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This article is about the Indian film. For the 2010 Nigerian film, see Inale.

Innale (Translation: Yesterday) is a 1990 film written and directed by with , , and in pivotal roles. Innale was not a major critical or commercial success at the time of release but over the years, it has become a . Director recognises it as one of his favourite films.


Gauri (Shobhana), is found as an injured victim of a bus accident, during her travel to religious places, throughout India. She is taken to a hospital in a hill station, where the doctor declares that she has amnesia due to the accident, and has forgotten herself and her past.

Gauri, forgets her larger past and starts to move with courage, towards her new-found self, after struggling within herself, asking questions. She also meets malicious people who claim to be her well-wishers, taking advantage of her . She fights them with the help of the brave Mr. Sharath Menon (Jayaram), who protects her during the transition to become the new Maya.

Dr. Sandhya (Srividya) who treated Gauri, is also Sharath's mother. She too comforts Gauri and allows her to become Maya. Though she does worry about, what is to follow. Sandhya decides to meet anyone who claim to be Gauri's family, so that she could help out Gauri who is now Maya. Sharath brings actors to make Dr. Sandhya believe that Gauri has parents, to get his mother's consent to marry Gauri with whom he has deeply fallen in love with. Sandhya has no other choice than to leave, the young lovers to their own fate.

A screenshot from the film

Meanwhile, Dr. Narendran (Suresh Gopi), Gauri's husband, who is a scientist by profession working in the US, starts to search for his lost wife. After much searching with all his friends and resources he finally gets information about a girl who was an accident victim on a hill station. He calls Sandhya during her birthday party, where the doctor also announces the engagement of Maya with her son, Sharath. Sandhya is shocked and informs her son about Dr. Narendran's phone call. Narendran reminiscences memories of the beautiful days spent with his lovely wife Gauri.

The three main characters meet where Narendran becomes speechless after his wife talks to him like a complete stranger. He decides that she has indeed become a new person and it would be unfair to bring her more sorrow by revealing the truth that she is his wife.

Sharath happily asks whether she was the person he is looking for to which Narendran answers, no by only shaking his head.He understands that Sharath and Maya are deeply in love with each other and leaves in haste, never showing Sarath his wedding photos with Gauri, that he was carrying with him. The last scene shows the bewildered Maya and Sharath staring at him, leaving so abruptly, without drinking the tea she made.


The songs featured in the film were composed by . The was composed by .

The movie won many awards namely,

  • Film fare award for the Best Actress,1990- Shobana
  • Kerala State Award for Best Script,1990 -
  • Film Critic Award for Best Script,1990 - P. Padmarajan
  • Film Chamber Award for Best Script,1990 - P. Padmarajan

Other Awards

  • Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director in 1990 - Perumbavoor G. Raveendranath

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