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King Tut

/ IPD No. / December, 1969 / 1 Player
  Average Fun Rating: [ 5 stars - Click for comments ]    5.2/10  ()        [ ] Manufacturer: Project Date: August 06, 1969 Date Of Manufacture: December, 1969 Model Number: 857 Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) [?] Production: 800 units   (confirmed) Serial Number Database:   (External site) Theme: Egyptology - Historical Notable Features: (2) (4), (2), (2), (5), Left , Right ball return , Center .

Maximum displayed point score is 9,999 points.

Design by: Art by: Notes: The manufacturer produced the in both crystal glass and Plexiglas.

The version of this game is .

Photos in: , pages 68-69
Pinball Machines for Italy - Senza Ripetizione Della Partita, page 67
Mike Pacak's Pinball Flyer Reference Book G-R
Pinball The Lure of the Silverball, page 69
, pages 9-10, 134-138
Cash Box, Jan-10-1970, page 41
Documentation: 431 KB    [Bally Manufacturing Corp.] Images:
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