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UPLIFT Desk frames come in a variety of colors: black, gray, white, and now metallic.

A quick note about our metallic frames: Our metallic frame finish varies slightly in color. This is a normal consequence of the finishing process that we use that lets the natural look of metal show through. The end result can vary from a raw and etched metallic to a darker shade of industrial metal.

Enjoy the benefits of using a standing desk, like the ability to sit in a more ergo-friendly postures for your body, ideally with your keyboard and mouse close to your lap or within your Neutral Reach Zone. This is different for everyone, but UPLIFT's height range of 23.5'' - 49'' means that it will work for 99% of the population!

Take a look at our legs. Where other standing desk makers offer 2-stage frames standard or "extended range" 3-stage desks for more money, we offer only the most affordable, reliable, fastest adjusting, and quietest height adjustable desk bases with our 3-stage frame.

Our competitors offer less stable 2-stage frames that are slower to adjust - 33% slower to be exact. That's because our 3-stage frames feature three small spindles in each leg versus the standard two that come in 2-stage frames. This allows you to raise and lower your desk faster, and provides you a much more enjoyable overall experience at your desk. This design also lets the frame adjust to higher and lower heights, so it fits a wider range of users, making it ideal for multi-user workspaces.

If your goal is creating an optimally ergonomic workstation, you need to know this: 2-stage frames' reduced range of height adjustability means that at its lowest height setting the desk will not reach a spot that places your keyboard tray at an ergonomically correct height. The frame's upper height is also reduced, meaning taller users may not find these frames suitable for them. You also cannot add a treadmill to your work setup later on when using a 2-stage frame, meaning your desk will have fewer ergonomic options for adapting in the future.

Our 3-stage frames boast powerful motors in each leg, which give you the stability you need to safely raise and lower your desktop. A lower weight capacity on 2-stage frames limits the amount of gear you can keep on your workstation. They are also more prone to overloading or breaking, which would put you, your desk, and your devices at risk of significant damage if loaded a few pounds over the already reduced weight limit. 3-stage frames come with a safety reverse sensing feature, so lowering your desk onto your things will not be an issue. But it would be on a 2-stage height adjustable frame, as it does not have this safety feature.

Want a quiet desk? Single motor and 2-stage frames are typically louder when raising and lowering, whereas our 3-stage frames are whisper quiet by comparison.

Invest in a desk that's there for you for throughout the highs and lows at work with UPLIFT Desk.

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UPLIFT Desk Adjustable Height Frame Colors


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