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Controversy and speculation has always swirled around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and it continues even today, almost 50 years on. This author wasn’t around when this tragic historical event occurred, but many people still remember the fateful day like it was yesterday. Imagine being Jackie Kennedy and bearing witness to your husband’s murder, his head being mangled by a bullet, blood spraying profusely everywhere, and parts of his brain flying into the air. It’s impossible to accept that she ever fully overcame the tragedy.

The intention of this article is not to convince anyone about what exactly happened that day, like the numerous or . Believe it was a CIA agent who murdered the President, if you will, or think, along with most, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer. Here are the JFK autopsy photos, and decide for yourself what came to pass.

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Here is the back view of a normal skull with parts identified. This is important to reflect upon as one looks at these pictures of JFK post-mortem.

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Next, we see a front X-ray view of JFK’s skull. Notice the complete absence of the right side of his head. After the bullet penetrated the President’s skull, a large piece of the projectile traveled forward and to the side, causing part of the cranium to explode as it exited.

The bullet, which, it was determined, came from a very high position above President Kennedy, gained speed and momentum from the distance it traveled and resulted in an irregular, roughly circular, 5-inch-wide wound in the top right side of the President’s head, as seen in the following images.


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