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The Variable Height MF Film Holderä for Epson® Scanners

The optimum film suspension height for your particular scanner unit may actually vary from the standard 1 mm suspension height provided by your current holder.  A variable height holder allows you to compensate for this difference!



Allows you to easily scan a whole strip of 120/220 film frames at one time!


Designed to work with the:

  • Epson® 2450

  • Epson® 3170 (see notes about use with the 3170 )

  • Epson® 3200

  • Epson® 4180 (see notes about use with the 4180 )

  • Epson® 4490

  • Epson® 4870 (See for an excellent review of this scanner)

  • Epson® 4990 (See for an excellent review of this scanner)

  • Epson® V500

  • Epson® V550

  • Epson® V600

  • Epson® GT-X820

  • Epson® 1680 (See for an excellent review of this scanner)

  • Possibly others -  The scanner will need a large light lid and to work well with a holder that holds the negative right at 1 mm to 3 mm off the scanner’s glass.  You must confirm your scanner compatibility with me before you purchase if it is not a 2450, 3170, 3200, 4180, 4490, 4870, 4990, V500, V600 or 1680.


Additional advantages compared to the fixed height version of the MF Film Holderä:

  • Enables you to get sharper scans from your scanner if your scanner's true optimum suspension height varies from the standard suspension height of your current film holder.  It is like adding a focus adjustment function to your scanner.

  • Provides a method to adjust the the film suspension height compared to a OEM Epson® holder by any increment up to about 3 mm (more is possible via a simple user-friendly modification).

  • Special order versions are available that allow you to achieve suspension heights lower than the OEM Epson® holder - down to .5 mm.  Which do you need?  See the .5 mm version's special notes found here: .

  • See the Variable Height Advantage!


Overall Advantages shared with the fixed height version of the MF Film Holderä:

  • Now includes the high-quality ANR Insert!
    • Makes it easy to load film
    • Provides consistent focus by flattening film that arches or curls upward
    • Utilizes high quality acid-etched anti-Newton Ring glass from Europe
      • Etched surface does not haze or rub off like the cheap coated anti-glare glass sold at frame shops
    • T-locks may still be ordered as an option (option offered on ordering form)
  • Allows you to work faster, more efficiently and safely with your medium format film
    • Adjusts to accept “645”, “6x6”, “6x7”, “6x9” film
    • Scan up to 4 “645” frames, 3 “6x6”, 2 “6x7” or 2 “6x9” frames at once.  Depending on the size of the gap between frames, some 6x7 users may be able to shift the film in the holder in order to then scan a third frame per strip.
    • The film scanning aperture/hole can scan 202 mm per pass from a strip and the film channel can accept a film strip up to 240 mm in total length
    • Be more efficient doing other tasks while the scanner is scanning multiple images without needing your intervention!
    • Makes batch scanning an easy option for medium format film with the standard EpsonScan software as well as and VueScan software
    • Minimizes the need to reposition your film, therefore less handling of your film means less chance of damage from fingerprints, dropping your film on a dirty surface, etc.
  • Infinitely variable scanning length
    • Accepts “645”, “6x6”, “6x7”, “6x9” film and any film length up to 202 mm
    • Scan up to 4 “645” frames, 3 “6x6”, 2 “6x7” or 2 “6x9” frames at once
    • Helps maintain flatness with your film even if the film is cut to odd lengths because the anti-Newton Ring glass insert prevents film from arching or curling upward.
    • Works well with film strips that contain just one frame
  • Suspends film in the film holding channel at the same approximate height as the factory Epson®  holder
  • Allows you to scan panoramic images made on 120/220 film
  • Holds film in the scanner transparency adapter’s “sweet spot” for better performance
  • No annoying dust or fibers like often produced by ragboard and cardboard based holders
  • No magnetic materials used in its construction (for those who are worried magnetic materials could potentially affect a scanner’s performance)
  • Accepts 120 and 220 films that meet the ANSI width standards
  • Durable construction that is professionally computer cut using highly accurate laser technology
    • Solid construction – heavy 3.5 mm+ total thickness
    • Handsome matte finish on upper side
  • Pays for itself quickly by allowing you to be more efficient with your time (think about that pile of negatives you have waiting to be scanned!)
  • Low cost for a great design –  only .95 (now includes the ANR Insert)!


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