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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.




Creating A Conceptual/Fine Art Stock Photo with Adobe Photoshop





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Conceptual Images, Funny Animal Pictures And Photoshop

For over thirty years I have created conceptual images, with an emphasis on humorous animal photos, for assignments and stock photography. I have shot for large corporations from Purina to Fed Ex and for countless ad agencies and design firms. My humorous “Animal Antics” greeting card line has been the best selling line of cards for the Portal brand for almost a decade. My Photoshop Book, Adobe MasterClass: Photoshop Compositing with John Lund was published by Peachtree Press in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian, and my funny animal gift books have been published in seven languages. Whether the project is large or small I have the experience and the desire to create the best possible art for the job. My work has appeared in Communication Arts, Print, PDN, and numerous photography publications.

Funny Pictures And The Internet

Funny pictures have exploded into our consciousness thanks to the Internet, digital technology, mobile phone cameras, and social media. We are flooded with funny images of cats, dingy dog photos and silly squirrels taking on all the attributes of we humans. Tens of thousands of photos are uploaded to the world wide web everyday with entire sites devoted to compiling funny photos whether of our pets, stupid human tricks or the foibles of friends and family. 

Humor Adds Impact And Interest

While I do create my share of business images that do not employ humor, the vast majority of my photography, to a greater or lesser degree, depends on some form of humor to add impact and interest to my work. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing someone get pleasure from viewing my photos…and I know that humor is one of the best ways to catch a viewer’s interest and keep them remembering as time goes buy.   Humor entertains, funny pictures attract viewers, and a laugh or a chuckle is a sure sign of success.  

Humorous Greeting Cards And More

In addition to the humorous greeting cards we have, through the years, published funny animal calendars, silly animal coffee mugs, pet picture frames, cat and dog Christmas ornaments, veterinary reminder cards, funny jigsaw puzzles and more. From anthropomorphic elephants to speeding Cheetahs to love birds, we are continually adding to our collection of humorous images for paper and printed products. We also have beautiful lighthouse images, adventure travel photography and even lions, tigers and bears…oh my!

Unexpected Twists, Facial Expressions And Humor

There are a lot of different ways to introduce humor into photography. Adding an unexpected twist (like an angry lion in a waiting room), taking something really over the top (a bridge made of men hanging on to each other’s ankles), a simple facial expression…and the list goes on and on. I particularly enjoy creating subtle facial expressions on animals that allow us to see the human qualities that they may, or may not have, in actuality. And of course, facial expressions on our fellow humans are also an effective means of introducing humor.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Whether the humor is slapstick, droll, or tongue in cheek doesn’t really matter as long as it brings a bit of cheer to viewer. In fact, I see funny photos as not just a way for effective advertising, promotional and editorial imagery, I see it as a service to mankind. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine. Laughter lowers our stress levels and helps us to relax. Even the act of smiling has a positive effect on our bodies and our psyches.

Funny Pets Photos, Crazy Business Images, And Fine Art Prints

Hopefully you will find humorous pictures in our collection, whether of funny pets, crazy business situations, or the foibles and follies of life in general, and whether you are seeking images for a commercial undertaking or just for your own amusement. Our Animal Antics collection is available as Marian Heath greeting and birthday cards. Many of our funny photos are available for a variety of products on, and as fine art prints at

Cute Puppies, Crazy Cats And Spreading The Fun

So check out our cute puppy pictures, our crazy cat images, our precious pets, and even our funny business concept imagery…and if you like an image “Like” it for us, “+” it, “pin” it and help spread the fun to as many people as possible!


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