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July 1, 2013

Odin amano

Odin artwork by .

A legendary knight who rides his beloved horse Sleipnir to deliver a crushing blow, the "."

— Summon Compendium

Odin (オーディン, Ōdin or オーディーン, Ōdīn) is a recurring in the series. He made his début in and several of his appearances allude to his original encounter.

Most commonly, Odin will appear and slice through enemies with , cleaving them in two and inflicting . His ability in most games is called "." Other games allow Odin to damage enemies normally as well, should they be immune to instant death.

Odin is a demonic-looking knight with horns, a long, curved scimitar and a cape. This progressed to include a lance-type weapon called . The horse Odin rides takes on demonic attributes as well, such as red eyes and body armor. , Odin's steed in Norse mythology, has eight legs. In some games in the series, Odin's steed has six legs. In Final Fantasy III Sleipnir can be encountered as a six-legged enemy, while Odin's steed is a normal horse.



Appearances Edit


Odin ffiiids

Odin in Final Fantasy III (DS).

For battle information, see

FFIII - OdinSprite

, , and can cast Odin. Odin can be after being defeated or bought, using the Level 6 Summon Magic spell Catastro. appears as a regular enemy in .

  • White summoning: Protective Light: casts on the party.
  • Black summoning: Slash: damages one enemy.
  • High summoning: Zantetsuken: instantly KO all enemies.


Odin, the Reaver... Only once has he known defeat, and that only when lightning struck his fearsome blade.

—Eidolon Library

See the Summon sequence .

For battle information, see

FF4PSP Odin Battle

The takes the role of Odin, having taken the form of a summoned beast after being murdered by . He can be fought in the basement of after visiting and defeating and . The Feymarch informs Odin was undefeated until he was struck by lightning when his sword was raised into the air, which explains his weakness to .

After defeating him, Odin can be summoned by . It has a of 2 and cost 45 to summon. There is a 50% chance Odin will slay any given foe, but like other instant death attacks, it doesn't work against bosses.

On the Easy Type version, the casting time was reduced to 1.


Odin returns as a summon spell for Rydia. There's still a 50% chance that Odin will slice the enemies in pieces at the cost of 45 MP, but like other instant death attacks in the game, it doesn't work against bosses. He is only available during the final battle.


For battle information, see

Odin appears in the Gathering Chapter in a boss battle teamed with against party. He is under 's control, but comes to his senses and knocks out Cecil freeing him from Maenad's possession. Odin becomes a summon for Rydia and is also used in a move called Iron Flash that grants his power to Cecil, dealing damage to all enemies, and has a chance to inflict instant death.

Odin's attack (upon summon) is Zantetsuken, and functions similarly to the attack from the original Final Fantasy IV.


See the Summon sequence .

For battle information, see

FFV Odin Odin FFV

Odin in battle.

The job class can call Odin. His attack, Zantetsuken (Sword of Vengeance), slices enemies in two. If there is a enemy on screen, Odin uses an attack called Gungnir (Javelin), which deals damage to one opponent.

He is found in the basement of in the . The basement is accessible from the nearby caves and the party has to defeat him in one minute or less to obtain him. Odin costs 48 MP to summon.


Odin - FF6 iOS

Main article:

Odin appears as the guardian of the , from where he is obtained. Odin performs Zantetsuken (Atom Edge in the original version) when summoned, attempting to dispatch all enemies instantly for a cost of 70 MP. He teaches the spell at a rate of x1. His bonus increases by 1. Odin is the only esper in the game to grant a bonus in the SNES and versions, causing many players to hold on to him for a while before upgrading Odin to . However, in the and subsequent versions, the esper grants a superior bonus of +2 Speed, so Odin can be safely upgraded.


Odin-ffvii-steelbladedsword Zantetsuken

Odin in the Steel Bladed Sword animation.

See the Summon sequence .

Odin is found within the in . The Materia contains the instant death effect, which can be used by linking Odin Materia with in weapon or armor to either to physical or make the wearer immune to instant death.

Odin has two attacks: Steel Bladed Sword [sic] and Gunge Lance. Steel Bladed Sword (a rough translation of Zantetsuken) has 92% chance of instantly killing the enemies vulnerable to it and will always kill at least one opponent. Odin uses Gunge Lance when no one on the field would die of Steel Bladed Sword, whether because it would have missed or because the enemy is immune to instant death. Gunge Lance inflicts non-elemental damage to one opponent.

The power of Gunge Lance is equal to 4.875x the base magic damage.

Stats Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Master AP for level 16000 32000 65000 80000 Stat changes Magic +1, Magic Def. +1, Max HP-5%, Max MP+5%

Odin is one of two summons in Final Fantasy VII to have more than one attack, the other being . Odin can be used to easily capture , as Steel Bladed Sword will kill all enemies besides the Chocobo.



Odin in Before Crisis.

Odin can be summoned in battle using the . Odin attempts to inflict instant death on all enemies when summoned. Materia in Before Crisis is obtained by taking photos with one's cellphone and converting the images into Materia; the Materia's type depending on the colors on the photo. Ffxiirw Shivan iconThis article or section is a about Summon magic in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by .


See the Summon sequence .

Odin can be added to the by obtaining his Materia by completing 8-1-6. His signature attack remains Zantetsuken and it attempts to remove all enemies from the . Only a small group of enemies are immune to this effect. The level of his summon is insignificant, because it has the same effect on all levels.


FF8 Odin

Main article:

Odin is an optional non-controllable who appears randomly at the start of battles to instantly kill the enemies with Zantetsuken, slicing them in half. Odin will not usually appear against bosses (with one exception), or . If the player acquires Odin before the boss battle at he top of , Odin will be replaced by another summon——who serves a similar role to Odin as a random summon. If obtained after this boss battle, the player can keep Odin till the end of the game.

Odin is acquired from the . Once entered, a 20-minute will appear, counting down until the player defeats Odin. The player must solve a few puzzles within the time limit, obtain a code and open the door to where Odin awaits. After the player opens the door, the player may leave Centra Ruins and return to get more time to defeat Odin. Defeating Odin nets and he will appear randomly at the start of a random encounter.


See the Summon sequence . Ffix-odin

Odin from .

The Odin is used by after she extracts eidolons from her, to attack . Dagger can gain the ability to summon Odin by equipping the . Odin takes 30 AP to learn. As a summon, Odin performs his to destroy enemies outright. Before Dagger has her eidolons extracted Odin costs 112 MP to summon, but after re-acquiring it, it costs 28 MP.

If Dagger has the ability equipped, the Zantetsuken will deal damage to enemies it doesn't kill. Dagger can learn Odin's Sword for 50 AP by equipping found in . With Odin's Sword, Odin is usually slightly stronger than even (although damage decreases as one obtains more ) and costs less to summon (only 28 MP). In the full summoning animation, Odin uses his sword to deliver the attack, but in the shorter ones, Gungnir simply drops from the sky, even if the attack is called Zantetsuken.

The chances of Odin inflicting instant death on enemies is equal to half the number of in the player's inventory. Meaning, if the player has 99 Ore, the percentage will be around 50%. If Odin's Sword is active, Odin's spell power is equal to 145 minus the total number of Ore in the party's inventory.


Mine obsidian blade shall split atwain the threads of thy future, whilst its crimson fuller shalt channel the lifeblood of thy past. Now wail as thy soul is bestrewn across the plains of Valhalla!

—Odin while using Zantetsuken

Odin (FFXI)

Odin appears as an and is also the name of a . The celestial avatar of darkness, Odin is formally known as the "Dark Divinity." Nearly 900 years ago Odin battled and defeated the iron colossus in a cataclysmic event known as Ragnarok.

Odin grants his power to those he deems worthy, effectively making them his servants. The , , and are but a few of his known servants. In the , Odin appoints a servant to serve as the , one who will ultimately face off against Alexander in the next Ragnarok.

Players may battle Odin within "Odin's Chamber" in Valgrind, the final wing of , located in the . He can also be fought in a quest to obtain him as a summon, among other rewards, after completing the storyline.

Summon Edit

Odin was released as a summonable avatar in the March 2010 update and can only be summoned by a Level 75 or higher under the effect of Astral Flow. He performs his signature move, Zantetsuken, which uses up all the Summoner's MP and has a chance to instantly KO normal monsters.

Against , it deals damage of around 10-20% of the NMs current HP, but caps at 9999 damage under normal circumstances. Zantetsuken is one of the few known player abilities to cap at 9999 damage. Players' damage in Final Fantasy XI is ordinarily not capped.


Odin is mentioned by when he reads his intelligence report to the party during their meeting at . Al-Cid mentions that the Odin is an of the 1st of the Imperial Army. All Imperial airships are named after recurring Final Fantasy summons.


Odin RW

Main article:

Tyrannical lord of the Yarhi who cleaves his opponents in two.

—In-Game Description

Odin is the true form of and a rank 3 Non-Elemental Physical summon. His special attack, Zantetsuken, deals heavy damage to all enemies in front of him. He can be obtained in the after defeating him in the story.



Lightning riding Odin in Gestalt Mode.

Main article:

For battle information, see

See the Gestalt Mode and Summoning sequence .

Odin is the residing in rose-shaped . He is a gigantic horned knight who wears a white cape and wields a large double-sided serrated S-shaped sword in one hand, known as , with a massive shield on his opposite arm. Lightning and face Odin as a boss on the , as a test to prove Lightning's strength to him.

Odin is a Eidolon and has many powerful and diverse physical and magical attacks. He acts as a , drawing all enemy attacks; enemies have a "hate value," which determines what party members they attack based on by whom they have been attacked, and Odin automatically raises this to 100%, making any foe he attacks focus on him.

Lightning's Gestalt Gauge increases by driving up enemy and by healing herself and removing . As Odin has difficulty in driving up enemy chain gauges, it may be better to place Lightning as a when summoning, to increase Odin's Gestalt Gauge, prolonging the time he can spend in Gestalt Mode.

In his Gestalt Mode, Odin transforms into the horse Sleipnir for Lightning to ride. His finishing attack is Zantetsuken, which will inflict instant death to opponents, if certain criteria are met.


XIII-2 Odin

Odin in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

For battle information, see

Odin returns as Lightning's Eidolon, fighting alongside her against in . further elaborates that the Eidolons that appear in Valhalla once belonged to other , and that the monsters scattered throughout Valhalla are Odin's subordinates.

is an opponent and encounter within the Vile Peaks. After defeating him in both 10 AF and 200 AF he can be recruited into the party as a , starting with low and requiring highest grade items to level up in the .

Twilight Odin is a , a manifestation of the memories of the real Odin.



Odin in Lightning Returns.

Odin appears as the , a Lightning encounters in the of . He has been attacked and injured by a , and she must nurse him back to health. She notes a strange familiarity to the creature, and if she visits at this time shares her sentiment. After healing Angel of Valhalla, Lightning can ride him around the Wildlands and he will fight alongside her in battle. After Lightning leaves the , reveals to Lightning that the Angel of Valhalla is Odin. If Lightning visits Mog she tells him of this, and Mog tells her how he first met Odin in Valhalla and though Lightning hopes Mog and Odin would become friends, Mog remains hesitant.

As Lightning and her friends prepare to depart to the Odin fades away with the other Eidolons.

Lightning can obtain a replica of Odin's weapon as a weapon for herself, called .


OdinXIVRender A fell knight clad all in black, Odin roams paths long forgotten beneath the canopy of the Black Shroud.

There are none now alive who know the truth of when or by whom this elder primal was first summoned into the world. Ever vigilant as he sits astride his mighty steed, Sleipnir, it is said that Odin is driven solely by the desire to do battle with worthy foes.

—Official website description

Odin is a roaming . Unlike other primals, his essence is contained not within the land itself but within his sword, Zantetsuken. Rather than binding servants to his will to summon him with crystals like the primals of the , he ensnares the soul of whoever takes up his blade and uses the aether of the to manifest himself once more.

When Odin appears once more in the Shroud, the call upon the adventurers to travel defeat him. Though Odin himself vanishes upon his defeat, his sword remains; and study it and determine the true nature of Odin's existence before sending the blade back to to be sealed away forever. However, the soldier entrusted with the blade falls prey to Odin's will and flees with it, portending the eventual return of the Dark Divinity.

Every time a player group defeats Odin, he returns stronger and grants better loot. Apart from the trial at Urth's Fount, he can appear in any one of the four Shrouds around Gridania—his appearance heralded by a sudden change in the called "Tension:" skies darkening and motes of light floating in the air. Odin will always appear as the race of the previous adventurer to deal the killing blow, albeit clad in the same armor.

When reduced to 5% health, he will begin charging his ultimate attack. If are unable to finish him in time, he will use , instantly killing everyone still within the boundaries of the FATE. Victory will see adventurers receive Odin's Mantle, a token which can be exchanged for his armor and sword, Zantetsuken, from Rowena's associates in —five Mantles are required for each piece of equipment. Odin's form changes every time he is defeated to match the appearance of the player who landed the killing blow. He also takes on their name as a subtitle.

One of the primary attractions at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals in 2014 was a version of Odin re-tuned for eight players in the manner of a "typical" Primal Trial battle. This version of the battle, labeled "Urth's Fount," was added to the game as of Patch 2.5 for the quest "Fear and Odin in the Shroud." During this fight, once Odin's HP reaches about 15%, he will begin casting . If he is not defeated before he finishes casting Shin-Zantetsuken, it will deal 99,999 damage to all players, even through invulnerability effects like . Completing this trial will reveal a truth about the Dark Divinity: the primal is in fact the sword Zantetsuken itself, always claiming a new host to become "Odin" each time he falls.

is a the player can acquire as part of the 360 day Veterans Rewards.

The version of Odin made a cameo appearance in the event , during the final FATE battle in the event sequence.

This specific version of Odin appears in Phantasy Star Online 2 as an Emergency Quest event boss. It also appears rarely on exploration quests, but it will have the head of a random NPC from the game instead of its normal head.

A magicite simulacrum of Odin can be summoned in the new Deep Dungeon , where he will use to instantly kill any mobs. Unlike the other primals, who only deal high to low damage to bosses, Odin is capable of instantly killing every boss as well.


FFT Odin


An esper that charges through the battlefield astride a fearsome mount, doing great damage.


See the Summon sequence .

Odin can be learned for 900 in the job. He attacks for non-elemental damage instead of instantly killing all enemies, unlike other appearances. It costs 50 MP and has a speed of 12. Odin has a 20% chance of randomly being in battle by a Summoner who has not yet learned it, and is not KO'd by it, or absorbs at least 1 HP worth of damage. Nullifying the damage does not count.


Odin appears in a quest description but never in-person. If the player succeeds in the quest, they will receive , a 2-handed spear with an attack score of 55 (and the most powerful lance in the game).


FFType-0 Odin

Odin in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Odin is summonable as an , causing the user to sacrifice their own life. A level 99 Odin that does not require a life sacrifice is temporarily summoned at the end of the first chapter in the first battle against . Odin can be obtained by completing the Chapter 6 mission .

Odin uses three attacks: Moonring Blade, a wide sword slash that can hit a group of enemies; Cavalier Charge, which allows Odin to quickly close distance between him and the enemy to get in range to attack; and Zantetsuken, Odin's trademark attack that can cut an enemy in half, instantly killing them. The player must hold the button to charge Zantetsuken. Prance is a quick sidestep.



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Odin lives in Valhalla and seeks strong warriors. He will offer to return the party to their last battle whenever they are slain on the condition they return someday to face him in battle. When the party reaches Valhalla during the storyline, he will uphold his end of the bargain after a short conversation. If the party reaches Valhalla without getting a Game Over, Odin will not say anything and immediately segue into battle with the party. True to the story, the player will no longer be able to revive after battle after defeating Odin.

In battle, Odin is accompanied by Sleipnir and his "OdinCrow" (however, this is due to the character limit of eight, as they are in fact ravens).


FFD Odin Odin-ffd-gungnir Only those whose brilliance can repel the umber shroud hanging over this troubled land can withstand my might. I, Odin, shall lend thee my power!


For battle information, see

Odin is a Level 4 summon found in the King's Castle during Chapter 3: The Dancer, The must fight him to retrieve the summon. He takes 54 MP to summon and has two attacks: Zantetsuken, which can kill enemies; and Gungnir, where he throws a spear at a enemy for moderate magic damage.


Userbox ff7-cloud

: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.

The following tables are incomplete for one or more reasons. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. Remove this notice upon completion.

FFLTnS Odin Artwork

Odin appears as a high ranked summon whose special attack is Zantetsuken, which deals wind-elemental damage to all enemies and has a chance to inflict instant death. All versions of the summon are able to go up to rank 7. Summoning Odin costs 3 points from the Consumption Gauge. Depending on which update the player is on, may have a rank 7 Odin Signet equipped to him during the game's prologue.

Depending on the Odin summon's type and rank, the user is able to learn the following abilities:

  • Bladeblitz II
  • BladeblitzIII

Upgrading stats Edit

Rank Maximum Level Signet Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed ☆5 50 16 995 56 85 74 58 None ☆6 60 16 1220 67 103 89 70 ? ☆7 70 16 1421 78 119 103 80 ?

(2008) Edit


The automatic version of Odin in Dissidia.


The manual version of Odin in Dissidia.

Odin is a that uses Zantetsuken, which creates a Break on the opponent's points, with a 50% accuracy. Like most of the summons in Dissidia Final Fantasy, Odin can be summoned by two ways: automatically, where his Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- artwork appears, and manually, where his Final Fantasy VI artwork appears.

Odin's auto version can be obtained in the third stage of the storyline, and its manual version can be obtained in the third stage of the storyline. The auto version will only be summoned when enemy's Bravery exceeds the player's current HP.


Odin returns as a , with the same function as in Dissidia. His auto version is now found in of Scenario 012. The manual version can be purchased from certain for 40 .


Odin appears as one of seven summons obtainable by the player, though he can be acquired at the start by random. When summoned, Odin attacks mainly by charging across the arena on Slepnir and slashing with his sword while raining down electrified spears. His finishing move is Zantetsuken, which when perceived on the receiving end, is shown as a powerful slash that causes the screen to crumble away, showing the results underneath. His pre-summoning effect is Greased Lightning, which increases the rate at which the dash gauge recovers. Afterwards, it become Bladeglint, which also increases movement speed. When summoned, the controller's sync light becomes light purple. In the console's story mode, he is confronted by Lightning and Squall.

As a boss, Odin rides on Slepnir, attacking party members by charging at them with his sword, occasionally swapping it out with a lance for a thrusting attack. Slepnir will also raise his forelegs to slam the arena with a mighty shockwave that launches anyone grounded. He can also counter attacks with his shield up. His HP attacks are Verhawen, attacking with a low sweeping wave of energy launched from a sword swing, Scheitelhau being a vertical variation and Gungir, where he tosses a lance into the sky where it splits into multiple lances that rain down on a target.

When his HP is down to half, his Bravery attacks now have follow-ups and his HP attacks now strike twice with Verhawen becoming Doppelhau, Scheitelhau becoming Doppelrundstreich, and Gungir becoming Redoubled Efforts. He also gains access to Zantetsuken, which has a large wind-up but will instantly damage anyone, regardless of their distance from him

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Odin is set to appear as a summon.

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It is said this summon was once a human who risked his own life to save his fellows in a time of war. The proud warrior cuts down any enemy with a merciless blade, faster than lightning and stronger than steel.


Theatrhythm Odin

Odin is a summon that appears occasionally after a successful summon, and uses his signature attack Zantetsuken. Odin is one of the higher tier summons, and has a greater chance of appearing the better the player is doing. By using the Odin's Magicite item, the player guarantees Odin will be summoned.

Odin with his Final Fantasy III incarnation also has a . Odin is CollectaCard #35 and has the text: The disembodied soul of a great warrior who once gambled his own life for those of his allies. If proud Odin deigns to join you in battle, his cleaving blade will strike with a speed no mortal eye can perceive. The passwords to unlock the Odin card include "Zantetsuken" and "Sleipnir's rider."


Odin returns as a summon, and is now exclusively used by a number of characters. As before, equipping the Odin Magicite enables any character to summon Odin.

The characters that can exclusively summon Odin are:


Odin returns as a summon, with Zantetsuken dealing high damage to several monsters in a music stage.

The characters that can exclusively summon Odin are:

  • -
  • Final Fantasy IV - Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind
  • Final Fantasy VII - Vincent Valentine
  • -
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning #2

The characters that can summon Odin are a reference to their own game, such as the King of Baron becoming Odin in Final Fantasy IV, unlocking the safe required to obtain Vincent in Final Fantasy VII, and Seifer's reversal of Odin's Zantetsuken in Final Fantasy VIII.


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Odin Brigade

Odin appears as an in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. In addition, the Final Fantasy XIII version of Odin appears as an enemy during the second part of the "" event, and when Lightning uses Zantetsuken. In battle, Odin uses Crushing Blow.


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Odin is one of two summoned monsters that is summoned by through her Summoner's Dualcast ability. Odin has the same appearance from when he appeared in Final Fantasy V.


Odin (Enemy) appears as the boss of 'The Vile Peaks 2' FF(13) record area (difficulty 35)

FFIII Odin: The Earth Stirs

FFIV Odin: The Burning Blade, Twin Stars of Mysidia

FFV Odin: Heir of the Dawn

FFVIII Odin: Rains of Ruin, A Meeting Beyond Time

FFXIII Odin: Dawn Over the Big Bridge, Defying Destiny, Fang's Oath, Lightning Strikes, Conquer Odin (raid)

Odin is fought multiple times as part of The Five Dooms.

Odin is also one of the bosses in the Neo Bahamut Nightmare Dungeon.

Odin is a rank 5 summon ability, he will either instantly KO enemies, or if immune attack them all for non-elemental damage, and after the upcoming ability update also lowers Defense and Resistance.

Odin is also the Super Soul Break for Rydia, contained in her Mystic Whip.

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For battle information, see

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MFF Odin Model

Odin from Final Fantasy XIII appears on ability cards and as an enemy boss during the Final Fantasy XIII collaboration event. He can also be fought in multiplayer.


Odin appears as a summon.


Odin at Fantasia

Odin in Chocobo Racing.

Odin appears as a scenery element in Fantasia Track, with the same appearance as in the Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon series.


Odin appears in Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon. It can be summoned via the use of a summon stone and uses an instant death attack.


Odin appears in Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 and is the second most powerful summon in the game, behind Bahamut. allow the player to summon a monster. Feathers that allow one to replace the current companion with a summoned monster are lost if the summoned monster dies. Breaking equipment is the most prevalent way to get most every feather; when Chocobo wears a piece of equipment in a dungeon, its Durability hits 0, and the piece of equipment turns into a feather.

If Chocobo already has the feather given when his equipment breaks, the old feather disappears and is replaced by the new feather. Odin feather is obtained when Chocobo's Multi Claw or Counter Saddle have been upgraded from +6 to +9, they break and turn into a feather.

Summons can also be used via summon stones and Chocobo does not need the corresponding feather to use these stones.

When Odin is summoned he uses a strong non-elemental attack on all enemies. It has no weaknesses or strengths. Its abilities include Fenris-Bane and Grungir.

Odin is a useful summon against the most powerful enemy in the game, Death (who has a different name depending on how it appears). Death's defenses render most attacks useless, and even summons like deal only two-digit damage. Odin is the only summon able to deal damage in the hundreds to Death.


Odin is a non-elemental card, and has six cards under its name.

Cards Edit

Odin Odin Zantetsuken #097 ★★ Gray Attack None None Defend Zantetsuken Crystal Ability ()

Deal 3 damage for each in opponent's CP gauge. You receive 2 damage for each in your CP gauge.

Odin Odin Zantetsuken+ #098 ★★★ Gray None Defend Attack None Zantetsuken+ Crystal Ability ()

Deal 3 damage for each in opponent's CP gauge. You receive 2 damage for each in your CP gauge.

Odin Odin Gungnir #099 ★ Gray None None None Attack Gungnir Zone Boost

Deal 3 damage for each guard zone on opponent's card.

Odin Odin Gungnir+ #100 ★★★ Gray None Attack None None Gungnir+ Deal 3 damage.

CP Crush

Destroy all crystals of the most abundant color in opponent's CP gauge.

Odin Odin Sleipnir #101 ★★ Gray Defend None None None Sleipnir Deal 7 damage and casts haste. Odin Odin Dark Blade #102 ★★★ Gray Attack None None Defend Dark Lance Crystal Ability ()

Deal damage equal to 1/2 of your remaining HP.



Odin in Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

In the anime, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Odin appears as a summon to destroy Cube Arusha. The Soil Charge Triad (Soil is like the colored bullet of a , used to summon creatures) needed to summon Odin is:

  • The light that shines in face of courage, Bullet Silver!
  • The darkness that devours in the face of destruction, Destroy Black!
  • Facing the road of extinction in a flash of an instant, Steel Gray!

Followed by saying: "Pierce! Summoned Creature! Odin!"

In the English audio version, the Soil Charge Triad was changed to:

  • The light that dictates the time of eternity, Luminous Silver!
  • The darkness that dictates the time of destruction, Demolition Black!
  • The moment that dictates the time of extinction, Steel Gray!

Followed by saying: "Penetrate! I summon you! Odin!"


Odin appears several times in in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, generally aligned with the Thunder element. He appears six times as a Thunder Summon, in his Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XIII; Final Fantasy Tactics; Final Fantasy Type-0; Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- incarnations, this last appearance being a promotional card. His appearance as Twilight Odin in Final Fantasy XIII-2 appears as a Thunder elemental character card, and his appearance as an Avatar from Final Fantasy XI is a Dark-elemental Summon card.


Odin from the series appears on Triple Triad cards in the version playable via .

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit


Bahamut Lagoon - Odin Sprite

Odin is a spear-wielder riding on the back of a dragon, he is the holy form of the some of the MuniMuni class dragons. Odin's attack attempts to kill everything in battle with his Fatal Blade ability. Since most bosses are immune to instant death attacks, this ability will make Odin waste a turn if he attempts to use it against them.

Crystal Conquest Edit

Crystal Conquest Odin

Odin in Crystal Conquest.

Odin is one of three summons in this Japan-only, free-to-play browser game. Its ability deals massive damage to other summoned monsters.


Odin appears in Dragon Quest Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special.

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Odin appears in Dragon Quest Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable. Odin's card effect is to cut all rent by 50%.


From atop his fiery steed Sleipnir, this knight in armor of black and gold cleaves all before him in two.

—Description, FFV

It is whispered this ancient primal roams the Black Shroud astride his steed Sleipnir, seeking worthy foes.

—Description, FFXIV

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Odin is one of the summons in this Japanese arcade-based card game. Its ability deals lightning based damage to all enemies in range. Odin reappears in the sequels and .


The Final Fantasy XIV incarnation of appears as a boss enemy in the game as part of collaboration agreement between Square Enix and . This Odin is base on the battle of Odin's appearance at Urth's Fount. He has a variety of attacks, like his Gungnir and Sanngetal. The player must defeat him before he finishes casting his ultimate move, Shin-Zantetsuken, or face total annihilation and failure of the quest.


Odin Smash Bros Splash Card

Odin in SSB4

Odin's incarnation from Final Fantasy VII appears as a hazard in the Midgar stage. When Odin's Summon Materia is used, he will appear in the background. Odin slices the stage in half, turning it into two separate islands with an empty hole in the middle to knock off players. His initial attack will also OHKO any player caught unaware.

Monster Strike Edit

Odin from Final Fantasy XIII appears as Lightning's steed.

Merchandise Edit

Action figures of Odin from Final Fantasy VIII were released along figures of the other Guardian Forces. Odin could be purchased separately, or alongside his horse Sleipnir. As a curious detail, the action figure of Sleipnir shows two stumps for his fourth pair of legs, not present in his Final Fantasy VIII in-game model. A "crystal" colored version of this set also exists. Odin cannot be posed mounted on Sleipnir.

Odin from Final Fantasy VIII has appeared in Final Fantasy Creatures Vol. 2 as a secret figurine featuring both Odin and Sleipnir. Different colored versions of the figures exist; crystalline, metallic and full color. The figures were released exclusively in Japan in 2002. Odin can be posed in two different ways: mounted on Sleipnir, or standing on his own.

A limited edition statue of Seifer and Odin has also been released. Every statue comes with a serial number.

Odin from Final Fantasy IX appears in the Final Fantasy Master Creatures Vol 2 series of monster figures.

T-shirts with Final Fantasy XIII Eidolon designs have been on sale in the Japanese Square Enix store. The shirts cost ¥3,900, with two versions, Odin or Shiva. Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai figure of Odin was released in July 2010; it has two forms, Sleipnir or Odin, and the Play Arts figure of Lightning can be mounted on the Sleipnir form. The Eidolons from Final Fantasy XIII have also been made into action figures in the Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3 series.

Attendees of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals in 2014 who defeated the Odin group battle received an "I Beat Odin" t-shirt, similar in fashion to other shirts handed out at trade shows featuring Primal battle events. The shirt features a print of Odin performing Zantetsuken in gold, with the two halves of the picture slightly off-set, to simulate reality being cut by Odin's attack.

Etymology Edit

[ ·  · ]In Germanic mythology, (from Old Norse Óðinn) is a widely revered god. In Norse mythology, from which stems most of our information about the god, Odin is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and is the husband of the goddess Frigg. Odin is attributed with the discovery of Runes. He, along with his two brothers, Vili and Vé, is credited with the creation of the realm of mankind, Miðgarðr (Midgard), and for mankind itself. He is the employer of the female warriors known as Valkyries (who control the fate of battles and collect the dead from the battleground), and he reigns over the hall of Valhöll (Valhalla), the Norse equivalent of heaven (only those who fought bravely and died in combat were eligible to enter).

Óðinn sacrificed his left eye to drink from Mimir's Well of Wisdom to gain knowledge of past, present, and future. His eight legged horse, Sleipnir, and his magical dwarven spear Gungnir have also been depicted. At Ragnarök (the end of the gods) Óðinn shall rally the dead warriors to fight on the side of the gods. Óðinn fathered Þór (Thor), the god of thunder, and many others.

  • In Odin's appearances from Final Fantasy III up to Final Fantasy VI, his summon is obtained in a secret passage in a castle. This tradition somewhat continues in later games, with Odin being found in a safe in an abandoned mansion in Final Fantasy VII, in a locked room in old ruins in Final Fantasy VIII, and the skill Odin's Sword is learned from an item found in a secret room in a castle in Final Fantasy IX.
  • Zantetsuken is not the name of Odin's weapon from mythology. The Gungnir, which is a recurring steal for Odin, was his spear from Norse myths.
  • Odin is 's (director of , and ) favorite creature from the series.

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