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My family and I have always been in love with the ocean and the beach. My husband surfs all the time, and if it was up to my girls, we would live there in a tent. Maybe that’s why family portraits at the beach are probably my favorite type of family shoots. Who doesn’t love the beach and the amazing sunsets we get here in San Diego. The blues, creams and golds, the beautiful lighting, San Diego’s beach rock, I could go on and on.

San Diego’s Sunsets

I can photograph families any time of day at the beach, but I have found photographing at sunset is the best. This is the time of day where the sun will be at your back so no one is squinting. The start of the shoot will have the bright blue skies we love, the middle will have that pretty sun kissed look, and the end will have those stunning sunset colors (depending on the night and the clouds in the sky). What’s great is that we can capture all three of these looks within an hour shoot. This is why shooting at sunset is my favorite.

Which Beach to Shoot At?

There are endless possible locations here in San Diego to shoot your family beach portraits, and I am open to shooting at any of them. If you are not sure where you’d like your photos taken, I can recommend my favorites that photograph really well. Some of my favorite beaches are La Jolla Scripps Pier, La Jolla Wind and Sea, South Ponto and Terramar in Carlsbad. For families with dogs, we know a family photo without them, just isn’t a complete family portrait. For those who want to included their “furry, four legged children”, we recommend shooting at Dog Beach Del Mar.

Schedule a Family Beach Photography Shoot Today

Whether you live in the area, or you are just visiting San Diego, and you’d like to get family portraits on the beach, give Holly Ireland Photography a call today at 760.715.0807 to schedule a shoot. We can help you with wardrobe, driving direction and other details involved with your shoot. We would love nothing more than capturing your family in one of our favorite settings.

Below is a small collection of some of our favorite beach family shoots:


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