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Heidi Klum pulled off a very convincing but that was just for one night – this transgender woman has paid around 0K on plastic surgery to permanently look like the cartoon character.

“I’m a cosmetic concoction,” Cassandra says in a clip for .

The 37-year-old has undergone surgery for facial feminization, brow shaving, Adam’s apple reductions, sexual reassignment, and on her nose, lips, cheeks, breasts, hips and butt, but she’s still not done. According to the show, she now wants to have her ribs removed to make her as Jessica’s.

“I would say the only thing I haven’t had done is my heart,” Cassandra says.

Cassandra, who lives in San Francisco, went on the show to request this other round of plastic surgery, but the doctors believe it’s too dangerous. They’re also concerned because she has trouble breathing through her nose, and the doctors want her to enlarge it.

Cassandra, however, is resisting.

“If I have to have a nose job and make it bigger to breathe, I do not want that. That is not Jessica Rabbit,” she says in Tuesday’s episode.

Looking like the character is important to Cassandra because of her tough childhood.

“Growing up in a very masculine family, I’ve always make believe that I was something else and that’s actually where Jessica Rabbit came into play,” she says.

“I was a child of the ’80s and ’90s and to me Jessica Rabbit was the ultimate woman, perfect in every way,” Cassandra explains. “She was what I wanted to be and it was a way that I could escape the misery of my childhood and people telling me that I couldn’t become the woman I wanted to be.”

And now that she is that woman, Cassandra looks for perfection.

“Beauty is power,” she explains. “That’s what I learned a long time ago and that’s why I strive for the best.”


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