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Yankees Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle is expected to break another record, but this time for the priciest trading card. 

A 1952 Topps trading card in mint-condition featuring the legend is expected to go for an estimated .5 million in an auction later this month, which shatters the previous record of .12 million paid in 2016 for a 1910 Honus Wagner card.

The record-breaking estimate is in part because it's only one of six 1952 Topps Mantle cards to earn a mint 9 out of a 10 rating, according to Heritage Auctions

“It falls into the category of collectibles with broad appeal to all types of collectors and investors,” Chris Ivy, the head of Heritage’s sports division told . “This card is Americana, and the appeal of it and desire to own one of the few top examples is limitless.”

According to Forbes, the card is currently owned by Evan Mathis, who won the 2016 Super Bowl with the Broncos and played at Alabama. He has been collecting cards for years and at one pointed owned 50,000 of them.

The last mint 1952 Mantle card was sold at public auction 12 years ago for 2,588. 

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