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Studio video Technologies at Your Fingertips

Learning and using STOIK Video Enhancer could not be made easier. Just load your video and choose what you'd like to do.

  • Fix shaky hands? Check.
  • Repair clipped highlights? Can be done!
  • Got a Blu-Ray and HDTV? HD upscaling is right there!
  • Film grain or noisy camcorder? Noise reduction's here!
  • Wrong exposure or color tint? Just tick the checkboxes to fix them in full auto.

Motion-Based Video Enhancement

Adaptive algorithms used in STOIK Video Enhancer are motion adaptive and based on the analysis of multiple frames. STOIK Video Enhancer uses information from preceding and subsequent frames to derive information and pull extra details not available in the current frame. By using a professional motion prediction engine, STOIK Video Enhancer can produce stunningly crisp, clean output.

STOIK Video Enhancer has been build based on our Video Enhancement SDK – unique solutions for video product developers. Read more about STOIK Video Enhancement SDK. »

Fix Exposure and Color Tint

Footage Automatic Expose correction with STOIK Video Enhancer

Automatic Expose correction with STOIK Video Enhancer sample video

Correct wrong exposure and colors in full auto mode!

There are just two check boxes to mark to make STOIK Video Enhancer apply these corrections to your video – no further tweaking required.

Pull Shadows and Fix Blown Highlights

Pull Shadow Detail and Fix Blown Highlights with STOIK Video Enhancer.

Pull Shadows and Fix Blown Highlights with STOIK Video Enhancer sample video

Enhance shadows and reduce blown highlights by marking two more check boxes.

When shooting contrasty scenes with small-sensor digital camcorders, shadows and highlights tend to be clipped by in-camera processing algorithms. However, some useful information is still available, making it possible to pull additional details from seemingly clipped shadows and highlights.
The Shadow/Highlight enhancement is heavy on your CPU, so prepare yourself for a long wait – and a stunning result!

Stabilize Shaky Video Clips

Stabilize Shaky Video Clips with STOIK Video Enhancer.

Stabilize Shaky Video Clips with STOIK Video Enhancer sample video.

Shaky hands can blur a photo. Unstabilized video footage looks unprofessional at best, and can cause dizziness in viewers at its worst.

With STOIK Video Enhancer, fixing shaky videos is easy – even if your camcorder does not come with a built-in image stabilizer. Adaptive anti-shake techniques employed in STOIK Video Enhancer use information from preceding and subsequent frames to produce videos that are stable as a rock.

Studio Quality HD Upconversion

Turn SD footage into full HD!

With STOIK Video Enhancer, a true high-definition video can be produced from an SD (standard definition) source with a click of a button.
STOIK Video Enhancer produces crisp, detailed high-definition footage by using motion-based video upscaling algorithms.

The newly developed STOIK Smart resizing algorithm creates HD videos with natural looks that differ favorably from standard interpolation algorithms, which introduce digital zoom artifacts into the picture.

The newly developed STOIK Super-Resolution algorithm derives missing details from neighboring frames being upscaled.
As a result, videos upscaled by STOIK Video Enhancer are comparable in quality to some of the very best dedicated upscaling units on the market.

Remove Digital Noise and Film Grain

Blotchy, noisy and grainy images are plague of all video recorders, film or digital. In-camera noise reduction algorithms can suppress some noise, but usually at the expense of fine details.

In contrast, the motion-based noise reduction algorithm employed in STOIK Video Enhancer produces amazingly clear, noise-free images with no loss of details.
Video noise reduction can distinguish noise from useful details by analyzing neighboring frames in the video stream.  It represents further development of the popular STOIK Photo Noise AutoFix filter.

The video noise reduction algorithm produces crisp, clean and clear footage without sacrificing image details.

Sharpen Up Blurry Videos

Your videos can be blurry for a variety of reasons. Motion blur caused by your subjects moving too fast, blur caused by camera shake and out-of-focus blur.

STOIK Video Enhancer can sharpen up your video clips no matter what caused the blur. Motion-based de-blurring borrows missing fine details from neighboring frames, producing clean, sharp and well-focused video stream in a click of a button.

Deinterlacing: Make Progressive Footage out of Interlaced Clips

Video footage recorded with analog camcorders as well as captured from DVD sources can come interlaced.
Interlaced video footage is difficult to process without introducing more artifacts into the video stream. Applying digital filters, de-blurring or upscaling interlaced video source requires conversion into progressive form, or de-interlacing.

STOIK Video Enhancer comes equipped with a motion-based quality deinterlacing algorithm to convert the interlaced video source into progressive form.

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