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Ladies, I know you love photos of naked men, and I also know you're sick of finding a thousand gay sites (and some gay sites are masquerading as sites for women too!).

Erect Men has nothing but gorgeous straight guys getting naked and erect for your viewing pleasure. We've selected only the best looking, hunkiest men and photographed them in the shower, outdoors, at home, and even masturbating.
If you admire the male form in all its uncensored glory, you'll love this site!

This is an adult site for women.
It contains explicit photos of naked men and heterosexual sex.
If you are under 18 or easily offended, leave NOW.



Erect Men is a REAL women's site. I have searched out thousands of photos of very sexy guys - the sort of men I know we women want to see naked. They're straight, they're good looking, they've got big dicks, and some of them are the stuff of female fantasy. You won't find any "open bum" photos here, or gay hardcore. Just hot straight guys, naked and hard.
Plus, I've written erotic fiction especially for this site. The protagonists are female and the scenarios are pure female fantasy. Indulge your imagination.
Erect men also features articles and reviews, plus access to adult movies made for women.
On top of that you gain access to a huge archive of bonus content, as well as hundreds of other women's erotica sites, including , , , and .
I've worked hard to create the kind of adult site I myself would want to see. Please click here to see more.
-Ms Naughty, webmistress.


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