Introduction to digital photography 2nd edition

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1. Digital Imaging.

Digital Imaging: An Overview .

Pictures into Pixels.

Bit Depth.

Picture "Size": Ppi, Dpi, and Other Image Measurements.

Modes And Color Spaces: How Computers Work with Color.

Digital Imaging, Changing Ethics, and the Law: Is it Possible? vs. Is it Right?


2. Image Capture And Storage.

Film Cameras and Digital Cameras.

Exposure Latitude.

Digital Cameras.

How Digital Cameras Work.

Types of Digital Cameras.

Digital View Cameras.

The Settings of Your Digital Camera.


Making a Scan Step-by-Step.

Storing Your Images.

File Formats.

Resizing an Image Step-by-Step.


3. Basic Image Editing.

Interface: How You Give Commands to the Software.

Adjusting Brightness and Contrast.

More About Adjusting Brightness and Contrast: Using Histograms to Diagnose Exposure Problems.

Adjusting Color: Color Balance.

More About Adjusting Color: Hue and Saturation.

Editing an Image Step-by-Step.


Defining an Area that You Want to Change.

Outlining Selections.

Selecting Areas that are Similar in Color or Brightness.

Drawing Selections with Pen Tools.

Modifying Selections.

Cropping and Transforming Selections.

Brush Tools: Painting on an Image.

Using Brush Tools: Applying Paint and Special Effects.

Cloning: Copying from One Part of an Image to Another.

Healing and Patching: Repair Tools that Can be Used Creatively.



4. Beyond Basic Image Editing.


The Best Way to Combine Images.

Creating Image Layers.

Harmonizing the Elements of a Collage.

Managing Image Layers.

Making a Composite Image Step-by-Step.


The Professional Way to Control Tones and Colors.

Using Curves.

Adjustment Layers:

Preventing Color Banding and Data Loss.

Using Adjustments.

Using Masks to Create Selections.

Layer Masks:

Attaching a Mask to a Layer.

Adjustment Layer Masks: Professional-Level Photoshop.

Alpha Channels: Where Masks are Stored.

Color Channels:

Where Color Information is Stored.

Editing Color Channels.

Modifying the Past: The Fade Command and the History Brush.

Troubleshooting: Keeping Track of Layers and Channels.

Digital Filters for Special Effects.



5. Digital Printing and Electronic Publishing.

How Color Is Created: Additive and Subtractive.

Calibrating Your Monitor for Consistent Color.

Making Your Prints Match the Monitor:

Color Settings for Printing.

Printers, Inks, and Papers.

Sharpening Prints.

Making Images for the Internet.

Making Images for Multimedia.

Making Prints On Film and Photographic Paper.

Black-and-White Photography In the Digital Age.

Digital Imaging for Non-Silver Processes.


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