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ProShow web is a long way off from matching the abilities of the standalone program. Not converting the application to a 64-bit program is shortsighted in the long run. Going 64-bit can open avenues not available at the moment ... and may aid, in the long run, in a full featured "web" version (when they move to a subscription service). However, the amount of data involved in creating some of these shows is considerable at the moment and too many people do not have the wide pipes on which to work their show magic.

Too, effects are getting more involved and complicated. A couple of years ago, 25 layers was considered a large slide ... not so any longer. Today, 40 to 60 is much more common. And, those of us who actually know how to use the program's features effectively are using quite a few more layers in the creation of these effects. That creates a large data stream ... and really crimps those slow broadband connections. Often, the program's limits are really pushed with some of these effects ... especially when two large slides are transitioned together, it can bring the program to its knees. I've done it many times ... and I'm forced to constrain some of the effects as a direct result.

You may be right Jean-Paul ... but I doubt your vision will occur anytime in the next 3 or 4 years, or so. Photodex upgraded the web application this past year ... and it's still nowhere near as powerful as the standalone program. They spent considerable time doing the upgrade. Still, it doesn't stop the power users from hoping that a 64-bit standalone version is released in the near future (64-bit operating systems are very widely used these days). A 64-bit program might never happen ... but, we can still hope that it will occur in the next year or two. ... tho we might be hoping in vain.

Photodex has been awful quiet this past year and a half ...


What's New: Tools for ProShow: v11.42a Access ProShow capabilities Photodex doesn't provide (For PSG & PSP).
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