Updates to photo viewer

123 Photo Viewer is a very fast, very easy to use viewer that supports psd, dds, tga, webp and other formats. 1. Perfect support for gif format. Use space for pause, use enter for full screen mode. Use ctrl + arrows for frame by frame play after the pause. You can save all frames as individual images, or save a gif as a mp4 video. 2. Great support for psd viewing and preview. “.psd” files saved with maximum compatibility from photoshop can be viewed directly. “.ai” files of version 9 or higher can also be viewed directly. 3. Perfect solution for the usage of mouse wheel. When the mouse is on an image, the mouse will show as a magnifier and you can adjust magnification with wheel. When the mouse is by the sides of an image, it will show as an arrow and wheel means going to neighboring images. 4. Fastest magnification experience. A click on an image will result to immediate magnification with no lag at all. Another click on the image or moving away will show the original size. 5. Very efficient thumbnails solution that shows below. You can see clearly which the neighboring photos are, and you can quickly go to them. A click on the thumbnail will bring you to the picture immediately. 6. Support batch operations including format conversion, size change and renaming. 7. Support “webp”, “dds”, “tga”, “psd” and quite a few other formats. 8. Most convenient to go to previous or next image. You can simply click on the right or left of an image to go to next or previous. Note: Images in the store page to demo the usage are all from, a great site for great royalty free images. For .heif/.heic support, please download the below two free extensions from Microsoft Store. 1. HEIF Image Extensions 2. HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer If the above two extensions do not work, you may also try the below paid extension from Microsoft Store:

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