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While history is filled with countless incredible events and lessons to be learned, it’s the hairstyles of the past that have us captivated. From gorgeous finger waves and bouncy curls to chic bobs and detailed updos, vintage looks are as stylish today as they were back then. Having stood the test of time from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s until now, retro hairstyles are a wonderful option for the modern day. Whether you’re after something charming and classic these are the best vintage hairstyle



1920s Hairstyles

The Roaring Twenties were an era of prosperity and parties. From flapper girls to finger waves, the style of the time was chic, glamorous, and a little bit fun. The 1920s hairstyles make stylish options for glitzy parties and weddings.


1920 Hairstyles


Faux Bob

If you loved The Great Gatsby, a stylish faux bob will be your new favourite hairstyle. Featuring all the glamour of a traditional ’20s bob without any need to cut your hair off, this style is as clever as it is chic. Perfect for parties and events when you want to “wow” people, this temporary short haircut is sure to impress.



Finger Wave Updo

Channel your favourite Downton Abbey character with a sophisticated finger wave updo. Although it may not be the simplest style to create, it can be done at home and practice will make perfect. Once you’ve mastered the art of this ‘do, it’ll quickly become your favourite look to wear to weddings and other fancy occasions.



Curly Updo

Not only does a curly updo create a charming appearance but it also provides your style with a lovely vintage touch. Although it may seem like a difficult style to create, the process is quite simple. By curling hair before twisting and pinning into buns, you’ll be able to produce an intricate look with no hard work at all.



Vintage Pixie Cut

Ladies with short hair can also create gorgeous vintage looks. While you may not have as much hair to play with, your short strands can still be worked into a lovely retro style. The ’20s finger wave technique is a great way to achieve a vintage hairstyle on a pixie cut. You can even add a decorative clip or beret to give the perfect finishing touch of old-world charm.



1930s Hairstyles

The 1930s are considered the Golden Age of Hollywood and glamorous, full volume waves are a testament to this notion. The ’30s also brought about a great femininity to women’s styles making curled and rolled updos a popular choice.


1930 Hairstyles


Snow White Updo

While Snow White was originally depicted with long hair in fairy tale drawings, the 1930s film gave her the look we know today. Short, curly, and feminine, the iconic ’30s style is one that can still be worn in 2019. Whether you want to add the red ribbon or not, this hairstyle is a lovely option for modern-day formal functions and events.



Golden Age Waves

In the Golden Age of Hollywood, curls and waves were everywhere. Feminine and polished with just the right amount of sex appeal, they were the ideal hairstyle for fashion-forward women. Today, glamour waves are as chic as ever and a fantastic way to try vintage style without looking too retro. All you need to do is curl your hair before gently brushing to loosen locks.



Gibson Tuck

While the Gibson Tuck has older roots than the ’30s, the style’s low, rolled bun was a popular look for the decade. Easy to create, fuss-free, and beautiful, it’s easy to see why this vintage style has endured the test of time. If you would like to add a modern touch to the Gibson Tuck, consider braiding the sides of your hair instead of rolling.



1940s Hairstyles

Rolls, waves, pomps, and curls, all defined the ’40s in terms of hairstyles. Despite the hardships of the Second World War, women made the most of what they had and maintained a glamorous appearance with their hair.




Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are one of the most loved vintage hairstyles. Featuring voluminous curls that frame the face, the style is distinctly 1940s. Although the look may be too quirky for the office, it does make a fun option for weekend styles and nights out.



Glam Roll with Vintage Curls

If you’re after a hairstyle that’s modern with a vintage touch, curls with a glam roll are a great option. Far more subdued style than victory rolls, a single glamorous roll paired with modern curls blends the lines between retro and recent.



Hollywood Glamour Waves

1940s Hollywood glamour waves is a style that never becomes old. Timeless and classic, the look appears year after year on the red carpet and at special events. Guaranteed to make you feel like a silver screen siren, glamour waves pair perfectly with a bold lip and feline flick of eyeliner.




While the pompadour hairstyle has seen a great resurgence for men, it’s also a fantastic vintage look for women. A little edgier than curls and rolls, this standout style is sure to garner some attention. Just remember to keep hair soft and touchable to maintain an overall contemporary aesthetic.



1950s Hairstyles

The 1950s was a diverse decade that has provided us with countless chic hairstyles. From the reinterpretation of feminine updos to the birth of poodle looks and rockabilly styles, the decade is a melting pot of inspiration.


1950s Hairstyles


Vintage Updo

Although the ’50s saw an injection of more modern styles, ladies still relied on a classic updo. Featuring more height at the front than earlier incarnations, the updos of this decade were bolder yet still lovely.



Poodle Style

Like poodle skirts, poodle hair was an iconic look for the 1950s. Featuring sleek sides with a concentration of curls on top, the style was (and still is) innovative and unique. If you’re searching for a cool vintage hairstyle that’s sure to make an impression, this is the one for you.



Audrey Hepburn Updo

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon of the ’50s and still provides a wealth of inspiration today. Her signature classic and sophisticated look is perfect for adding polish to your modern style by way of an elegant updo. Whether you’re heading to a wedding or work, a chic updo, such as Audrey’s, will never fail to impress.



Rockabilly Updo

While the headscarf updo was originally made popular by women working in factories in the ’40s, it soon became a signature ’50s rockabilly and pin-up style. Today, the style is a chic option for a fun, summer ‘do. You can even make it a little more modern with the addition of a stylish, floral scarf.



Vintage Hairstyles

  • Try a hairstyle from the ‘20s for a chic and fun look.
  • Consider a ‘30s hairdo for a glamorous and feminine style.
  • If you like a practical yet luxurious look, try a hairstyle from the ‘40s.
  • ‘50s hairstyles can offer elegant updo looks as well as sexy pin-up styles.
  • Consider wearing a vintage updo to a wedding for a lovely look.
  • Glamorous retro curls and waves are ideal for a girls’ night out.

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