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February 27th, 2014

Serves 4
Total time: 30 minutes || Active time: 30 minutes

Brussel Sprout Fried Rice

I know, I know, I put Brussel Sprouts in everything. Well, until someone invents an even more awesome vegetable, I will continue to overuse them. Even fried rice is not safe from that little cruciferous flavor bomb! Not that anyone is complaining.

This version is fresh and aromatic with the addition of a million herbs and scallions. And pinenuts are a surprisingly tantalizing addition to fried rice! A small handful goes a long way to adding another decadent layer of flavor. You can top with some gingery tofu or something, if you’d like it to be an entree. Or you can toss in some browned tofu. Or simply serve in addition to a bigger Thai-inspired spread. Or just be like “It’s fried rice for dinner/breakfast/elevensies!” and eat the whole darn thing.

Maybe a more awesome vegetable has been invented? Google “lollipop kale.” OMG.

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