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Photography Tips & Tutorials by Stacey Hill

Many photographers want to have a human being in their shot. They may ask friends or family to pose for...


by Darlene Hildebrandt

Okay, this should be an easy one for you. All you need to do to participate in this week's photography...


by Louis Raphael

There's nothing that I've seen so far that compares to the ethereal and mystical beauty of capturing long exposure and...


extraordinary-photographs-ordinary-subjects by Jaymes Dempsey

How do you, as a beginning nature photographer, go about improving? How do you ensure that you gain useful skills...


by Jackie Lamas

Portrait sessions can vary in many ways, one being the size of the group you are photographing. Don't be afraid,...


by Branson Quenzer

Think of your last bad day of photography, a time where you just blew a whole batch of portraits, or...


by Kav Dadfar

Taking photos is easy, but being a photographer is an entirely different proposition. Whether photography is a hobby or a...


SoHo, NYC. by James Maher

As someone who has photographed people candidly since I first picked up a camera over 15 years ago, there is...


by Bruce Wunderlich

You may have heard the term depth of field (DoF), but if you are new to photography you may not...


by Annie Tao

There are countless Photography books and classes that explain exposure, yet after reading or attending them, your photos may not...


Post Production Compare View-Lightroom-DPS by Darina Kopcok

To compare your images in Lightroom, you can either use Survey View or Compare View. In this article, I will...


by Ana Mireles

Photoshop may not be primarily a graphics program but it still comes with very useful tools for that kind of...


Merging Lightroom Catalogs-DPS by Darina Kopcok

In Lightroom, a catalog is a database that tracks the location of your photos and information about them. When you edit your...


by Kunal Malhotra

Adobe Lightroom is image editing software that allows you to edit and make color adjustments to your photos. Among many,...


by Simon Ringsmuth

Lightroom is anything but intuitive for new photographers. Its multitude of panels, sliders, menus, and buttons are enough to make...


by Erin Fitzgibbon

This article is going to be a little different from some of the others I’ve written. It’s going to be...


Nik Collection Color Efex Pro free photo editing software by Suzi Pratt

One of the best image editing programs available right now happens to be free. The Nik Collection by Google is a...


Processed Landscape Image. by Rick Berk

Often when I’m looking at photos in forums online, or interacting with photographers in person, inevitably someone will proudly claim...


Lightroom Develop module by Andrew S. Gibson

Lightroom is powerful, but it’s also complex and has a steep learning curve. If you feel overwhelmed by all the...


by Jim Hamel

There are a lot of good post-processing tools available for making minor edits to your photos. Within Photoshop, there are...


by John Davenport

So you just installed Lightroom, now what? You could spend some time just playing around and learning through doing, but...


Cameras & Equipment by Will Nicholls

Here's a review from Julia Trotti who has been testing the Sony A7R III mirrorless camera alongside Canon lenses. With mirrorless technology...


by David Shaw

About six months ago, I made a heart-wrenching, painful, and difficult decision: I switched from Canon to Olympus. Now, I’m...


by Jay Farrell

Can you use mirrorless cameras for wedding photography? My answer is yes you can, absolutely. Why not? That doesn’t mean...


by Will Nicholls

According to Jared Polin from Fro Knows Photo, the photography world is about to "explode." With mirrorless technology making its way...


by Stacey Hill

When my original tripod head started getting a bit loose and wobbly, the decision had to be made to replace...


How to buy a camera lens by Andrew S. Gibson

Are you thinking of buying a new lens for your camera? Stop, and read this article first. One of the...


third party camera lenses by Suzi Pratt

Not long ago, there were two types of camera accessories to buy: brand items designed by known manufacturers such as...


by David Shaw

If you have read a few of my previous pieces here on the Digital Photography School like "5 Uncomfortable Truths...


by Sarah Hipwell

1. Camera strap(s) I stopped using the camera strap that comes with the camera (DSLR) quite awhile ago now. My...


by Gina Milicia

Regardless of the light source you use (daylight, continuous or flash) it’s really easy to use light modifiers or shapers...


Resources Book

Who said flash portraits had to be complicated? With our brand new ebook, Fast FLASH, they don't have to be! Talented and world-renowned photographer,...


As a photographer, the most powerful tool you have is natural light It may be free for the taking –...


Transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into simply stunning portraits. If you’ve ever been disappointed that the portraits you shoot...


Photo Nuts and Shots will teach you the craft of photography – so you can take evocative photos that truly connect with viewers and reflect your creative vision.


Put down your user manual, say goodbye to ‘Auto’ mode and learn firsthand how to use your camera to its full potential.


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