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Now building a national schedule for 2019! My goal is to paint an American flag in every state!

If you would like a quote for a barn painting or a hand painted sign for your building, or maybe your school has a gym that could use some work. Please e-mail 3 quality photos of your building or wall structure. I need to see the area to be painted, landscape, and one picture up very close so I can clearly see the surface. I travel all over the country! Thanks for your interest in my work!






  The Barn Artist Scott Hagan specializes in hand painting larger than life designs on various types of structures. Best known for painting barns, Scott's overall goal is to paint in every state. So far 18 have been checked off the list since his work began in 1997. That's the year it all started when Scott decided to paint something on his father's barn as a skills challenge.

 If you would like an estimate from The Barn Artist, emails are usually the preferred way of contact. Please send your information, project request and quality pictures of your structure/wall with some measurements, your location, and your idea of what you want it to look like. Scott will be returning your photos with how your painting might look when finished. Please realize that summer is the busiest time and response time may vary, otherwise expect a reply in a timely manner.

Thanks for visiting and remember to like The Barn Artist on facebook where every new project is on display!

Click the video below to see a sample of the artist at work!




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