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My name is Racheal Pulver, photographer and owner of Rae of Light Photography. One of my nicknames, besides Rach, is Rae, hence the name Rae of Light Photography was born. I am originally from Mertzon, Texas, but now reside in Round Rock, a suburb of Austin Texas.   I am married and have 3 energetic children ages 12,  10 and 8  years of age.  You’ll see them on the blog quite often. It is never a dull moment with these 3 around, and with my camera in hand, I often catch some memorable moments that I have to share.

 I’m a county girl at heart & grew up on my family’s ranch in a small town of less than 1200 people.    I attended a high school that was built in 1909, not many people can say that these days.   I had all of 28 people in my graduating class.  🙂    Needless to say, everyone knew EVERYTHING about everyone else.     Not many secrets in a small town….. but I wouldn’t  change a thing; it was a great way to grow up.  Everyone knows your name and no one locked their doors at night.

Besides photography, I love to cook, play guitar, and digital scrapbook.  I already have 13 scrapbook albums and at this rate, I will need an extra room in my house to hold all my books by the time my kids are grown.    I graduated Southwest Texas University (now Texas State) with a bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science.    Once an avid track and field athlete, I now enjoy a simple jog  or hike in the park with my kids.

I am a memeber of the Texas Professional Photoghers Association ( since 2008) and also the Austin Professional Photographers Association (since 2009).   I became a volunteer photographer with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Organization back in 2008 and have felt so blessed to be able to help families who are grieving the loss of a baby.     I have also been recognized locally by the Round Rock Area Art Council for several of my photographic works entitled: Childhood Days Gone By, Reading Rainbow, Ovum, and End of Day Embrace.   Through out the past few years, I have attended photography workshops & seminars as well as countless hours of on-line education and training  to keep on top of all the latest photography techniques and trends.    I’m always striving to be the best photographer that I can.  You never stop learning with photography & I love that!

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