your Love" noted in book (pictured below) was a cassette release. Recorded at Bias Studios (Springfield, VA), Engineered and mixed by Bob Dawson.
A resident of Selbyville, DE, Lou passed away in January 2012 at age 77.
Cassette (1989) - (indie) - I Need Your Love

Updated - 4/2016

Vulgaria '90s
Modern rock band featuring Kurt Deemer (vocals, guitar), John Christensen (bass, vocals, guitar), Steve Rose (drums, vocals).
1998(CD) - reelin-records 01+1031+98 --- vulgaria

- added 9/2013

Wardell, Roosevelt 50-'90s
Pianist/vocalist. At 16 years old released 1950 single "Bernice" b/w "She Drinks Too Much Wine" (Melford 256). He met up with sax great Ed Wiley, Jr. and toured as a member of his band in the early '50s as well as on and off for the decades to follow. With Wiley they released the 1951 single "So Glad I'm Free" b/w "Deep Moaning Blues" (Atlantic 959). Wardell was also a member of the Ray Chambers Trio, and Gene Smith's Four Notes in the '50s. In 1953 he released the single "Lost My Woman" (Rockin' 508). He later moved to LA and went on to become a highly regarded be-bop jazz player. While performing with Dexter Gordon in 1960, saxophonist Cannonball Adderly 'discovered' him, signed to his Riverside record label where he released his only jazz LP as a leader "The Revelation."
Musically active for almost 5 decades, Wardell died in 1999. - added 10/2012

Waters, Crystal '90s-00s
A Basement Boys production (see bio in BS-2)
Her 1982 "Surprise" CD includes the hit "Gypsy Woman" and features studio work by Basement Boys (drums, percussion), Gary Hudgins (strings, keyboards, vibes), Mark Harris (piano), Neal Conway (keyboards, percussion), Everett Jones (vocals), David Bach (piano, bass, drums), Bert Collins (keyboards).
1991(CD) - Mercury 848 894-2 --- surprise
1994(CD) - Mercury 314 522 105-2 --- Storyteller
-added 10/2012

Wayne 'n Willie
Husband and wife duo Wayne and Billie Stevens. Single noted in BS-2
A-side "The Baltimore Bagel Blues" featured 'Jim Dandy' Clopein (drums), Jeff Bober (lead and rhythm guitar), John Waskey (bass), Ed Pachilis (piano), and Jim Robertson (sax)
B-side "Why Can't I Stop This Hurtin'" featured Jack DiPietro (bass), Doug Kemp (drums), Jeff Hyman (steel guitar), and Barry Sless (lead and rhythm guitar).
Added/amended 11/2012. Thanks to Tom O'Neill.

The Baltimore Bagel Blues 45

Weaver, Margie '50s
Jazz vocalist and recording artist. An article in a 1957 issue of 'Pub' magazine touted her return to performing: "Housewife Returns To Her Love Of 'Singing The Song' - Popular Singer Lists Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, And Billie Holiday As Her Favorite Stars"

"Returning to the jazz scene after a year of devoting her time to rearing two lovely children and being a housewife, Margie (Schaeffer) Weaver, is making a comeback in the grand style of a real trouper.
"The former TV songstress stated in a recent interview that a singer has to be really sincere in order to convince an audience or themselves that they are doing a good job. Margie is not too enthusiastic over many of the top named female singers, even though record companies are releasing LP's by the dozens and are claiming them to be prima donnas.
"According to Margie her favorite singers are Frank Sinatra, Herb Jeffries, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and the Hi-Lo's.
"In making a critical appraisal of jazz instrumentalists, Margie prefers Miles Davis, trumpeter; Horace Silver, piano; and Count Basie's orchestra. Al Cohn and Zoot Sims are among her favorite tenor saxophonists.
"Margie is very active in local jazz circles here in Baltimore. She is featured every Sunday in sessions sponsored by the Baltimore Jazz Society at the Hillcrest Tavern.
"Much of her success is due to constant encouragement from her husband, Jimmy Weaver, pianist with the popular Pacesetters, and Vernon Welsh, guitarist [Vernon was later a co-founder of Baltimore's Left Bank Jazz Society].
"She started her professional career singing with a vocal group called the Overtones. Later, she joined the Charlie Ventura unit after the exodus of Jackie Cain and Roy Kial (ed note: Charlie Ventura 1916-1992 was tenor saxophonist and bandleader from Philadelphia). She has made records with the Jerry Trotta [Orchestra] for Discovery Records. Most of her professional coaching was received from Lillian Mann, vocal coach now teaching in Hollywood, California.
"Current plans for the young, sultry, warbler includes a limited engagement at a Washington, D.C. club and several tentative bookings in the Baltimore area.
Record release by Jerry Trotta & his Orchestra:
1952(78) - Discovery 160 -- Don't Worry About Me (v. Margie Schaeffer) / Amigo Mio
-Added 4/2016

Wes, Mark, Trio '60s-70s
See BS-2 for bio

Concert poster circa 1968
- added 12/2012

Westbury Trio '60s
Folk group featuring guitarist Stephan Askins, with vocal duo of Martha Bray and Corry Royer.
Steve Askins (see bio in BS2) was active in the folk community and appeared on numerous recordings. As of the early 2000's he was still performing in the Chicago area.
Record release:
1965(LP) - RI2004 - The Westbury Trio
Added 2/2016

Wheeler, Cheryl '70s-00s
See BS-2 for bio. Guitarist/singer/songwriter graduated from Dulaney High School. Relocated to New England area and toured nationally including appearances with many artists such as Steve Forbert, Jonathan Edwards, and Dan Seals - who covered her 1985 song 'Addicted', taking it to #1 on the national Country music charts.
Cheryl Wheeler discography includes:
1983 (12" EP) - Newport Is Sports NS118 -- Newport Songs
1986 (LP) - North Star W0001 -- Cheryl Wheeler
1987 (LP) - Cypress WS0005 -- Half A Book
1990 (CD) - Capitol Nashville CDP 7 92063 2 -- Circles & Arrows
1993 (CD) - Rounder 1152 -- Driving Home
1995 (CD single) - Rounder PR 1046 -- Does The Future Look Black
1995 (CD) - Rounder 1192 -- Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
1999 (CD) - Rounder 1212 -- Sylvia Hotel
2003 (CD) - Rounder 116711 217 -- Different Stripe
2005 (CD) - Rounder 11671-1240 -- Defying Gravity
1009 (CD) - Dias 1001 -- Pointing At The Sun
- updated 1/2014

Where Abouts '67-68
Teen soul band based in Northwest Baltimore. The band was comprised of guys from Pimlico Junior High School (5), Northwestern High School (1), City College (1), and Milford Mill High School (1). The three singers, the Whereabouts, all went to Lemmel Junior High.
The band, originally called The Tarpins, was started in 1967 by David Selenko. David was the lead guitarist, Dell Cohen was on drums, Paul Golumb and Craig Rosin on trumpets, Andy Snyder and David Samuels on saxophones, and Mark Meister on keyboards. The bass guitarist and the names of the three singers who comprised the Where Abouts are forgotten at this time. The original singers, before the Where Abouts, were Jack Lieberman and Fred Cain.
Mark Meister recalls "The band had the Tarpins name when I joined, and I don't know its origin. As you will see from the photo of the card below, we dropped the Tarpins name in favor of the Where Abouts. This is the only item that I have from the band, and it may be the only thing left that proves we existed!"

"The only time I played with Jack and Fred was at a bar mitzvah party at the Suburban Country Club in Pikesville. Jack and Fred left the band, and we then added the Where Abouts and played a teen dance at Wellwood Elementary in Pikesville, a party for resident doctors at Johns Hopkins, the Pimlico Junior High Talent a Show, and the Lemmel Junior High Senior Dance."
"Our most significant performance was at the reopening of the Crystal Ballroom on North Avenue after the 1968 riots. A very prominent soul singing group called us and asked us to back them, as their band refused to play. After backing them for a few songs, they then turned it over to our singers and we played the rest of the night. It was a big celebration with dignitaries in attendance."
"It was a pretty amazing experience, and considering that our parents had to drive us to our gigs, they deserve a lot of credit. Only Dell was 16 with a license and car. Paul and the bass player were 15 and David Samuels was 13. I believe the 3 singers, who attended Lemmel were 15, and the rest of us were 14. The band only lasted for the 1967-68 school year."

Thanks Mark, for sharing the memories of your band!
posted - 5/2015

Wiley, Ed, Jr. '40s-00s
Wiley was instrumental in the early development of rock and roll. Originally a blues player from Houston, TX, performing and touring with the likes of Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Amos Milburn, Peppermint Harris, Big Mama Thorton, and many others. His early career featured recordings on Freedom, Gold Star, and Jade Records, then on to New York on Mercury, and the Sittin' In With label which included his 1950 Cashbox R&B hit "Cry, Cry Baby" and four more 10" singles as Ed Wiley & the After Hours Band.
In 1950 Wiley moved to Baltimore where he met up with and formed a combo with Piney Brown and Roosevelt Wardell.
They released a single on Atlantic and toured nationally. Wiley left the group in 1952 joining Jackie Brenston ("Rocket 88"), and later a combo that featured Screamin' Johnny O'Neal, guitarist Earl Hooker, and Baltimorean Roosevelt Wardell on piano. The group released sides on King Records.
Through the '50s Wiley was a member of organ combos between Baltimore and Philadelphia including those of Earl Omaro, Shirley Scott, and his wife Maye Robinson with whom he settled with in Philly around 1960. He subsequently worked with a who's who of R&B and jazz artists including Brook Benton, Big Joe Turner, Piney Brown, Johnny Coles, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin, Billy Paul, Keter Betts, and many many others, touring and recording through the '00s.
Wiley passed away on September 27, 2010 (80) at his son's home in Garner, North Carolina.
See photo with Earl Omero Combo
- added 10/2012

Wilson, Earl, Trio '60s-70s
Jazz trio led by Earl Wilson (guitar), with Charlie Covington (organ), and Rick Johnson (drums). House band at the James Brown Motor Inn circa 1971. At Biddy's they played behind vocalist Rita Doryse.
Among other credits Wilson later led his group Phase One. Covington's career included recordings with George Benson, Ethel Ennis, Herbie Hancock and others. Johnson also played in bands with Covington... Doryse fronted The Upsetters ('60s), and Hominy Grits ('70s)...
- 11/2015

Wishing Well '70s
Country group led by Allen Brown (ex-Countrymen) formed circa 1972. The Countrymen (see bio in BS-1) notes a single release by Allen Brown & the Countrymen. Details are as follows:
197(45) - TR 4250 --- Between The Sunshine And The Shade / Cry
-added 12/2012


Wizard at BPI - 1976

See Wizard bio in BS2.
- updated 2/2014

Wolst, Vernon '50s-00s
Jazz saxophonist, vocalist, band leader, and one of the founders of the Left Bank Jazz Society. A very brief bio of his Big Blues Band is included in the BS book.
Vernon was originally from Raleigh, NC. where he began his musical career. He attended Morgan State College in Baltimore, earning a BA in music, and was a member of the group Strider's Riders. After serving in the military he went on to perform with many great artists including Jackie Wilson, Baby Washington, Ethel Ennis, Dinah Washington, and others. With local groups including his Big Blues Band, The Vernon Wolst Quartet, and as a member of the Fuzzy Kane Trio, he performed at local clubs including Sportsmens Lounge, Bird Cage, Uptown, Casino Club, Moe's Lounge, Caton Castle...
His CD "Say It Again With Words And Music" Vernon provided vocals, with backing group of Wade Beach (piano), Percy Smith (drums), Paul Carr (sax), and Jackie Hairston (B-3 organ, drum machine, strings).
Aside from music, he established Project Survivor, a program to help children with academics and sports. Vernon Wolst passed away on August 22, 2011 at the age of 75.

CD -- Say It Again With Words And Music
- 4/2014

Wonderbred 98-99+
Hampden based rock group featured Mary Sirico, Shawn Edwards, Jim Transeau, Ryan Sterner. Group released indie self-titled CD.
In 1999 group became three-piece consisting of Jim (guitar) and Ryan (drums), with Prentice Parran (bass).
Played Wyatt's Saloon (Fells Point)...
Jim later leader of Bethesda based James Transeau Band. Ryan's later bands included Squaaks, Thrushes, and Wetland.

Added 8/2015

Wright, Tom, & the Rainmakers 90s
Formerly known as the Blind Dog Blues Band whose members included Tom Wright (guitar, vocals), Matt Douglas (guitar), Mike Hack (bass), and Bill Beachler (drums). The Blues Band released a self-titled cassette in 1990 on their Blind Dog label. The group released a second cassette in 1991 "Some Days It Rains" with the same line-up except that Matt Douglass had departed and replaced with Barry Seiver. Subsequent record releases include "Dark Eyes" (1992), and "Cryin' My Life Away."
The group evolved to become The Rainmakers, a Joppa based rock group, led by Tom Wright, along with former Blind Dog members Mike Hack (bass), and Bill Beachler (drums), adding Jason Heiser (percussion), Albert Margolis (keys), Andy Griglock (trumpet), Steve Low (sax), J.J. Gunning (trombone), and backing vocalists Lisa Howard, Rachel Williams, and Trish Dodson-Pape.
A highlight of the group was opening for James Brown at Pier Six...
Tom Wright & the Rainmakers photo by Julie Bearce

Group released CD "Drinks On The House" recorded live at the Blue Rose.

1996(CD) - addiboi 1111 -- Drinks On The House
added - 4/2014

Zodiac, Tony Vee &
Brief bio in BS-2.
Group released a single in 1970:
1970(45) - Zodiac 3061 -- Say You / Everybody's Talking

update - 4/2016

Zoothead '90s

1998(CD) - Deepreverb -- Songs For Gray Areas
Baltimore/DC band featured Jared Featherstone, Evan Featherstone, Blake Wheeler, and Mike Tinney.
- added 11/2013

Zzzap 75
Rock house band at The Cinema Lounge. Members Vince Lioi (vocals), Steve Griffin (guitar, vocals), Tim Torba (bass), Paul Demond [aka Saxon] (drums). Group later known as Celebrate.

Zzzap circa 1975: Standing L-R: Torba, Griffin, Lioi. Lying: Saxon

- added 2/2014

If you need more of this stuff... see the book ordering page! The book contains over 600 pages of Baltimore area musical history in words and pictures!

If you have anything to add, please contact Joe at the provided e-mail address

Thanks, and enjoy!

Here's some miscellaneous photos, advertisements, and other items for your browsing enjoyment...

Some great acts at the Club Derby - July 1973.
Only one dollar admission and ten cent drafts!
Remember nickel beer night at Hidden Valley in Randallstown?
- 9/2012

Rock dances at Gamber Fire Hall 1980-81

Ellicott City's Superstar Theater circa 1974 - location of many live music concerts

New Glen Theater concert handbill featuring Appaloosa, Day-Light, and Speakeasy - 1975
- added 12/2012

Record bag from Yeager's Music - 3300 Eastern Ave. - circa 1960's
- added 12/2012

Record bag logo from Papa Lou Karpouzie's record store 'The Record Rack' on Lexington Street circa 1970's - The House of Soul in Big B
- added 12/2012

Announcer/Promoter Roz Ford (right) with record promotional guy - Holding a copy of the latest release by the Matys Brothers on Sunnyside label circa late '50s
- added 12/2012

Drummer as seen by the roadie...
Drawing by Joe V sometime in the mid-70s

More treasures from Joe's archives...

Bill's Bucks - coupons from Bill's Music House
Hurry! They expire December 31, 1974!
Who knows, maybe Bill will still honor them?

Radio station W-I-T-H theme song "Baltimore, My Home Town"
Real cheesecake sound, may be PAMS Agency production (?)
1962 pressing by Recordings Incorporated

Dulaney Inn
Dulaney Inn club ad 1990

Nicky D's
Nicky D's club ad 1990

The Ritz
Ritz Club ad 1994

Just found my ticket stub for this show at Coast To Coast. Always a Steppenwolf fan, I was mesmerized by John Kay's performance! Opening band Hybrid Ice. A great show!

FM radio station WLPL
December 1974 survey sheet (courtesy of Dave H.).

Department of unknown photos...
Can you identify any of these???

Photo of band taken at a Baltimore Polytechnic Institute dance in 1976

Another Poly dance in 1978

Another band at BPI in 1969

1978 at BPI

Band at a Patterson High School dance in 1972

Left photo is Bob Smith, lead vocalist of White Lightning, performing a dance at Kenwood High School in 1968.
The other two individual shots at Overlea Sr. High School dances circa 1969 are still unidentified.

Guitarist at a 1973 Overlea Sr. High gig

Thanks in advance if you can identify any of these groups or individuals, and if you can provide any information about them.

Pictured below is a recently found record label. A fictitious record by the Do-Wops on Big B Records, Baltimore. As John Ellsberry (City Paper) asks about of many unusual photos taken around town, does anyone know "whose responsible?"


Index corrections for Baltimore Sounds 2nd Edition:
Barker, Jay (page 194) was incorrectly spelled as Barker Dougless, Dan (page 221) was incorrectly spelled as Douglas
Felber, Neal (page 181 - Gillgara Trio) was incorrectly spelled as Felder
Hammons, Eddie (page 99)
Helmick, Arnie (page 39)
Kane, Duffy (Kesling) (page 39)

Bibliography note:
Jack Gale's book "Same Time... Same Station"
I was honored to receive a personally autographed copy from Jack in 2001. If you are even the slightest fan of radio history this is a must have!
From the earliest days of pre-rock 'n roll Jack was there. He tells some great stories of his experiences with his wonderful humor.
Jack's website:



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