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Today was one of those days I wish there was something "standardized" about pot sizes. One catalog uses one set of measurements, another catalog uses something else. Stores use inches, nurseries use gallons. Ahhhh...
Trying to figure out pot sizes is often quite a headache. You've got some in inches, some in gallons, and yes, even some in fluid ounces; the later we're still trying to figure out. They do make this confusing, don't they? There's a theory going around that this purposely confusing system is a way for the mass market industry to charge more for plants, by container size, not necessarily Plant Size!
So let's try and break down these various sizes and measurements and set some general "accepted standards" for pot sizes. Please remember these are rough estimates and not a science. Some of the larger sizes especially are prone to variances in height, width, and depth of the pot. We've also attached two photos that we hope will help allow you to visualize the differences; click to enlarge them.
4" pot= pint (0.5 quart)
5-6" pot = quart (0.25 gallon)
7-8" pot= 1 gallon
8.5" pot = 2 gallon
10" pot = 3 gallon
12" pot = 5 gallon
14" pot= 7 gallon
16" pot= 10 gallon
18" pot = 15 gallon
24" pot = 25 gal
30" pot= 30 gal
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