Photos of black families

Lythrum salicaria.

-With Two Index Systems for the Families-
or by Common or Botanical Name

      This Plant Families Photo Gallery is designed to assist anyone who knows their plant families, especially those who are using my book . Learn the patterns of the families and it is easy to sort through the pictures to find a match. Botany in a Day is based on the plant families of North America, yet is widely used all over the world. This photo gallery currently includes flowers mostly from the Rocky Mountains, plus some from the west coast and desert southwest. We'll keep adding pictures as we take them.

      The families listed below were originally based on the Cronquist system of classification, used in the black and white editions of Botany in a Day. Most of the families have been more-or-less updated to match the APG system of classification used in the new, color edition of Botany in a Day. Please send me a note through our if you find any errors. Thanks for helping out!

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      "These are the two books that I turn to all the time. One is called by Thomas Elpel. Tom's a good guy, really knows his stuff..."

-- David Wendell
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Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification
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