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In order to offer students an added perk for their years of dedication and study in music (instrument or vocal lessons), students are eligible to use their successful completion of Royal Conservatory of Music Exams (RCM exams) towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

In Ontario, a grade 11 high school credit and grade can be attained via the successful completion of the Grade 7 Practical and Intermediate Rudiments in any music instrument that is examined, including voice but excluding speech arts and drama. Similarly, a grade 12 high school credit can be attained via the successful completion of the Grade 8 Practical and Advanced Rudiments. The Grade 8 RCM grade counts as a U/M course credit and is used for the calculation of entrance averages –wherein in universities and colleges use a student’s top six grades to derive the average grade and grant admissions.

Moreover, many universities offer entrance scholarships upon being granted admission to the school.  Scholarships are granted based on the average of the student’s top six grades.

At the , a 95% and above average earns a student a yearly scholarship of ,000, contingent on upholding a certain grade point average (meaning, 00 x 4 years is ,000.  Further, a 92%-94.9% average awards a ,000 entrance scholarship, a 90%-91.9% awards a ,500 entrance scholarship, and a 88%-89.9% scholarship awards a 00 scholarship.

At , a 95%+ admission average offers a ,500 entrance scholarship which is renewable for 3 additional years, a 90-94.9% average earns a ,500 entrance scholarship, a 85-89.9% average earns a ,500 entrance scholarship and a 80-84.9% average earns a ,000 entrance scholarship.

The question is, should students use this extra credit? Is it advantageous or could it be damaging?

Ultimately, the choice is made on an individual case basis. If a student has been diligently studying and achieving high grades (especially if the grades are higher than those in public school in English, Biology, Calculus, etc.), then the RCM grade can significantly assist a student in gaining admission to university or earning a coveted entrance scholarship.

Many students at the Frederic Chopin Music School have completed their RCM examinations with extremely high results of 85% and up.  For the majority, this has significantly helped their graduating average, and made them eligible for entrance scholarships. Moreover, many students complete their grade 8 RCM prior to their final grade in grade 12. Many students prefer to lessen their course load and take 5 instead of 6 courses in their studies, knowing that their RCM credit allows them that flexibility. Meaning, students have the luxury of shifting focus on to other difficult subjects that may require attention at that time, like Calculus.

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