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Bobbe Cutler Mootchnik

Anyone out there from Tilden class of 1956 and/or PS135 class of 1952?

Morton Stahl

I have fond memories of Tilden H.S., which I attended from 1957 - 1960. I played football for three years. I played halfback for Bernie Mars, who was Coach of the Year in 1959, when Ronnie Bliey--the other halfback, broke the NYC scoring record, and we played for the NYC championship. Great memories.::Sometimes I think about my girlfriend, Sharon Barrell, who was a cheerleader. I'm tempted to ring her up at RN 3-1451, although I'm not sure if she's still upstairs. Her parents probably needed to have some privacy after a while. I wonder if she'd like to go to a movie next Saturday on Flatbush Avenue . . .::


Allen Roth

graduated 6/58

Allyn Rosenfeld


Vivian Friedman

Graduated in 1963

Richard Becker

Original/Charter member of TOP House. Would have graduated 1965 but moved to Sheepshead Bay in 1963.

Arthur Horowitz

Class of 1959::I was a timid, introverted, overweight, and uptight person.::You never know where life will lead you. I became an Importer of Antiques and Fine Artfrom Europe and Asia and since 1983 an auctioneer. What a turn of events for a shy kid. No problem getting up in front of 200 people!::I would love to connect with my old friends.

Susan Merlis

Graduated 1968....anyone out there?????

Benjamin Berkowitz


Brian Yellin

Norman Pinchuk

Brian Yellin

Graduated Tilden 6/61

Ralph Diglio

Have great memories of of my days with the band and mr stricker our band teacher we always had a great musical department. would like to here from some of the band members.

Blanche Botwinick

Class of 1941. And I just found her yearbook( I am her son) and thought it would quite cool if any alumni remember Blanche.

Harvey Berlin

1964 grad.Now living in Chi Town. Would love to hear from other Tilden grads


Debra Deutsch

Patricia Carbo

1977 Grad. Great memories of softball, bowling and basketball teams, Law Politic and Community Affairs group and the yearbook squad, to name a few. And many many great teachers.

Melissa Krueger Terkovich

I didnt go to Tilden, but lived in the neighborhood. I was always impressed by the architecture. I am DESPERATLY seeking Bobby Miller, would have attended from 1976- 1980 - he lived on 42nd & Wallace. I think he may have been in ROTC, I know he took wood shop. I lost tough with him in the mid 70's when we moved. Hope he feels nostalgic & checks this website! Thanks.

Dorothy Boiko (Kabat)

class of 1962 - student. No better school! You learned so much even if you didn't realize your own potential at that age!

Gail Steinberg Trapani

1964 Grad

Ellen (Krellenstein) Glanzberg

Graduated Jan. 1963 and would love to hear from any friends. Tilden was a great school to have gone to- dedicated teachers, a great education, and wonderful memories.

Lourdes Baltimore Golden

Student 1983

Michael Viggiano


Petriana Monize

I graduated from Tilden in 1983 and hold fond memories of particular teachers, Mr. Latanzio (Math), Mr. Youngman (English), Mrs. Goldmuntz(Speech). Each was uniquely and lovingly encouraging. I cannot erase them from my memory! Ever!

Bonnie Ratner-Bergstein

I graduated from Tilden HS in 1973 and I am looking forward to my 40th reunion in a few years. My mother (Ruth Seider-Ratner) graduated from Tilden in 1937!!



S. J. Tilden High School

5800 Tilden Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203


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We are sorry to inform you that Joel Dick
former Assistant Principal of Admin
passed away in March 2015. Our
sincere condolences to his family.

Sad to announce the passing of Tilden Alumni Eion Saunders....Class of '83




Tilden High School

Samuel J. Tilden High School phase-out was completed June 30, 2010. The Tilden Campus (the existing building), as it is now referred to, consists of 3 new mini High Schools.

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There are many reasons why Tilden was phased out. The primary ones are that Tilden had a low four-year graduation rate and was plagued by safety and security problems. However, if you question recent graduates, you will hear their positive views pertaining to Tilden's quality of education. Problems over the last few years should in no way diminish the fact that Tilden, over many decades, provided quality education for tens of thousands of students. We hope that this website will help to revivify the good reputation that Samuel J. Tilden High School has had since 1930.

The New Tilden Campus High Schools

Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School





Contact us with information regarding any upcoming reunion and we will post it.




A Reunion to Remember!



The "CELEBRATION OF TILDEN" reunion at the El Caribe on May 27, 2010 was a grand event. We all had a great time getting together with friends, students and staff who were part of our lives in past years. I was thrilled to see former collegues and students, who are so dear to me. Others I spoke to at the event expressed their joy of being able to reunite with friends of the past.

We at want to express our sincere gratitude to Debra Sylvester who coordinated this spectacular event and made this all possible. She put in an enormous amount of time and energy making the "Celebration of Tilden" such a success. Thank You Ms. Sylvester for a Job Well Done.

Justin Falasca, Teacher/Webmaster


Video Production / Editing by Justin Falasca


If you want to view the list of those who attended,


Past Photo



Martin (Marty) Zwerling

Graduated ::February 1952::

Matt Foreman

(Class of 93) I had some great memories at Tilden. It's where I first got the bug to major in Accounting (thanks Ms Bauer). Also had great coaching on the soccer team (thanks Mr. Antoine). Senior prom was memorable. ::Sorry to see the school is closing.

Todd Siben


Goodbye Tilden

Marty Lazoritz

1964 grad: Tilden prepared me academically and socially for most of my future experiences. I owe much of my success to the teachers and my classmates

Nilvania A Malagon

I graduated in 1972. I remember my stenographie's teacher's name, Mrs. Liftchutz, My BA instructor's name was Mr. Landsman. Very dear to me. I wish I would hear from them.

Kemesha Vassell

I was on the Talented Tenth my entire HS experience. As bad as some of the teachers were (seriously, it was as if they hired monkey's), they still had a few good one's. Wendy Sealy, Ms. Muscilini (could have spelled that wrong), Rosalyn James, Anthony Romero (bust my chops), Ms. Sabio and the late Mr. Ethan Statemen. As much as I am disappointed in the school's closing, it was expected. When they closed Eramus Hall, they sent students to our school that had no passion or dedication. It had to be done...but I got my memories. I miss Mr. Sawyer the most.....

Marvin Skudin

Graduated June 1949. Would love to hear from friends.

Arlene Smalls

I graduated in 1970

Norma Wallach

Paula (Goldberg) Greenberg

I graduated in 1961 and live in Boca Raton, Florida now. Any Tildenites living near by?


Marty Senall


Julius Kavanowitz

Swimming team 1946-47

Michele Balter Lieberson

::Graduated in January, 1966. retired dental hygienist living in NJ. Would love to hear from former classmates and friends.

Barry Finberg

Rosalind Fisher Paul

Graduated Class of 62. Looking for friends Ellen Neidell, Phyliss Greenstein, and Barbara Kaplan from the same class

Carlton Briscoe

Class of 1979, basketball team 3 years,Que Dog live in Atl.,GA

Vladimir Nieto

class of 1971.::soccer/track/ spanish teacher was mr. leader.::where are they now?::thanks.





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