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Cool growing Colombian Orchids - Photos of Orchids near Bogota' - , ,,, ,, , and ,Odontoglossum ramulosum,

Almost all of the preceding orchids were found near these two landscape shots, shows the cleared forests which has grown back with pine in the background and the original scrub forest with rock outcroppings in the foreground. The orchid not blooming is a Masdevallia, the bloom spike I do not think is from an orchid. Anyone? Shows the stunted bushes that grow amid rock outcroppings on a hill on the sides of the savannah of Bogata'.

If anyone has any idea as to the identity of any of the previous orchids please e-mail me at:

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Below are other orchid sites that I find useful.

Homepage of Weyman Bussey

Bart Wursten Has done an excellent job with his Flora of Zimbabwe Site. Much more than orchids, check it out. Excellent!

Like above a location to find many orchid web sites.

The Australian Orchid Society Page

Everwonder where I got all the taxonomic info for these pages, this is it, run by the Missouri Botanical garden this not only list almost all orchid names it also has almost every name for all plants. Lots of text info, very few pictures

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    visited 36 states (16%)


Here are four trips to Colombia 2004 2005 5/2006/ 12/2006.


I have finally found the time to assemble the Brazil page. A great vacation. Tudo Bem!! Come on an Orchid Safari with

There are lots of orchid photos. I spent 16 days in country and managed to visit Sao Paulo state beaches, littoral plain and littoral mountains as well as the Mantiquera Mountains and up to Diamantina in North Minas Gerais all by car with an orchid expert, Marcos Campacchi. The name may ring a bell as he is the describer of many new Brazilian orchid species such as Cattleya tenuis. He is also the editor of Boletim CAOB and Brasil Orqueideas, 2 major orchid publications in Brazil.


I have finally found the time to assemble the Kenya page. A great vacation. Jambo!!!Come along on a with me!!!

There are lots of animal, bird and orchid photos. We spent 16 days in country and managed to visit 5 National Parks, Samburu [Mid north], Lake Nakuru [Central], Lake Naivasha [Central], Masa Mara [South west]and East Tsavo [South east}. There is a hot air Balloon ride, 10 days of animal safari and 2 days of tribal visits, one, the Samburu to the north west and, two, the Masai to the southwest. A once in a lifetime experience for myself and my family. Please write and give me your comments!


  • Peruvian collecting trip 2000
  • Take a trip to Peru on-line and collect some orchids

Costa Rica

Check out the new Costa Rica Page, I did a 15 day orchid trip to the jungle, see the orchids there now

Please give us your comments as to the workings of this home page, we have hopes of creating a site that will have photos of every genus and possibly cultural tips as well. E-Mail: free counters

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