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This is the East Kent Centre’s Web-Site

The EKC Centre was formed on 9th October 1965 so this Year will be our  52nd Year.

The EKC is one of 68 Centre’s that are listed in the Caravan Club Directory & Handbook.

If you are a member of the Caravan Club you may join us on any Centre event and will be most welcome.

If you want to get more from your caravan, enter this site and have a look at the varied

rally programme of all our rallies. We are sure you will find something to interest you.

If you haven't tried a weekend without the luxury of electric hook up -

then there is nothing to worry about - a leisure battery

and gas will keep you comfortable for a weekend and much longer!  

The buttons above will answer many of your questions.

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East Kent Centre latest information

Notice Issue Date

This Section is regularly updated. (Please Refresh)

‘’East Kent Centre’’ ''REFRESH EVERY VISIT''

Your East Kent Centre’s Information Web-Site.

8th Oct 18

Two Posters just uploaded for to Future Rallies.

for Rally 1746 (Milestone BD Rally)


for Rally 1749 (Burns Night Rally)

5th Oct 18


I know it is late but Peter Smith has formally withdrawn his name from the vote for committee.

Peter was always been his intention to stand down next year and rather than block a younger member for just one year he has decided to go now. He will work with whoever takes over as Equipment Officer to ensure a proper handover of the duties and equipment. If anyone has facilities to store the Centre equipment for the future can they please let the committee know? His service will be recognised at the AGM.

Please don't forget your membership cards.


1st Oct 18


Spaces available: Contact marshals to book your space. (contact details can be found in the rally book)

2 Nights £22.20/1 Nights £12.60

Social Charge: Adults £3.00 Children £1.50

Fish & Chip supper available (order & pay Friday evening)

Saturday evenings entertainment:- Timewarp-FM

Please don't forget your membership cards. NO CARD NO VOTE!!!

26th Sept 18


On the  6th October 2018.

Below is a Link to the EKC AGM 2018 Page,

Please can you PRINT out the 3 Sections you wish take with you to the AGM. There will be a Limited Number on Site on the Day.

14th Sept 18

Pam Bailey

This Message is from Kevin Bailey.

Mums popularity and large family has given us a challenge in organising the funeral.

On the 4th October the family have arranged a small chapel service for close family members followed by a memorial service at 18:30 at St Francis church in Strood which all family and friends are invited to celebrate her life.

Mum loved colours and flowers so the family request the wearing of bright colours and to bring a small selection of flowers which will be taken to the Wisdom hospice the next day.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to join the family at the Kent boat and ski centre in Cuxton.

Anybody wishing to make a donation, a collection will be made after the service and all proceeds will go to the Widom hospice along with the flowers.

On behalf of the family, we hope to see you on 4th October at 18:30 at St Francis church (ME2 2YS) and afterwards at Kent boat and ski centre (ME2 1AB).

In the interest of catering, please could you reply to this post if you are able to attend.

7th Sept 18

Pam Bailey

It is with regret that Pam Bailey and wife of

past chairman Mike Bailey and mother of past chairman Kevin Bailey, passed away on the 7th Sept 2018. Pam loved her caravanning and everyone who knew her commented on her smile.

Only last year Pam and Mike celebrated their 1000th

EKC Rally where they Marshalled the 2017

EKC Holiday Rally at Monkton Wyld Site near Charmouth.

6th Sept 18

New updated New Year Rally 18/19

This rally is now at the Oasis Academy on the Isle of Sheppy.

Dates are the 29th Dec to 1st Jan 2019

29th Aug 18

New updated Rally Sheet, 2019

New updated 2019 EKC Rally Sheet (Still Marshals Needed)

21st Aug 18

New Year Rally 1748, 2018/19

29th Dec to 1st Jan 2019

28th Jul 18

2018 EKC HOP FESTIVAL Rally 1735

30th Aug to 12nd Sept 2018

Sorry but this Rally are NOW FULL.

We are now running a Waiting List on this Rally.

17th July 18

Northbounre Rally 1730, 2018

3rd to 5th August 2018

17th July18



13th Jul 17

Attention all Members

Rally 1729

July 27th - 29th

Rolvenden Rally 2018

Hole Park (Rolvenden)

Sorry, No replacement Marshal was found for Rally so it has now been Cancelled.

Thank you.

Kim Durtnall - Rally Secretary

17th Jun 18

Programme for the EKC

Rally No. 1726

Lympne Village Hall

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July 2018

15th Jun 18

29 JUNE TO 1 JULY 2018

Ellenden Farm, Fox's Cross Road, CT5 3BX


4th June 18

20th to 24th Sept  2018


Postcode TN26 2NT.

This Rally Theme has not been used since the 1990's.

Light up your Windows in your Caravan, Motorhome and/or your Awning with a Scene from KENT.

Stationary or Moving with LIGHTS.


For Info ring your

Marshal TONY BEANEY - 01233 732018

Prices 4 nights £34.20, 3 nights £26.40, 2 nights £18.60

 1 night £10.80. (see rule 6B)

2rd Apr 18

Those Wishing to go to the

on the 21st to 22nd July 2018

Rally 1728, At Hampton Bay from

19 to 23 July 2018

PLEASE Can you Contact

Andy and Ailson Palmer.

on 01227 365459 or 07950 006981

20th Mar 18

Rally 1723a, 15 to 17 June 2018 (Cancelled)


Rally 1723a, 15th – 17th June 2018

St Georges School - Broadstairs

It is with disappointment I advise you that the above

rally has now been cancelled.

Kim Durtnall - Rally Secretary

22nd Feb 18

Rally 1724, 22 to 24 June 2018 (Cancelled)


Rally 1724 June 22nd - 24th Swanley Rally

It is with disappointment I advise you that the Swanley Rally will not be running this year and is therefore cancelled. Unless run at another rally venue there

will be no Soap Box Derby this year either.

Kim Durtnall - Rally Secretary

6th Feb 18

8th to 10th June 2018

We are pleased to announce that at this time the Birthday Rally is full due to numbers being close to capacity in the hall for the Saturday evening.

We will now be holding a waiting list so please keep sending your booking forms as spaces may become available.

Social charge for this rally will shortly be announced as the live entertainment has now been confirmed so look out for the birthday with details shortly .

Thank you for your continued support.

3rd Feb 18

Rally 1717, Painters Forstal 2018

4th to 7th May 2018

New Details on this Rally.

30th Jan 18

2018 EKC Reculver Rally 1716

13th to 16th April 2018

Sorry but this Rally are NOW FULL.

We are running a Waiting List on this Rally.

29th Jan 18

Chef-Boutonne 2018

Tony Beaney is running a 24 site rally at

Camping Le-Moulin Chef-Boutonne in France

7th – 21st July 2018

Please contact Tony Beaney for further information on 01233 732018.


28th Jan 18

The Yarwell Mill 2018 Rally 1721a

Sorry but this Rally are NOW FULL.

21st Jan 18

1738 Ruckinge

20th – 24th September 2018  

 (Was Wrong Date on Web-site).

Online Rally Book and this Site is now Correct

19th Jan 18

1739 Margate

28th – 30th September 2018  

Harvest Rally 2018

 (Wrong Date in Rally Book).

Online Rally Book it Correct

19th Jan 18

This is a Easy Going Rally, Longleat is very near to the site and easy drives to Frome, Bath, Chedder, Wells, Devizes & Trowbridge.

Every Evening: Noggin & Natter in and around the Event Shelter.

We will put events on if people want them.

i.e. Communal BBQ, Bat & Trap, Boule Comps etc

Maybe Trips to Wadworth Brewery.

16 nights £175.00, (Friday - Sunday).

15 nights £164.25, (Saturday - Sunday).

9 nights £99.75, (Friday - Sunday).

8 nights - £89.00, (Saturday - Sunday}.


19th Jan 18

19th Jan 18

Saturday: Fete with stalls and Table Sale (£5.00 a table), Hot Dogs and Burgers available.

Saturday Night: Live entertainment and nibbles.

8th Jan 18

The Oct 2018 St Ives Rally

Sorry but this Rally are NOW FULL.

9th Nov 17

Change of Child Ages

(From 1st Jan 2018)

As from the 1st January 2018 the Child age range will be from 4 to under 16.

6th OCT 17



for see a new List of Items for Sale.

14th Sept17

Attention all Marshals.

Could all Rally Marshall of the East Kent Centre,

Please make sure that any monies that you received for future rallies do not contain any old £1 Coins, as we will be unable to bank any of these coins after the 15th Oct 2017.

If you could therefore exchange any coins you have received for new ones.

14th Sept 17

Cheques for Rallies

Please note that ALL Cheques be made out to

''The Caravan Club East Kent Centre''

ALSO Please can you look at the Cheque's you receive that the Dates on the

Cheque's are not over 6 Months OLD,

Banks will not accept these.

Please from this point can persons sending Cheques with their Booking Form.


13th Aug 17



for see a new List of Items for Sale.

20th April 17


From now on if anybody requires any chemicals from the EKC shop could they
please contact Barry on his mobile 07469174712

as Barry will only be carrying a
limited stock with him to all rallies.

28th Mar 17

Attention all Marshals.

Could all Rally Marshall of the East Kent Centre,

Please make sure that any monies that you received for future rallies do not contain any old £5 notes, as we will be unable to bank any of these notes after the 30th April 2017.

If you could therefore exchanged any notes you have received for new ones.

‘’To See Our Advertisers 2018’’

The safety and well being of our members and their

possessions is the committees primary concern.

There have been a couple of incidents at recent rallies and the committee with the full backing of the club have changed

Rule 15a with immediate effect from NOW

Bicycles must not be ridden on site.


- For the safety and consideration of others, the use of petrol, electrical and non-powered recreational ride on equipment

must be away from halls and the area where caravans are sited.

This rule follows the recent change to club site rule 13b

The change will be put forward as a notice of motion at the

AGM as a proposal to make permanent.

As explained at Saltwood, when discussed with the club

we found out that there has been a fatality on a

club site involving a 4 year old on a push bike so

unfortunately the risk is genuine.


 Change to Rule 15a

Carer’s FIRST was established as a project within Tonbridge VCS in 1991, by Carer’s who wanted to help others in a similar situation. In 1996 Carer’s FIRST took on charity status and became a registered not for profit organisation, number 1085430 and company limited by guarantee. In 2009 Carer’s FIRST became the parent company of Medway Carer’s Centre, a charity set up in 1991 by Carer’s, some of whom remain on the Board of Trustees today. The two charities merged fully in April 2013. By 2013, Carer’s FIRST were supporting over 5,000 Carers across South West Kent, North West Kent and Medway, providing information and support to carer’s of people who cannot manage by themselves through ill health, frailty, disability, mental health or substance misuse.


EKC 2018 Charity is ‘’Carers FIRST’’

New Rule 4. (Please Note)

Photography/videography may be taken at our Centre’s events and rallies. The Centre and Club may use any photograph(s) and/or video(s) they take that includes you, your party and/or outfit in all and any media, including printed and electronic publications, e.g. websites, or promotional materials, in the advertising of its goods or services. The photograph(s) and/or video(s) maybe stored for these purposes as well. If you do not want to appear in any shots, please advise the organiser if it relates to a specific event, or the Centre Secretary if for all events. They will do their best to accommodate this and ensure you are able to avoid the area being photographed/filmed.


 Change to Rule 4

Sarah Steward’s Black Belt Challenge in

aid of Carers First.

Sarah has been training at Black Belt Martial Arts Centre

for the last three years.

Now it’s time for her to undertake the Ultimate

Black Belt Kick Boxing Challenge!

The Challenge starts in December and starts with

4 weeks of self discipline training with a minimum of 8 miles swimming, 15 miles running, 20 miles walking,

30 miles cycling.

Every day a minimum of 100 sit ups,

100 push ups, and 100 squats.

The final day of the challenge involves five hours martial arts training, a long distance run and full contact sparring.

Then the final challenge - 1000 kicks and 1000 punches!

Participants are encouraged to raise money for a chosen

charity by asking people to sponsor them.

Sarah has chosen to fund raise for Carers First, which is this years chosen charity of the East Kent Centre.

Sarah is only too happy to contribute to the

EKC fund raising efforts.

Please make a donation at

Sarah will also have a sponsorship form at the

New Year rally for all the technophobes!

Thank you all for your support.


Sarah Steward’s Black Belt Challenge

From the 20th April 2017

If anybody requires any chemicals from the EKC Shop at any Rally in the Future could they
please contact Barry on his mobile 07469174712

as Barry will only be carrying a
limited stock of Chemicals with him to all Rallies.

Barry is able to take orders for the Next rally.


The EKC Shop


See Proposed 2019 Rally List above

Rally Plan 2019

As time is pressing on there will be no further announcements regarding these Rallies until the Rally book becomes available at the beginning of 2019.

Sadly there are 5 Rallies without Marshals.

They are as follows:-

17th - 19th May - Oak & Ivy (Hawkhurst)

31st May - 2nd June - Maidstone Girls Grammar School

16th - 18th August - Reculver School

20th - 22nd September - Whymans Farm (Marden)

this is our Harvest Festival Rally where

we run our charity Auction.

28th Dec - 2nd Jan - Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey.

This is the New Year Rally 2018/19

If Marshals don't come forward by the 4th November 2018 these rallies WILL be cancelled and these events WILL NOT take place. As mentioned at the AGM these are two new sites for 2019, two sites used a few years ago and one site we revisited this year. If you would like to consider taking on one of these rallies please email me (). It would be a shame to see the demise of two of our key rallies. Please support your centre, after all this is our hobby.

Thank you

Kim - Rally Secretary

Thank you - Kim Durtnall Rally Secretary.

Attention all Members (2019 Rally List)

East Kent Members - Unfortunately, re-registration has to be carried out every year and does often get missed. Please ensure you check your centre registration details online at the caravan clubs website or by contacting East Grinstead. This is especially important close to the AGM if you wish to speak,

vote, stand for committee or propose or second a notice of motion.

Rally List 2019

2018 EKC, AGM  on 6th Oct 2018

Please Join our NEW

For further information

Place cursor Over Boxes below For the Full

Information Links

This Web-Site is Updated regular, Please Refresh.


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