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OK, you will have to be patient with me...I am not computer saavy. I just installed your Photo Explosion Deluxe (and have registered same). When I click on the desktop icon it opens up with the youn

You are connected with our experts, then you are able to destroy all your Malwarebytes issues completely with our permanent solution. So, whenever you need our technical assistance, then you can call us at that time.

| Answered on Mar 14, 2018

Fanta morph error

The password trouble is not difficult to handle but it can hamper your work very much. The solution is there on the login page itself in the form of the forgot password link. Those users who are not interested with the solution link can get the help directly from the experts at the .
More Info :-

| Answered on Nov 22, 2017

Photo explosion 5 it crashes before opening at launch stage I've windows 10

I have checked the specifications of it and it is not designed for Windows 10.
It could be a driver problem that has not been fixed, or something else.
You could post a question on Microsoft, asking "will Photo explosion 5 operate under Windows 10" and see if you get any responses.
Also try a Google search with that question first.

| Answered on Sep 26, 2016

Unlock code

You must purchase an unlock code in order to burn a dvd... Something I did not know when I bought the program. After spend + on the program I did not feel it appropriate to purchase an unlock code for another or so. Be sure to save the unlock code somewhere in the event that you reload Photo Explosion onto another computer. Nova does not save them for you...

| Answered on Aug 23, 2013

Error 1305 installing photo explosion version 3. 3rd disc loads almost done then get error 1305...error reading from file c:\ program files\ nova development \ photo explosion deluxe 3.0 \ web album \

| Posted on Dec 02, 2011 |

Does it work with windows 7?

That depends on which vesrion of windows 7 you have ?
The basic versions of windows 7 do not generally alow every program to be run that was designed for an earlier version of windows.
I have found no problems running any application at all so far even if it was intended for an earlier version of windows.
The home premium version of win 7 is the lowest and may on rare occasion cough and spluter when running XP/vista apps.
In my tests sometimes the installation does fail but windows 7 then takes over and asks if I want to re-install using corrected setting.
If I let it do that then the installation has always worked.

| Answered on Nov 03, 2011

I bought a new laptop

if its windows 7 you may need to try "compatibility mode" right click on the icon and go to properties and select the compatibility tap and then try different ones until it works.... you may need to go to the software makers web site and look for a patch for the software to work with win 7

| Answered on Aug 30, 2011

Wish to purchase a version 3 for my daughter, were

Best greerhellenm
The home site for the product is:

although you will see that only versions 4 and 4 deluxe is advertised (look under "Print Creativity" or "Digital Photography"), which, of course, you could go for. Prices: version 4 - $ 29.95; version 4 deluxe - $ 49.95.
However, If you are really intent on getting version 3, you could try out this site's customer or technical support ().
I did a quick Google search. If you're not able to get version 3 from novadevelopment's site you may be able to get it from sites that (still) advertise it, like:

Of course, it could be that the sites / site information is old and no longer relevant.
Be sure to check the system requirements for version 4 and 4 deluxe, should you opt for those versions (given on-screen on novadevelopment's site). Furthermore, it appears that versions 3 (no longer in development) doesn't work with Windows 7 (reference: ), and that some users are of the opinion that version 3 is better than version 4 (reference: ).
I wish you all the best.
From: 11407336

| Answered on Jun 29, 2011

My program photo explosion deluxe

What I understand is that your photo explosion deluxe is a windows xp software. Since it is not working readily out of the box in windows 7 then what you could do is install windows xp mode for windows 7. Windows xp mode allows xp software to be installed and windows 7. What you need to do is just download windows xp mode and install it. After which you could then install that software on there. Just make sure to uninstall your current installation of photo explosion deluxe before you do this.
Here is the link to the download for windows xp mode:
And Here is the link to some of their videos on how to use xp mode so that you could understand further how to set it up:
If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to come by again here at
You have a great day.

| Answered on May 22, 2011

Program does not load nor

It might not be compatible with windows 7, you could try running it under windows xp mode . Right click on the program launch icon and do the following:

| Answered on Apr 20, 2011

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