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Douglas serves as a Managing Director of Net Lease Capital Energy. In this role, he co-leads the Energy Group’s efforts to identify, produce and sell renewable natural gas derived from organic waste.

Douglas has extensive energy experience, working with firms focused on clean energy, environmental commodities, regulatory environments and project finance. Prior to joining Net Lease Capital in 2015, he worked for Alutiiq, an Anchorage based, Alaska Native Corporation, and for IAP Worldwide Services, a Military Contractor, and owned a consulting services firm providing a holistic approach to energy and environmental impacts analysis. He has worked extensively in real estate and energy markets, both physical and financial, in areas including citing, congestion, land control, pricing, regulatory, and environmental and political impact assessment.

Examples of past ventures include his 2012 work with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Center of Atomic and Renewable Energy, for whom Douglas researched and wrote a proposal chosen to help Saudi Arabia reduce domestic oil consumption through the acceleration of a domestic renewable energy market. The plan included a center of excellence, solar farms, desalinization plants, waste water and integrated micro grid technologies. In 2013, Douglas helped the government of Brazil, working with CAXIA Bank, to develop three levels of high efficiency low income housing in the City of Manaus. The project included roads, energy and waste treatment, and served over 10,000 families. In 2008, in Cote d’Ivoire, Douglas worked with the Office of the Prime Minister, the ex Prime Minister of Niger, and the Mayor of San Pedro on a slum revitalization project which was a public-to-private partnership addressing the needs of over 500,000 persons in need of clean water and reliable energy.

Douglas is a graduate of the University of Mississippi. Married for 19 years, he has three children. Coaching kids’ soccer and lacrosse, he runs an occasional triathlon himself, and “enjoys a salt life,” including fishing, swimming and sailing.


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