Hunting black birds

How to Hunt Blackbirds

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  1. Put food where you want the blackbirds to be.Some types of blackbirds will eat basically everything, Including meat. However, to attract all species of blackbirds, you should scatter seeds. Sunflower seeds and corn are perfect.
  2. Create a hiding spot.Blackbirds have keen eyesight, so you'll want to be hidden. A tent blind or hiding spot in shrubs or bushes will be fine.
  3. Wait!After a month or so, hundreds of blackbirds should know of your food source and constantly be coming to it.


  1. If you know of a place where blackbirds are at, and you want to hunt them, there's only one option.Stalking. Blackbirds have good eyesight, so you should wear camouflage. Walk slowly, making sure not to step on dry leafs or twigs. Try to keep something in between you and the birds as you stalk towards them. When you're close enough, slowly ready your weapon, and take the shot.


  1. Make decoys.Many different things can be used as decoys. Dead blackbirds, cardboard silhouettes, or my personal favorite, dove decoys spray painted black.
  2. Arrange the decoys in a realistic way.Blackbirds prefer to stay close to each other, so the decoys should be pretty close. Put the decoys in an open place where passing blackbirds can see them.

Choose a Weapon

  1. If shooting around people or in city limits, you'll want to use an air rifle.They're quiet, not too expensive, and don't shoot too long distances. And they certainly have the power to humanely kill blackbirds.
  2. If hunting away from people and out of city limits, you can use a .22 LR or a shotgun.If using a shotgun, use light loads, or you'll destroy the blackbird.

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  • What bait should I put in a blackbird trap?
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  • If using a .22 LR or air rifle, the blackbird should be standing still when you take the shot. If the blackbird is walking, you can make them stop by making any kind of sound. I usually just calmly say, "Hey, blackbird." and they stop.
  • It's okay to take body shots. Blackbirds are a relatively fragile bird, and heart/lung shots will kill them almost instantly.

Video: Hunting Blackbirds and Sparrows With PCP Air Rifle

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