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There are undoubtedly a number of iPhone owners who do not have a clear idea what it means to jailbreak an iPhone. This is clearly displayed in many forums where jailbreak and unlock are terms that are commonly interchanged.

If these simple terms are not used properly, imagine how dangerous it can be to jailbreak iPhone without the help of a premium paid solution. Although there are a number of tutorials and guides in the Internet that deals with the subject of jailbreaking an iPhone, these cater more to the exceptions of the population, rather than the rule.

Essentially, jailbreaking or iOS jailbreaking, describes a process where the limitations of the mobile device as defined by the manufacturer (in this case Apple) through the operating system are removed. This is in contrast to the process of unlocking where the iPhone can be used with other telecommunication carriers.

When you jailbreak an iPhone, the owners can gain access to the root of the operating system, allowing for the downloading of additional extensions, themes, and applications that are not generally available from the official App Store. Functions are extended and none of the original features are removed.

Jailbreaking an iPhone: Is it Illegal?

There was a time when the issue was not very clear and numerous opinions have been raised including that of Apple which claimed that when you jailbreak an iPhone, “it can void the warranty”. Owners of iPhone should be aware of the use of the word “can,” which means that jailbreaking will not automatically result in the voiding of the warranty. Actually, just recently, the cloud of confusion as to the legality of jailbreaking has been lifted.

Federal regulators have concluded that it is completely legal to jailbreak an iPhone within the territories of the United States. In fact, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, jailbreaking can be applied to any Apple devices. The decision to declare the practice to jailbreak an iPhone as legal was based on the findings that there is no provision in the copyright law to allow Apple to continue with its restrictive business model.

This means that as an iPhone owner, running applications that are not authorized by Apple should not be grounds for the termination of warranty. To the detriment of the claims of Apple, it has never lifted a finger to prosecute any of the 10 million owners of the iPhone who had their smart phone units jailbroken.

Moreover, it has never taken action against Cydia, which is a known underground app store. However, it is extremely important to remember that even if it is legal to jailbreak iPhone, Apple can still implement technological barriers like firmware updates to ensure that the mobile device is restored to its factory settings.

Jailbreaking an iPhone: Are there Dangers?

To some of the owners of the iPhone who are not very much aware about the process of jailbreaking an iPhone, the most common concern is the dangers involved. Essentially, when you jailbreak an iPhone the most imminent danger only happens when the owner attempts to do the jailbreaking process by himself. This means that if the iPhone owner subscribes to a paid service provided by professionals, this danger in jailbreaking is easily avoided.

Another important thing to understand when you jailbreak an iPhone is that the entire process is fairly straightforward and harmless. This is especially true when you bring the iPhone to a premium paid solution. The most common danger though is in choosing the applications to install once the iPhone has been jailbroken.

This is another reason why it is important to consider professionals to do the jailbreaking because they can easily identify apps that are potentially harmful to your iPhone.

Jailbreak iPhone: Why DIY is a Bad Idea

As previously stated, jailbreaking the iPhone on your own is the most dangerous path you can take to as you may expose the mobile device to various types of risks. No matter how easy the Internet tutorials may seem, there is no substitute in allowing a technical professional to jailbreak the iPhone for you. In the same manner that there are a number of tutorials online, there are equally the same numbers of iPhone owners who regret doing the jailbreaking by themselves.

What many iPhone owners do not realize is that due to the decision to legalize jailbreaking, Apple is putting in place a number of technologically-advanced solutions to circumvent the practice of jailbreaking an iPhone. This means that when an iPhone owner attempts to jailbreak and does not have the technical expertise to do so, a number of potential consequences can happen which may be hard to solve or deal with.

In order to simplify matters, the best choice is to use a premium paid solution to make sure that it is done the right way.

Jailbreak iPhone: Myths and Facts

The number of myths that are being circulated by iPhone owners is a testament to the fact that many do not understand the entire jailbreaking process. If this is the case, then you can just imagine just how dangerous it would be for them to jailbreak an iPhone on their own. Some of the misconceptions include:

1. iPhone jailbreaking will brick the device.
This is one of the largest myths when it comes to jailbreaking an iPhone. Owners are afraid of bricking a very expensive smart phone device. Basically, to brick refers to the condition of freezing up the device, making it non-functional.

Fact: This was common only during firmware 1.1.1 when the iPhone was a relatively new device. This has already been resolved by many professional jailbreakers. This is also a very compelling reason why owners should only allow a premium paid solution to jailbreak their iPhones.

2. The practice is illegal.
As earlier discussed and proven this is without a doubt a myth, at least in the United States.

Fact: The United States government has already confirmed that it is 100% legal to jailbreak an iPhone. This is at least within the territory of the United States, which means that other countries may have a different interpretation on the legality of jailbreaking.

3. No turning back from jailbreaking.
Some iPhone owners believe that once they jailbreak their iPhone, it will be that way forever.

Fact: Many of the premium paid solution providers can easily reset your iPhone back to its factory settings. This is the beauty of allowing professionals to jailbreak your iPhone, they can revert it the original factory condition without any hassles.

4. Jailbreaking is expensive and takes time.
One of the reasons as to why many iPhone owners opt to jailbreak an iPhone themselves is because they believe the entire process is not only costly but time consuming as well.

Fact: The reality is that any professional premium paid solution provider can jailbreak iPhone in just about two minutes. Without a doubt, bricking an iPhone is more expensive than having a professional jailbreak your iPhone.

Top 3 Jailbroken iPhone Apps

One of the reasons to jailbreak an iPhone is to allow third party apps to be installed you’re your smart phone mobile device. Some of the apps that you may want to consider include:

1. Winterboard
Majority of owners of jailbroken iPhones install this app in their mobile device. The reason is that it allows for extensive customization and personalization of the iPhone including installation of virtually limitless number of themes, images, and sounds among others.

2. Folder enhancer
The folders and categories in the iPhone are great additions, but are extremely limited in terms of functionality. The beauty when you jailbreak an iPhone is that you can install apps to improve the organization and functionality of the iPhone allowing for less clutter. It also effectively removes the folder limit imposed by the operating system.

3. Music controls
One of the most common problems of iPhone owners is that majority of the music apps do not integrate into the mobile device. This means that when an email or SMS comes in while playing music, the app has to be closed before any other action can be performed. If you jailbreak you iPhone, this limitation is overcome by allowing the shifting from one running app to another.

In general when you jailbreak an iPhone, the normal and basic functions of your phone is not, in any way, affected. With all these benefits and clarifications, the key for every owner is to ensure that when they do decide to jailbreak their iPhone, only a professional must the job to ensure safe and secure jailbreaking process.


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