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Disney Photo Book is a wonderful keepsake of photos from your Disney vacation! With many cover options available, ranging from embossed leather to a custom photo cover, Disney Photo Book is easily customized to fit your personal style. Our high-quality custom photo books make wonderful gifts for special occasions, but they're also a great way to keep your favorite memories close, and provide a great option for digital scrapbooking. Choose from hundreds of themed page layouts, photo frames and sticker options. The standard Photo Book includes 20 pages (10 double-sided sheets). Up to 40 additional pages can be added at additional cost.

We have created a How-to-video to help answer questions you may have about building a Disney Photo Book. Click here to view the video.

When you first start a Photo Book, you will be prompted to enter a project name. This name will be used to retrieve the book from your list of Saved Projects if you don’t complete the book in one session. You can enter any name you want in 30 characters or less (e.g. Our 2011 Disney Vacation).

Once you enter the Photo Book Builder, you will see a variety of cover designs presented in the bottom bin of the Design Window. Find the cover design you want and drag the thumbnail of the cover up into the Design Window above. A description of the cover and the features of your book will be shown in the left side of the window. Once you've chosen your cover design, you can further customize your cover by entering up to two lines of text. Simply type your text into the boxes on the right side of the window. Your text, as it will be printed on the cover, will also appear in the main Design Window. Please make sure to double-check your text for any spelling mistakes.

Several of our cover designs also allow you to select a photo to be printed on the cover. These are called Custom Photo Cover books. If you select one of these cover designs, you will also need to select one of your photos from the Photos tab located in the bottom bin of the Design Window. Simply find the photo you want printed on your cover and drag it up into the photo area identified on the cover. You can also upload additional photos from your computer at this time. Each of the Custom Photo Cover designs can accommodate horizontal or vertical photos. You can change the orientation of the photo area on the cover by selecting the appropriate Photo Orientation icon in the upper right of the design window.

When you are finished designing your cover, select the “Next” button in the upper right corner. You can edit your cover at any time after you start building your book.

Note: Adding text to the cover is optional. Any text added to the Custom Photo Cover Book will also be printed on the spine of the book’s binding.

Disney artists have created some pre-defined Themes to help you get started. Scroll through the selections presented in the window, select your favorite and then select the “Choose” button.

Selecting a Theme establishes a consistent look for the first 20 pages of your book. Once you choose a Theme, the 'My Pages' tab below will display thumbnails of each page. Each thumbnail represents a left-side and right-side combination of pages known as a “spread.” Select the thumbnails to quickly view each spread or select the 'Next Page' or “Previous Page” buttons to move through the book.

Note: All of the elements in our pre-designed layouts can be moved or removed to customize your book exactly how you want it!

At the top of the Design Window is a toolbar containing buttons for common functions used while building your Photo Book. Below is a brief description of each of the buttons and their functions:

  • Undo - Allows you to Undo any changes you’ve made to a spread
  • Redo - Allows you to Redo anything you've undone
  • Cut - Removes an element from your page and temporarily stores it to the clipboard
  • Copy - Duplicates an element from your page and temporarily stores it to the clipboard
  • Paste - Adds a cut or copied element from the clipboard to your page
  • Front - If two elements are overlapping, brings the selected element over the top of the other
  • Back - If two elements are overlapping, pushes the selected element underneath the other
  • Zoom - Select the viewing size of the pages, or select Fit to see the 2 page spread
  • Spelling - Checks all of the text inside your book to find any commonly misspelled words
  • Add Text - Adds a text area to your page
  • Add – Allows you to add a new page spread (2 pages)
  • Remove – Allows you to remove a page spread (2 pages)

New pages will be added immediately after the pages you currently have in the editor. To remove pages, highlight the thumbnail of the pages below and select the Remove Page button. You cannot have fewer than 20 pages in your book and cannot add more than 40 additional pages (beyond the initial 20 pages). Please note there is an incremental charge for each pair of pages (or spread) that is added to your book.

Disney Photo Book comes standard with 20 pages (10 double-sided sheets). Your Disney Photo Book can contain up to 60 pages. If you reach the 20th page in your book and you would like to add more pages, select the "Add a Page" button. Pages must be added in pairs or spreads.

Note: The first time you add new pages, you will receive a message informing you of the price for additional pages. This message only appears the first time you select the "Add Page" button. You will see the final cost when you add your completed Photo Book to your cart and proceed to checkout.

After you have chosen a theme for your Photo Book, you can begin adding photos from any of your albums available on the 'Photos' tab in the bottom bin of the Design Window. You can use your Disney PhotoPass Photos or photos you’ve uploaded from your computer.

To add a photo to your Photo Book design, simply select the photo you wish to add and hold the mouse button down to drag your selected photo into the Photo Book editor. When your mouse is positioned over the box that reads "Drag Photo Here," release the mouse button and the photo will appear within your selected book design.

Note: For optimal Photo Book printing results, we only use the original Disney PhotoPass photo without any borders you may have added. The photos with borders are still available for any photo prints and will also be included on your Disney Photo Archive Disc if ordered.

You can add new photos to your Photo Book pages by selecting and dragging them directly onto the page or into photo frames. If you have already dragged a photo into a photo frame and you wish to replace it, drop a new photo into the same slot and it will automatically replace the old one.

To remove a photo from a page, simply select the photo and press the Delete key on your keyboard. You can also use the Cut button on the Toolbar.

To resize or mirror a photo, select the photo while it's on the page to activate the Photo Tool (see below). The Photo Tool options are Zoom +/-, Rotate or Mirror.

The Zoom button within the Photo Tool will allow you to freely zoom into the photo, with the photo selected on the page, select the + or - button on the Photo Tool to zoom in/out. To move the photo around within the frame, select & drag the photo to position it in where you'd like within the frame. Outside of the Photo Frame you will see the remainder of the photo in black & white. This area indicates the portion of the photo that will not be visible within the frame and will not be printed in your book. Only the photo area seen inside the Photo Frame will be printed. (see below).

On the 'Layouts' tab you can choose from a wide variety of different layouts. The available drop-down boxes allow you to sort the available layouts based on the number of Photo Frames contained on the page and the Theme of the page. You can quickly find the perfect layout for your Photo Book. You can mix and match layouts from any of the available themes within your book.

On the Backgrounds tab, select and drag the thumbnail of any Background to the page you'd like to change and the new Background will automatically replace the previous Background. Just like changing Layouts, you can choose from any of the Background designs contained in any of the Themes to create your personalized Photo Book page design.

You can change individual elements from any page layout. The Photo Frames and Stickers tabs hold hundreds of elements that can create a limitless amount of personalization options.

  • Photo Frames: To add a new Photo Frame to your book, select the thumbnail and drag it to the page in the Design Window. To move it to a new location, simply select and hold the frame to drag it where you'd like it on the page. Once on the page, sizing and orientation controls will be surrounding the Photo Frame. To resize the Photo Frame, place your mouse cursor over the edge of the frame and select & drag the purple dots to increase/decrease the frame's size. To rotate the Photo Frame select and hold the circular arrow at the top of the sizing and orientation controls. While selected, rotate your mouse in a circular motion to change the frame's rotation. When you're happy with the size and orientation of your Photo Frame, select anywhere outside of the frame to deselect it. You can re-position the Photo Frame at any time by selecting the photo and the sizing and orientation controls will appear. To delete the Photo Frame from your page, simply press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard or use the Cut tool. Note: Frames can be resized and rotated with or without a photo in them.
  • Stickers & Textboxes: The controls for resizing and changing the orientation of stickers & textboxes are the same as photo frames. There is also a limited version of the same Photo Tool that will allow for mirroring your sticker or textbox vertically or horizontally.
    Note: Textboxes are stickers that are designed to add editable text to them once they are added to a page.

Text can be added anywhere on your pages with or without a textbox. Selecting the 'Add Text' icon from the toolbar above will create a text area with sizing and orientation controls. The styling options for the text are similar to many popular word-processing software tools which include font style, size, color and alignment. When you enter text into the text area, the words will wrap to the correct dimension (i.e. once a line of text reaches the end of the text area's dimensions, any additional text will drop to the next line.)

Note: Before you finish your book, be sure to select the 'Spelling' button to check the spelling of all the text you added on all of your pages. The spell-checker will suggest corrections if it finds any misspelled words. Simply select the suggested word to replace the misspelled word. Unrecognized or inappropriate language will appear as a series of asterisk (). This text must be corrected in the book builder or it will print as shown on the screen.

If you decide to change your cover after you've already begun editing your book's pages, simply click the 'Save' button in upper left corner, followed by the 'Change Cover' button at the bottom left. Select your new cover and make any additional changes to the photo or text. Once finished, select the 'Next' button and you will return to the inside of your book with all of your saved changes.

When you are finished building your Photo Book, select the ”Next” button in the upper right corner of the editor. This will take you to a confirmation page to check spelling and review your Photo Book. Once you are done reviewing your book you can select the “Add to Cart” button. You will receive a confirmation message that your Photo Book was added to the cart. Select 'View Your Cart' to proceed to checkout, or 'Continue' to stay within the editor.

Note: After you've added a completed book to your shopping cart, any changes that you save to that project will also be saved to the item in your cart. After an item is purchased, any additional edits you make to that project will not be reflected in the finished product you receive.

Your personalized Disney Photo Book takes a minimum of 4 days to process prior to shipping. As soon as an order has been processed, it is shipped via United Parcel Service using the method requested during checkout. You will receive e-mail notification when your order has been shipped. To check your order status, log into your account and hover over the “Hello (your name)” down arrow and scroll down to “Order History.” Then select “Check Order Status” to view any current or completed orders.

For more information about shipping rates & delivery information for this product, please refer to Shipping Information.


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