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To be admissible in evidence in a court trial, a photograph must be "a fair and reasonably accurate representation of the subject portrayed." California Legal Photography exists to provide expert photographic representations to Trial Lawyers and Insurance Claims Units.

For over 30 years, we have provided photographic services for litigation in the areas of

  • medical malpractice

  • products liability

  • defective workmanship

  • patent and copyright infringement

  • property damage

  • accident sites (day and night)

  • bodily injury.

Macro photography is a specialty. California Legal Photography can provide photographic documentation of evidence up to 20X (twenty times life size) with film or digital capture in our fully equipped studio.

Every assignment includes CDs or DVDs with the original and production image files. We can also provide any size photographic print, including large, mounted prints if needed for trial display. If trial presentation software will be used, we will provide the images on CD or DVD so that the images can be incorporated directly into the presentation.

We can also prepare, or assist you in preparing, PowerPoint or electronic slide show presentations. Document scanning and copy work, both film and digital, is also available.

Images are captured digitally, unless otherwise requested, with the Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses. Digital images can be processed using Nikon Image Authentication software if requested. This will absolutely guarantee to the court that the image has not been edited or altered after it was taken, thereby assuring "a fair and reasonably accurate representation of the subject portrayed." For more information on the admissibility of digital captures as evidence and about image authentication software, visit our digital capture page.

Stan Sholik, owner of California Legal Photography, is an active member of EPIC, Evidence Photographers International Council. As a member, he adheres to the Standards for Evidence Photography published by EPIC.


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