Freddy jackson ghost photo

Now when it comes to the paranormal in the past i was not exactly a skeptic nor a believer, I sat firmly on the fence although I have found my self recently starting to tip over on to the side of the believers recently. This is largely part to a very spiritual yet devastatingly sad experience I recently had as well as some other experiences that are a little too personal to get delve into on a public forum other than to say they have been having a effect on more than just my spirituality but also my general outlook in life.
Anyway, with this in mind I have been looking into what some would call "ghost stories", with a slightly new perspective with a more open mind. Just reading up on some historical examples and I have found loads of interesting stuff, I want to present one such example on this thread which I am sure that many on this site may have seen before, but this was new to me.
The Ghost of Freddy Jackson.
The story goes that just shortly after World War one in 1919 Freddy Jackson was a young air craft mechanic who died in a tragic accident when he was killed by a air craft propeller whilst at HMS Daedalus training facility in the south of England. On the day of his funeral the rest of the his Squadron posed to take this photo.

As can be seen, at the top left of the photo a ghostly face can be seen just behind one of the other men.
The men of the Squadron claimed that this was the face of Freddy Jackson, the man whose funeral they had attended that very day.
Now this photo was not released until 1975 by Sir Victor Goddard although having been taken in 1919, I am totally open to a more earthly explanation than a ghost.
But all the same its a pretty cool photo.

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